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22 aug 2018: pee soup double cd on ebay

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EP: Album 1


1. The farmer
2. With my ring
3. The parlour
4. Goat tap
5. The governess
6. Make us have no time
7. Merc
8. I was born in a mine
9. As his wife repeats his name

EP:Edgeworth le Belge


1. Marie
2. Midnight roller
3. Leyland moss
4. Dulcet September nights
5. Roam
6. Hung long all silent
7. Vaslav Nijinsky
8. Is it any wonder why?
9. Only need

EP: Edgeworth Dotblog


1. Broken dogs
2. Face off
3. It’s evening now
4. Animals
5. In the sun
6. Mikhail Larionov
7. Wind blows ravaging time
8. Chives
9. Colonisers

EP: Black Ivory


1. Naked hand
2. See you in a while
3. Colonisers
4. Left
5. Somewhere
6. Knee bore
7. Roam
8. The four degrees
9. No yes

EP: Midi me


1. Hui Wei
2. Long breath
3. Wu Li An Le
4. Wind blows ravaging time
5. Instrumental 7
6. Instrumental 6
7. Instrumental 3
8. The whistle song
9. Only need

Double album of alt versions of songs from above EP’s:
Album: Pee soup


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