Edgeworth lyrics

With my ring

With my ring, in deep black mourning song.
With my ring, now she has gone.

The parlour

The parlour was alone.
Like a pellet in a bone.
I’ve given him his novel back.

The covers were not easy.
Tabulate a metal track.
The early only stand back.

The Amazonian spoke.
The visit of a drone.
His donging making bell cracked.

Clips only on its inside.
It won’t stand a rocking back.
This old fellas bell cracked.

Goat tap

A sub-illiterate and thrown a, not a single bone.
A man can read.
When the mountain said, it said “Go back!”
“Go tap to it.” he would agree.

Day lent in his Goat Tap.
He would spring in to it on his own.
The mountain said “Don’t act stupid!”.
Kid said “It’s started, mustn’t it now breed?
I’ve only seen an adult tap for phones,
whereas I will do it on my own.”

The kids all got in to this Goat Tap.
A fire really spread across their knees.
The poor little donkeys have no children.
The Goat Tap is now a declared disease.
Children get it in their knees.

“Go back to the dinner room!”

Big Titty was alive.
And he rode out jagged on his own.

When the mountain said.
Where the mountain said.
He said “Go back to the dinner room!”

Broken dogs

It reminds me of your broken dogs.

Is it any wonder why?

Feed him right.
Make the cat its sound.
He belongs to her.

Cat, lamb, Dane, a cow.
Walk her on your mat.
I can see him now.

You haven’t any feed on your line.
Is it any wonder why?

Licking off the form, and send.
Make it, in the vaguest, right.

Cover of the girl, did want.
Can never have her now.

Face off

At the same time the door was opening,
the face of the flat fish was staring back.
He said he was taking off.

He said nothing would shake him off.

Vaslav Nijinsky

Vaslav Nijinsky saw me.
Nowhere nowhere nowhere public.

As his wife repeats his name (from 2 out of 3 rule)

I’m not a window to your brain.
So why do we feel this stained?
As his wife repeats his name.

Some of those were wrong.
Over hills belong.
Life a comfort chore.

Unlike a turn out now.
I’m known to ride around
a varied vacant sound.

With your looks and my brains,
it’s a failure of things that we name.
What are phase of friendships for?

The greasy and undressed
make the same request.
A labour of like we test.

I was born in a mine

I was born in a mine.
He was a friend of mine.

Now, yellow flower shackles me.
Now she likes him.
How it delights him.
How it delights him now.

Who am I to you?
Would I lie to you?
Does that travel lady?
Does that bullet travel bladed?


Ripped it out before the admin.
There was nowhere left to get tipped.
More and more you rattle from it.
I didn’t make. It was out there.

Dulcet September nights

Dulcet September nights.

Now whatever did you need me for?
Bouncing off the walls of the harbour.
In the corridors of anything.
In the dormitory of the thinking.
Bouncing off the walls of the kitchen.

On my dulcet September nights.

No yes

Big me says “No”.
Kiddie my says “Yes”.

Born natural.

Everything’s in the past.

Make us have no time

I saw me every second.
I saw I had no time.

A favour every lesson.
Takes you all the time.

I’ll beat it in a jungle.
I’ll make it in a scare.

But the girl, she lives in Iceland.
Make us have no time.

I’ll make it all a scare.
But the girl is in Iceland.

You saw me every second.
I’m made for girls in Iceland.


Maybe it’s true.
I spend all of my money on you.
In light, and lime and chives.

With chime and time.

Onward tiling tiring dream


Once on channel 5,
there was a grown up robbing a hive.
Run on yellow sea.
Hello we’re told.
Hello with me.

Own, we’re alone.
This grainy sea.
I have this mantle alone.
Have a little learn with me.

The four degrees

I was the youngest of all four.
I had degrees in every subject they were teaching for.

Only need

There we would shake our lilled tongues.
They would take like a flower.
It’s his own only need.

If I was reminded of you,
it was just to devour.
Give him his own only need.

A bottomless loch.
If you would make him his own only need.
Everything fixes a pattern of what it could all lead to be.

The governess

This is a song
that makes the crowd feel lull.
Makes it hard.
Doesn’t make it law.

You were the labourer.
I’m the governess.

If I was a girl
I would crowd this earth
with plenty of men
working their thirst.

He looked down right.
Like a lowly knight.
Brow beating scum.
I’m gonna make shit cry.

This is a song
that makes the ground feel low.

My coat of day

Unlike the night with girls, we danced.
You stood beside me, not laid down.
I thought I’d have you till the end.
But I guess we were just being young.

For my coat of day.
Made in malice.
That I loan to you.

We’re working overtime tonight.
We couldn’t be bothered back in school.
You keep on storing as we go.
But the name that lands to my room.
Call your own at night.

Hung long all silent

He listened to her for a real long time.
I learned all the fallen have a reason why.
They won’t call on habits.
They’re a meal of war.
I hung long all silent for him.
I learned all the fallen have a reason.
Their trade.

The majors live in places that were made from walls.
They came out from inside for more of a round of corn.
Leaping up with tablets.
Called on pills and port.
Drinking it in crevices.
It’s made from boys in dresses, it is.

Midnight roller

He, lift him up
and lay him down again
with a wither.

Midnight roller.
Wither midnight roller.

He was always seen drinking alone.


Animals walk around without their clothes.
Animals, no opposing thumbs or toes.
Animals, they get laid when they’re still kids.
Animals can’t get past our dustbin lids.

Animals lick themselves and we all laugh.
Animals never need to have a bath.
Animals never work a day in their life.
Animals never bitch about their wife.

The young ones.
The worn ones.
The elders.

Naked hand

I wanna write a song in the manner of the wrong guitar.
Rabid in the sand with a naked hand.


The farmer

It was made, it was made, it was almost here.
But they cut him from the trunk.
Come and laugh at the old maid dear.
He was almost true.

He was fed, he was fed, by the old maid dear.
Each hour through the night she cared.
But the farmer killed him in front of the old maid dear.
He was a farmer true.

She was buried by the farmer the following year.
Her hurt he never knew.
Come in died, then you’re in tide.
I would rather anew.

The end.

In the sun

Web weave.
In learned.
Drag back.
In turn.
Let’s walk in the sun.
Cuckold for fun.

I learned to be surprised.
His eyes were fixed like mine.
Glazed over in a grin.
Own liberate with tin.

We were called up to the chair.
I saw India was scared.
Together face the boss.
This job’s lost at no cost.

To be with me in you.
To act our cone of view.
Live underneath their stares.
Fell in my favourite care.

We walked up to the shore.
The gulls they were no more.
I long to have it now.
But there’s no one like you around.


I came from a long descending line
of colonisers.
Are they at sea, and don’t look back?
But it seems they are attached.

Our neighbouring, with us.
It’s calm with them still with us.
As long as they are still with us.

I’m still more used
to have them
caught between Orion.
Making war in spite of.
A name is born inside us.


It was break of morn.
Birds were singing their yawn.
They weren’t in fur, my Marie.

It fit the feel.
You’re in for the kill.
They wrote it in for Lynn.

Leyland moss

A middle aged song,
it’s been made with a groan.
After all, they say your head is where it goes to.
You’re in my arms.

Indiscreet industry.
Wrongly identified embryo.
In the roaring night we said we are in arms,
when we groan.

On this leyland moss, it’s mossy.
On this leyland moss, it came at such a cost.
On this leyland moss.

Mikhail Larionov

I’m the passenger.
And I ride and I ride in the city tonight.
And I ride with a ripped backside.

I’m fucking sick of this hurt.
She’ll never break my heart,
like the Russian rebel Mikhail Larionov.


Somewhere I had a wife.
I remember when I was on her mind.

Some ignoring wife.


He left it to all his kids the same.
He left a mark now to abolish any blame.

See you in a while

See you in a while.

After, in an hour.
After, in a while.
See you in a while.

See you all inside.

Wind blows ravaging time

Wind blows ravaging time.
I can hardly make up my mind.
If I’m a war pig now.
Bingo, bango, bungo.

Knee Bore

Knee bore yeah I’m doer I.
Shore berg sure I’m guy.
Lay a borer do me.
I’m ray.
I’m bi.
Assure on high.

Lay your bar right to them.
Gristle and benign.
Walking like a marrow.
Mine of the sky.
Sway unlike height.

My robe in tomorrow.
Thieving sweet on grey.
Making like a sunrise.
Call free at hung.
Made from the lung.

It’s evening now

Up this song with a raining sand.
It’s evening now.

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