Home recordings albums – Black Ivory series

Black Ivory albums are of home demos. Each album has 21 recordings.

The official publication dates for the Black Ivory series are all incorrect. Officially, Black Ivory A was published on 1st January 2019, B on 2nd Jan, C on 3rd Jan etc. These dates are just so they appear on Bandcamp and Soundcloud in the right order.
Here are some truths:
Black Ivory wavs are stereo.
All songs written, performed and recorded by Edgeworth Johnstone.
Black Ivory A:
Black Ivory B:
Black Ivory C: all tracks, except track 12, recorded 29th sep 2018.
Black Ivory D:
Black Ivory E:
Black Ivory F: tracks 2-12 recorded 5th march 2019, tracks 13-17 recorded after band practice on 8th mar 2019, track 18 recorded 7th nov 2019, tracks 19-21 recorded 7th apr 2020.
Black Ivory G: tracks 1-16 recorded 5th apr 2019, track 17 recorded 7th apr 2020, tracks 18 & 19 from rochester demos v2, tracks 20 & 21 from rochester demos v1.
Black Ivory H: all 2020: 1 – 29 jan. 2 – 26 jan. 3 – 8 apr. 4 – 9 apr. 5 – 9 apr. 6 – 10 apr. 7 – 9 apr. 8 – 11 apr. 12 – 11 apr. 13 – 21 13 apr, Star Hill demos tape side 1
Black Ivory I: tracks 1-6 recorded during 2020 coronavirus lockdown. tracks 7-15 recorded 19 feb 2019

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‘Black Ivory A’ Album – Buy Download

‘Early demos A’ Album – Buy Download

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Band practice practice

Getting some Rochester songs ready for Emma tomorrow. Pedals are Zoom G5 on 23.2 (MATCH30), Subnup octaver with everything on full, except sub2, on 5. Boss Acoustic simulator AC-2 on Jumbo, Level full, body and top on 5. Loop station RC-1, with its terrible double-tap stop function that means you can’t stop the loop without losing your playing rhythm. Digitech drop pedal for bass. TC-electronics Spark pedal on full. Guitar on back pick all tones full.

tonights band practice

Emma and I practiced tonight. No loop or drop pedal. All songs off my second album. I’ve been writing new songs recently. 4 soundcloud demos for my next album, overall, fellow pianist, men like to reign and dilated lines. These off ‘August‘ seem old:

We have no gigs booked.


I was born in a mine – info

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I was born in a mine

I was born in a mine.
He was a friend of mine.

Now, yellow flower shackles me.
Now she likes him.
How it delights him.
How it delights him now.

Who am I to you?
Would I lie to you?
Does that travel lady?
Does that bullet travel bladed?