Home recordings albums – Black Ivory series

Black Ivory albums are of home demos. Each album has 21 recordings.

The official publication dates for the Black Ivory series are all incorrect. Officially, Black Ivory A was published on 1st January 2019, B on 2nd Jan, C on 3rd Jan etc. These dates are just so they appear on Bandcamp and Soundcloud in the right order.
Here are some truths:
Black Ivory wavs are stereo.
All songs written, performed and recorded by Edgeworth Johnstone.
Black Ivory A:
Black Ivory B:
Black Ivory C: all tracks, except track 12, recorded 29th sep 2018.
Black Ivory D:
Black Ivory E:
Black Ivory F: tracks 2-12 recorded 5th march 2019, tracks 13-17 recorded after band practice on 8th mar 2019, track 18 recorded 7th nov 2019, tracks 19-21 recorded 7th apr 2020.
Black Ivory G: tracks 1-16 recorded 5th apr 2019, track 17 recorded 7th apr 2020, tracks 18 & 19 from rochester demos v2, tracks 20 & 21 from rochester demos v1.
Black Ivory H: all 2020: 1 – 29 jan. 2 – 26 jan. 3 – 8 apr. 4 – 9 apr. 5 – 9 apr. 6 – 10 apr. 7 – 9 apr. 8 – 11 apr. 12 – 11 apr. 13 – 21 13 apr, Star Hill demos tape side 1
Black Ivory I: tracks 1-6 recorded during 2020 coronavirus lockdown. tracks 7-15 recorded 19 feb 2019

‘Black Ivory I’ Album – Buy Download:

‘Black Ivory H’ Album – Buy Download:

‘Black Ivory G’ Album – Buy Download:

‘Black Ivory F’ Album – Buy Download:

‘Black Ivory E’ Album – Buy Download:

‘Black Ivory D’ Album – Buy Download

‘Black Ivory C’ Album – Buy Download

‘Black Ivory B’ Album – Buy Download

‘Black Ivory A’ Album – Buy Download

‘Early demos A’ Album – Buy Download

‘Early demos B’ Album – Buy Download

‘Early demos C’ Album – Buy Download

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