by Edgeworth Johnstone

Stag would walk up to the gate and then turn left and take some drink before heading off to the post office. At the post office he’d meet his friend, and then go for a walk with his friend to the beach. At the beach they played beachball and ate ice cream. Then as he got a bit older stag do decide to do other, more mature things, with his spare time. These include stamps. Stag had lots of stamps in his stamp collection, most of the stamps were red. Most people don’t collect stamps by colour, but started. His red stamp collection was this big , A very big collection. Then as he got even older, he decided to take his stamps with the beach, for when he played beach volleyball. As the tides of the sea came in, his red stance and get wet and blowy, and the glue would seep into the ocean and stick to the fish in the Dolphin, and all the sea life in the sea. The Sea Life didn’t like the glue so the sea animals all got together, to stop Stagg collecting these red stamps, and taking them to the beach. HC creature stood up and walked onto the beach, and saw stag playing beach volleyball with his friend. They jumped on him. Stag, covered in glue, sent for his mother. The mother came and asked to see creatures why they were attacking stag. The sea creatures explained, that the glue from stags read stamps was seeping into the ocean and covering all the sea life including sticky stuff. The mother explained this to stag who by then had lost his game of beachball. His friends had left, leaving stag with the angry sea creatures, and stag left his mother to deal with it. Start to turn to the post office. He asked the post office worker if there are any stamps and didn’t have any glue on the back. His mother decided not to argue too much of the sea creatures, and help clean all the glue glue off their backs. No see creature was happy with this. The sea creatures walked onto the beach and started playing beach volleyball with stags friend, who by then, had returned. The mother decided to watch the sea creatures playing beach volleyball with stags friend. The mother became very interested in life under the water. She asked to see creatures if she could live under the sea with them, but they said no, and issues to get some girls. The mother asked where she would get some girls. Stags friends knew where to get some so she marched him, I mean he marched her to the post office to see about getting some girls.

On the way to the post office they walk, Walked past stag. Stag told them the post office was the best place to get stamps, not girls. So the three of them decided to jump into the post office with guns blazing, and demands they be given some girls. The post office worker didn’t have any girls, so he sent for the sea creatures. He did this by sending his young son out on his BMX to the beach, and told him to swim into the sea to ask the sea creatures to bring back some girls at wholesale price, so he could sell them to stag his mother and stags friend. As the boy swam out into the sea he got stuck in the glue the glue drag him to the bottom of the sea so the sea creatures went down to see him. They said to the boy you need to get some girls. Where will I get girls from, ask the boy. The sea creatures cut into the side of his neck and let the bloods run out. Until he had some kills he could breathe through. The cat went into the throat so that the air from the sea, could make its way into the lungs to the boy, and he could talk normally and walk around the bottom of the seabed as if he was a sea creature himself. The boy then asked to see creatures if he could have some more girls to take back to the post office. So the sea creatures gave him enough girls for stag stag smother and stags friend. But the boy thought, I want some for my dad to. So the sea creatures gave him an extra set of girls he got some more girls to take back for his dad so his dad could have some kills on his neck. So as he walked back to the post office, the boy was set upon by some robbers. The robbers stole the girls and not knowing what they were, Susan down the drain. In the drain the girls landed on some rats. The rats didn’t know what the girls were but they noticed that when they went into the river they could breeze onto the water. So the rats could swim onto the water and found more food in the river then there was in the sewers, so the rats all left the sewers and flooding to the river. In the river the rats ate all the fish. They ate all the fish, and all the seaweed, and they poison the water with Viles disease. The children, swimming in the water all caught vials to seize and had to go to hospital. The cure for Viles disease, as everybody knows, it’s deep in the sea with the sea creatures. So, the doctors needed to go into the water, to get the cure. But the rats had the girls. So the doctor is trying to rats to go into the sea and swim to the bottom of the sea to ask the sea creatures for the cure for falls disease. But when the rats arrive the sea creatures saw the girls on the rats, I thought the rats must’ve stolen the girls off of stag his mother and stags friend. So the sea creatures decided not to give the rats any of the files disease cure. The rats went back to the house, I’m in the hospital. And decided not to tell any of the doctors real reason why they didn’t have the falsies cure. The rats told the doctors that they drank the Viles disease cure answer the cure for Viles disease within their blood. Now, the doctors had to decide whether to kill the rats steal the blood, or as the rats wanted, let the rats breed with all the other animals and therefore pass on the cure to the false disease to all the other animals and their children, and all their children’s children, and with the world of files disease for good. The only catch was the rats had to sleep with every animal in the world. This is what the rats wanted, so it was just as well for the right, It was just as well for the rats that the sea creatures didn’t let them have the cure. This lie that they had made up, and told the doctors was now going to lead to them being able to breed with every single animal on Earth. So the doctors lined them up and one by one the rats slept with every animal on Earth and passed on their DNA. The only problem was, there was no cure for the vile disease in the rats DNA. So the rats had fold the doctors, into forcing all the animals to sleep with them. The doctors thought they had to queue for Viles disease so took blood samples from all the animals. Each animal protested, as the they didn’t feel that they had to queue for files to seize in their blood. The rats were laughing, but only until they realise that now every single other animal on Earth had kills in the side of its neck, because they could pass the girls on to all the animals in their DNA. Now the rats had competition for life in the rivers. Every animal on Earth decided to go and live in the river, as they could all breathe underwater. Sam decided to brave the sea, but the salt water was poisoning them. But, the few that did venture into the sea, met up with the sea creatures in the bottom of the ocean and explain to them that they have been crossbred with the rats, in the hope of the doctors. That the rats would pass on the DNA for the queue for files to seize in their blood. The sea creatures saw an opportunity. They asked the creatures in the bottom of the sea to go into the river and poison the river with salt by spitting out of their males as soon as they jumped into the river. They said to the animals you can’t swim into the river from the sea because the gradual reduction in salt to remove the poisonous effect. For the poison to take affect you need to jump into the sea with a mouthful of salt water from drylands, and then spit out the water into the river so the full concentration of salt is felt by all the animals in the river. This they did. So therefore virtually all the animals on Earth died from salt poisoning, as a result of the doctors orders. But how come none of the doctors died, asked all the other creatures. The doctors explained that the salt water creatures were also doctors. Doctors don’t kill other doctors. So the other sea creatures formed an army, and so did the doctors. The sea creatures fought with the doctors and the doctors won the battle. The doctors now is the only animals left on Earth. They can breathe underwater, and they can drink salt water without being poisoned. They had children, and their children filtered out all the DNA and they didn’t have any diseases. So where was stacked during all of this. Stag was hiding in the post office the whole time. He decided to come out of the post office and meet with the doctors, and he was treated very well. They fed him and looked after him because the doctors were bored of sleeping with each other, they wanted to sleep with stag instead. So did the sea creatures. Stag was the only stag in the world. He had all the diseases still in him though so the doctors had to decide whether they wanted to speak with each other and be bored, or sleep with stag and risk catching diseases. But in a world for the doctors, it doesn’t matter if you catch diseases, because you’ve got other doctors ready to cure you. So all the doctors decided to sleep with stag. Stag had all the doctors, then he went into the sea stag went into the sea and found all the sea creatures he could want. He walked around in the bottom of the ocean and tripped up on the seaweed. He swam up to the surface and saw boats all lined up in a row all of them, filled with red stamps. Staggered eventually ended up with the biggest collection of red stamps in the world because all the word stamps in the world to put on his boats are floating in the middle of the sea. He decided to turn the boats upside down and let all the stamps float to the bottom of the ocean and all the glue came off the stamps and all the sea turn into a big bluey mess. The sea creatures all run out the sea as quick as they could, to flee the glue. The sea is now useless. No one can swim in the sea because it’s all clue.

The doctors couldn’t enjoy their holidays on the beach. Steak was responsible for this but in time the glue hardened. The glue hard and like a warm glazier which polar bears could skate on and people could walk on, and fish flap around on. The birds could land on. The dogs could run on. The sea is turned into hard glue and all the boats fell over. The red stamps at the bottom of the ocean Sean read through the surface so the sea of the Earth all looks red. The Earth looks green and red, not green and blue. So the sky turned pink because the sea was red and at night at night you could look up and see the stars that would reflect the pink light coming from the stamps at the bottom of the ocean. It was like hazy, and the stars would spin around and meteorites would explode into pink. The clouds were pink everything looked hazy, and Huey. Stag marched over the glue and ended up in Africa. In Africa he met all the tribes and he walked around with them and he gave them all read stamps. Let’s dance to become currency. Read stamps could buy you anything. The people in Africa walked across the ocean to the people in India and the people in India skated across the ocean to Australia. The kangaroos are hopping on their feet were pink. And stag thought back to the post office where he was hiding. He wasn’t hiding alone his friend his mother and the post office worker was there the young boy on the BMX was cycling around and nobody knew where he was but eventually they found him in Brazil. There was no barrier to travel now that the sea had all turned to pink blue. The fish we are now learning to fly and the birds route learning to skate. The elephants and the Tigers didn’t live in the jungle anymore. The north and south pole we covered a nice but the ice was all packed in stag march to the South Pole but decided that as the penguins at all left he would try and find some melted ice, as there was no water left on Earth. The clouds have stopped raining. In fact the clouds and almost all left and the pink sea that was flirting in the pink sky, made the clouds invisible anyway. The clouds for the same colour as everything else. Everything on earth is becoming pinker every day. Stag needed to find some water as he was getting thirsty. Everyone on earth was getting thirsty. He found some ice and put it on his back and decided to walk to a hot country in Africa where the ice would melt. He arrived in Africa with some ice on his back. Everyone was thirsty. They asked stag where he got the ice from but he didn’t tell them, as read stamps from our worthless currency he thought he could trade in ice instead. How many red stamps will it take for me to buy just one cube of ice everyone asked him. By this time, everyone had moved to Africa in order to meet staff, as now everyone on earth was really thirsty. Stagg went at night time, when everyone else was asleep, back to the South Pole and gathered some more ice. He stuck this ice on a sledge but instead of taking it to Africa, he took it to Sweden. In Sweden he could hide from everyone. Stag wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to go to the shops. The post office is the only shop in town. Next to the post office stack used to imagine there be a fish and chip shop with a young girl working in there who are used to go to school with. The fish and chip shop would be run by stag, the owner. The girl would work for him. She was younger when stag knew her at school but now she’s a lot older. But stag hasn’t aged that much. The girl is now in her 30s. Next to the stapler is a box containing all my masks, some of which are owned by stag. Staff gave them to me on a night out in central London, before all the rain that made him want to take over the post office came bucketing down. I was giving out leaflets for comedy club, and instead came up to me and started asking me if I was the kind of person who didn’t take life to seriously. His questions are very vague. He was too embarrassed to ask me what he was really there for. He wanted to ask you for the acting some adult movies. But to test the waters, he faces his questions. Very carefully. He says things like are you an easy-going kind of guy. He didn’t want to appear rude, and I was quite off with him he just politely waved and walked away. As he walked away I realise what he’s asking me to do, and regretted not just saying not just saying I was up for it. An Asian woman or something. Steak was bald then. He was wearing a mask so he look like his bald old guy, from the Netherlands. A friend of mine who is also giving out leaflets to the comedy club, was approached to. Probably by the same man. He was much better looking than me, and more well built as well. He was younger and the kind of guy you would imagine would be in one of those films. But he wasn’t interested, and joked about it to me afterwards. Now I realise I should’ve been more switched on when he came up to me. But I was too busy trying to earn money earning money from giving out leaflets for the comedy club, to realise what was going on. He called me between the headlights now he was asking me all these strange questions. If he’d of been more upfront maybe I would’ve been more in a position to realise what he was doing. Anyway, I continue to work there for a few more weeks, hoping he’ll approach me again. This time I’d know what he was talking about. I would say yeah I am I’m up for things like that, I like Asian women. See what he says. See if he doesn’t mind me doing my thing. But that was stag. Before I started collecting stamps, they are always like to see floating in the sea. But now Corso underneath the glue shining through at night time even making the stars look pink. The haze was like aurora borealis. He said all the girls they didn’t used to go too far with him would always end up acting in his films at the end of the month. He had this way of approaching with women which is far more direct in the way he would with men. The girls are often younger, and they needed to be paid a lot more. So I was there standing in the rain giving out leaflets. Stag was there watching me from the Burger King restaurant looking down, seem to get berated by the owner of the casino. He didn’t want me standing outside his casino.directing all the tourists away from him. I was trying to get him into a comedy club, and he’s trying to get them playing slot machines. He is a cockney old guy. He seemed quite nice, but gave me a right talking to when I was stashing my leaflets down the back of one of his tables. He said if he caught me doing that again, his stuff and down my throat. I got angry at the time , but looking back I should’ve just laughed . he’s a nice person but he does business , he pays a quarter of a million pounds a year in rent . and I’m living sleeping on my parents floor . for free , no bills . not unlike stag now . he looks back to the days of the post office , and looks back even further to the time he was at school with that girl he imagined working in the fish and chip shop . the girls got a family now . the glue is starting to go soft again . it was hard for awhile but then as nature grows on top little cracks appear , somehow little seedlings have started poking up and less green coming out of the pink . we’re not many people walk it’s for is getting to be very overgrown . we going forwards a couple hundred years now and that you can see that the birds that are in the sky all just pink and green. It’s funny how nature has been coloured by something mechanical like the colour of stamps. Things are quite pink like shrimp. Flamingos on around but other animals look like flamingos are. And then the stag, the only stag left in the world from before the mass extinction he brought about. And what about all these doctors, did their offspring graduate to be doctors to. They medically minded with no education system ended up just being useless cavemen rubbing sticks together trying to survive. Everyone decided to hang out in Africa. So where is colder the snow would grow even higher than the buildings that they’re falling on top of. The buildings are made from snow now. The snow is pink. Why did the white get in the way of the red as it shone through the glue. The pink doesn’t have a hazy filter anymore. It’s a bright vibrant pink. Luminous like stag wanted them to be. Or that you wanted the stamps to be like. The parrots are pink. The girl in the fish and chip shop is pink. The fish and chip shops now been realised. Stag built it using help from all the doctors and what happened to all those girls the animals had. Girls can’t really breathe above water. But somehow they must’ve mixed with the lungs of the land animals when they generate when the generations passed down their DNA to their children. Now the sea is starting to appear the glue started to disintegrate in evaporate. And the ice from the North and South poles has melted and is now making a sea the sort of sitting on top of the glue with the glue softens. The glue will be poisonous to people nowadays, but now these new beings have been living on the Earth for hundreds of years. There immune to the poison of blue. So a new ecosystem appears in the sea. Stag swims amongst them and says that the red stamps have all kind of separate together and aligned up as if they want to end up being put back into their albums. Stag goes upstairs and asked the doctor to make him some albums. I’m going to need thousands of them. To fit all the stamps into to fit all the stamps into these new albums is going to take years unless you help me. So the animals swim down to the bottom of the sea and each of them picks up a handful of stamps been careful not to trample them. They bring them ashore and stock lines up the albums and they organise some cells into a workforce that takes stance on the bottom of the sea and puts them into albums. Now when you close the album the red light stop shining through now the whole world has changed colour. It’s now gone back to being blue and green, not the red and green it was before. The animals aren’t so sure about this in a pink ones and I’m getting bullied. They get bullied because the new animals were blue and green. There’s not a lot of pink left in the world stag things to yourself as he looks around. So take this opportunity to go back to this back to the fish and chip shop. The girls there, I don’t see much pink around she says. Stag said, yes well that was me because I put all the stamps in the album. They don’t shine through the sea anymore. Will the sea always be gluey she asks Stagg says no, he thinks it’s gonna sort of mix with the core of the Earth and then all the water that lands on top of the glue will turn into clouds and the clouds will rain down and put more and more water on top of the glue. No one is making any clue anymore. You need the horses and equipment you need to make the glue. So stags know when a girl likes him. She didn’t like him too much and he is at school. But now he’s older he has his mask on, he looks a lot better. I agree as I thought I saw stag before, when I was giving out leaflets it was in Leicester Square. I was giving out leaflets and he came up to me. He started asking me all these questions I can understand. Now I know what he was asking me. But I’m not going to go back to that job just so I hope he comes up to me again. The job itself is rubbish. Really hard work with virtually no money. 100% commission. You end up standing up all day, and the only other people that do it are young kids and people that can’t speak English. I was quite good at it but you still can’t make any money on doing that kind of thing. You can make more money if you’re super good in a girl, but I don’t have that kind of thing going for me. So stag walks away and he says I’ll see you at the top of Burger King, so I follow him he says if I want anything to eat I’m going to have to work for him. I said that’s no problem but does that still mean I have to buy it. He thought that was quite funny he gives me a whole meal to eat all by myself. Stag is quite a generous person. So we asked me what kind of women I’m into. I say that I like Asian women and preferably ones are a bit older. He says what about Eastern European women like Ukrainian women. Okay I said I can try, but I don’t mind waiting around for some Asian ones if that’s easier. I don’t know end up wasting your time if I can’t do anything on the day. Siri says look you come round to see how you get on. He asked me if I’ve ever done anything like this before, which I have and he asked if I’ve ever made videos with my girlfriend. Which I haven’t.

So kind of looks to me like I’m wasting his time. I said no look I’ll turn up I’ll turn up for free on the first day. You can have an actor there waiting to go. But I guarantee you I’ll be fine even if it’s like Ukrainian girl, I’ll be fine. So says okay countdown to the studio is just ran the corner from Tottenham Court road. I said look my boss is going to be looking for me soon, and I supposed to give out leaflets can I come round at five at 5 o’clock. He says be there at 5 o’clock, or you’re wasting my time. I said well what about 5:30 so I don’t finish here till five. He said okay. The problem was my boss wouldn’t let me go early. I needed to leave at five on the dot, but he wanted me to walk back to the comedy club with him so I can get paid. My phone is broke up, but it was an aunt. So I ended up getting about 45 minutes late. I’ll ring on the buzzer, there is no answer I hang around and hang around, and wait for someone to walk out that door. Full I know they can use the back door. It’s cold and it’s raining, but I sell myself it could be really worth it. Eventually I see stag walking out. I said hi stag it’s me. I’ve been but I’m sorry I’m late my boss wouldn’t let me go early, he now knows I’m not a time waster and I at least want to try to make this film with him. So it is okay look you missed today, but what time can you be here tomorrow I said, I’m not working tomorrow I can be here any time you like. He says be here at one in the afternoon. So I’ll go and have my lunch and I get there for 1 o’clock the next day. I’m there on the dot 1:30 comes no one still there eventually someone turns up at 1:45. I said I’ve been in 45 minutes, starts with a woman so I don’t wanna make an argument out of it, so he says that come upstairs with me so I go upstairs. I now start to get the impression I don’t have the guts to go through this, but feel too stupid to back out now. Outcome is this girl, she is gorgeous. Okay I think I can go through this so I say to stag okay what weapons now I’m cold. He goes you’re just have to deal with being cold. You need to get used to it. So I’m not going to go into details about the film, the bottom line is, I got through it. They didn’t look too impressed with me or anything, and at no point did anyone mention money. At the end of it he says look you’ve been here for two hours, I’ll give you 60 quid.I had to sign a load of police phones they stand just looked at me and said, are you any good at filling out stamp albums. I said of a dancer stamp collecting when I was a kid why. He said well if you wanna some proper money you wanna start filling up my stamp albums for me. I’ve got millions of stamps at the bottom of the blue ocean, I need someone to put them all into albums. I said I thought you had the doctors doing that for you. He said I did but they’re not doing a very good job, some of them put the stamps in upsidedown. Sausage roll instead of me filling up the stamp albums, so I don’t like swimming, why don’t I just turn the upsidedown ones around in the albums are already full. Not many people, didn’t like the fish and chips. So steak said to me, why don’t you fill up your albums in the fish and chips fish and chip shop. I don’t think he trusted me with this girl. He liked her since she was at school, and I was going to spend all day standing next to her working. But, he didn’t have any other premises to let me working. So I’m standing in the fish and chip shop filling up albums with fish and chips. Because I got bored turning the upsidedown stamps around. So his stamp albums are now full of greasy fish and chips seeping through the pages, rolling the stamps. So I see him walking towards the shop, from down the road. So I quickly throw all the albums back in the sea. He comes in, and asked me how we getting on turning all the stamps. I said I was doing okay, but I accidentally dropped them all in the sea. So he sends me in the fish and chip shop girl out into the Sea to collect all the stamps in. So me and the girl at the bottom of the sea. By this point I’ve got some girls of the doctors. She and me are down in the bottom of the sea together, I was supposed to be collecting all the stamps. But we don’t we end up sleeping together at the bottom of the sea, and I know stag won’t be happy. I’ve slept with a girl that he is light since he was at school. And he is now my employer. So me and her, go back into the fish and chip shop carrying all the albums, looking down our feet like they’ve done something wrong. Stag looks at me, and knows what I’ve been up to, so now you owe me one he says, he slept with my girlfriend. So now I’ve got to make all these films is stag in Tottenham Court road for nothing. So he lives up all these Ukrainian girls, and I said what about Asian girls. I’ve said I liked Asian girls better, and I’ll make better films with Asian girls. He says no, I’m having all the Asian girls, you can have all the Ukrainian ones. Okay. So I get used to it, and like the girl I used to sleep with in muscle Hill, I start to not want the Asian girls after a while. All this time the girl in the fish and chip shop is having to turn all the stamps upside down herself, and has noticed that the red has now faded to pink with time. This is why the sky was pink, not because of the white interfering with the red as it went through the glue it wasn’t the fading at all, why should things fade just by themselves. We’ve just got so used to things getting more white over time but that’s because they are the colours of this planet. The white was actually the stamps themselves fading underneath the glue, and then that would shine week when we could pink eventually the pink would get so we could actually go back to white and or would we all we would be looking at, would be white. So I thought I could leave the stamps in the bottom of the ocean till they reflected white, so nobody could see they weren’t there. I told Mr Stagg. I say to stay, you don’t need to bother collecting stamps anymore, because everything is going to look white eventually anyway. What’s the point in collecting things if you’re not even going to be able to see them. Stag looks relieved. Collectors of things don’t really get any pleasure out of collecting, it’s more a problem they give themselves. Now he knows there’s no point in collecting stamps, because everything is going to turn white eventually anyway. What about the people. All the people turn pink. I will the people turn white. We need to sleep with all the girls now before we just look and see why it’s everywhere, so me and stag end up acting in films together with a mixture of Ukrainian in the Asian girls it’s basically one big or G film with us in together the fish and chip shop girl joins in once we tell her that eventually all people are going to look so white, you won’t be able to see them. Now there might of been a flaw in our plan, but the effects of it were basically we had a good time. Stag made all these films he paid me and him he paid us both equally, and we made a lot of money, we are both rich. Stag and I were both rich, so we could’ve all the fish and chip shops and all the stamps and all the glue and all the doctors worked for us. The doctors are making gales, and the sea was starting to fill up a bit. The glue was seeping down to the bottom corner of the Earth’s crust. We could make tons of money selling girls to people, as long as they all kept breeding. So we kept on making films and showing everyone our films on big screens in Leicester Square. Everyone can see you’re sleeping with all these girls. They will start sleeping with each other there and then. There was no contraception. Eventually we had about five generations of customers in about the amount of time it would normally take one generation. We had tons of cars we had tons of customers all buying our girls, and then going into the sea and reproducing there. We had people everywhere. In the sea in the boats nobody was making stamps anymore, because nobody had even made any clue yet. Horses long been extinct, and nobody really thought to bring them back anyway. Horses will just use for gambling, and nobody gambled anymore, because there was no money. We had girls everywhere we had the holes just for the girls and will put them in there next. We would stick some deep right where the throat was, and then they would run out into the sea and watch a film is in the bottom of the sea. The red stamps were getting better, not getting white lights that started expected. Well maybe I should start collecting stamps again then he thought because not everything. everything is not turning right anymore, it’s actually turning red. This concern stayed for a little bit, that might mean he would want to start collecting again, but I told him it didn’t matter what colour things attorney if they will turn in the same colour just means everything is going to look red, instead of everything looking white. The difference is the same. You’re not going to be mate able to make anything out from anything else. So there is still no point in collecting stamps I told him. So again he looks relieved, and we went back to making more and more of these films, and making more and more money all the time. The Earth is getting pretty full now. So we decided that we need to have an earthquake and some help catapult all these people into space. All these extra people needed bills for the space now, not just bills for water but we didn’t have any alien life to make girls. If you went out yesterday then I don’t see the point. The staff didn’t wanna go out, and I’ve had enough by then so we just stayed in and went round and two vehicles outside those are fish and chips. But then on the other hand, it didn’t really make much difference. The bands in the women eating those hamburgers on telly, and has been punched to the wall. It didn’t really make any difference if there is a whole staring straight at you if it was start looking, then you’d have something to say about that. But the mist is going everywhere, and the horses got it through the trees and go through the rivers. Staff decide to sit and look at them for a bath on the mountain, it’s quite peaceful in his own kind away. He has a little look and you can’t see the yellow grass, it looks like straw from the skyBut at the basics green, so as to who sticks 37 they don’t get caught up and then you’ll get a cow stood in the road on the way between the guitar being shipped to the plane. Stag was a pilot beforehand the fish and chip shop. The pilot site to run all over the place. The girl in the fish and chip shop I would start tons of money for these red stamp she is to steal from him. So she was strong on her guitar in the corner of the room, and count all the money that she owed stag. Stuck at the film industry, so she thought he could make her a bitch as well, or at least get the rest back out the till. She owes Stag more money now she’s lost her looks, and can’t pay him back through doing films. Made her consider walking abroad, are you for the hard glue. But then where would she go, where would she stay. There is no hotels in that part of town. The owners all want them to sleep with her. She could at least make some films over in Greece or even on these little islands, she keeps saying on sky TV. The stag won’t let her watch TV when she’s making fish and chips. He gets in the way of all the serving of all the food, and changing the oil, and all the things you’re supposed to do when you’re not collecting stamps. But she walked up the steps to the people in the crowds, and can’t see what’s wrong with staying up a little bit later at the fish and chip shop if she can’t be bothered to do the work when she supposed to be. He got her lesson less interested, as each time she went to pack more fish, the stag would turn up and say where is that man I sent in here to work with you. See by then, we already been to the bottom to see a stag me what was going on. But back in Tottenham Court road with made so many films, he’d forgotten about it. So I charge over and the glue is starting to mix with all the water, and the sea is starting to fill up with new marine life. I sort of knew kind of girl that appeared on the side of the fishes next, so now you can see a break in the evolution of all the animals. You’ve got this new kind of girl which we need to work on, if we are going to adapt it for the following generations. The new kid is the new animals, and we still go and fill it up with all the old ones. All these new girls they don’t let you breeze underwater. They have lots of ice stuck in them, and then they’ve got a lot of glue as well. You see if you have enough glue then all the ice doesn’t melt. It just keeps it nice and cold so you don’t get too hot. You see we developed all these new girls in the African countries. Well it’s a lot warmer, so the girls are there to call you down as well. But most of the time all the supporters around the world don’t seem to worry too much about this. As long as it kills breeze, then they can sustain life. But they wanted some support so all the staff decided to go ahead and open up these laboratories in the southern areas. Not the southern part. The southern parts of the world is where they’re not so much icy anymore, is more cold watery. The penguins have returned from wherever they went to. But the stamps, with a little also catapulted into space after the earthquake. I don’t think we’ve had the earthquake yet. I think that was just an idea. It was when they needed to control the population, they decided on earthquake could somehow shoot people into space. It’s this new kind of girls working space. We took one fish and chucked it so high into the sky that it went through the outside layer. He could breeze for a little bit but not for long. So now we’ve got everyone on earth, but maybe we can use this new girls to develop something that would breathing space for we’ve got plenty of fish to check up there so he’s told me to fill up the girl a bit more we can throw one fish into space and see if it survives we’ve done it with quite a few fish by now. None have survived yet. If we can get people breathing space, then we can reduce the population on earth a little. Before he got populations propping up not just on land but under the sea now. And the sea is very different to what it used to be. But there were seven space for today too. Do they just float around, or do we build some kind of space station of them to live on. But then who is going to build a space station in space. So we decide we need to get all the way to the moon. So once you phone the fish out into the atmosphere it takes less effort to protect health and to the moon. I fly to the moon on the whatever trajectory they were on when they first left the atmosphere. He just got to wait for them to arrive. I was on the moon waiting for them I somehow got up there so I could monitor and then send the data back to work. But then there is a space station gathering rounds that had an arm that sort of went round from the other side of the Earth. The moon was moving at the same speed as the Earth so that country was always on the other side where I couldn’t see, and I guess people knew that when they started building it. So as I looked out into the tube I thought I’d slide down it, and see what country I landed in. So I ended up in France. Where the tube was. Steak said it was a humbling exercise to be connecting with stamps all his childhood, especially as the garden fish and chip shop was in his class. But then as he went for a walk he walked past the restaurant.

In the restaurant he saw all his red stamps have been collecting throughout his childhood, from floor to ceiling covering the walls like wallpaper. But they won’t wallpaper somebody could just stuck them on top of the wallpaper. The people eating in the restaurant also eating with stamps and they’re nice and forks read stamps. They were wearing red stamps for clothes. The glue was all collecting underneath the carpet and making the carpet rise higher and higher. Eventually the carpet squashed everyone against the top of the ceiling. And then the glue seeps out of everybody’s body and deep into the carpet. The carpet was then like the bottom of the ocean well the glue that sit down to. And the water on top was now the ocean. The sea life all decided to go to the restaurant so they could see if the glue in the carpet, was like that on the floor of the ocean. The glue in the carpet was brown. The pinkness of the Sea Life blue was now turning brown itself, so nobody could tell the difference. They couldn’t tell the difference between brown and X pink brown. The brown shone in the skies but the clouds are white so now we had white clouds, and brown skies. The red stamps were on the floor. They would reflect up into the brown but the red will get absorbed into the brown and not change the colour. The stars started to look brown, against the black of space. So now you could hardly see the stars everything went then. Kind of Apparation dropped and global dimming phenomena and became a reality. All the countries saw the weather change. The brown was causing people to see only the red stamps. So everybody started connecting with stamps, as nobody could see anything else to collect. The red stamps then lost all their financial value, so people stopped collecting them. There was too many stamps. Stag thought what he could to was burn some. He burns read stamps but not enough. He couldn’t get all the people to donate their stamps to the stamp burning parties he organised in every park in the world. The doctors are at the hospital, so stag thought he would rearrange the stand burning parties to take part at the weekend. During the weekends the doctors tend not to work. Then all the junior doctors had to turn up for working overtime. They had stamps as well, but there stands once read. It didn’t cost you anything they did it, the girl in the fish and chip shop said. She was getting tired of stag never making a move on her. She’d known he liked her ever since they’re both at school. But when you at school you just pass these things off, you’ve got too many other friends to worry about one person. But then if that one person keeps hanging around with you after school you start to be more dependent on them in terms of yourself being annoyed or happy. So this girl was starting to get annoyed. What she really needed was more friends, but she didn’t realise this as she just assumes that adults have less friends and children, and that’s just the way it is. She didn’t think back to why kids until to brush things off and not get involved in continuous petty arguments to go on for years. Adults don’t have the constant distraction of other people. Not the adults do with nobody in their lives. Adults don’t even need to go out at night. They say you don’t wanna live in a dodgy area, but unless you’re a kid, what’s the problem. The kids are the ones that have to go out at night, they don’t have a choice. Their brains aren’t bored enough to be able to tolerate staying in constantly. So this woman was getting annoyed with stag, and start again was too old to do anything about it. Well not that he was too old but he was to setback. He been playing beachball with his friends for five years. Then start connecting doesn’t help either, if you’re trying to concentrate on The people around you. They have so many tribes, these adults if your stamp collecting tribe. You’ve got your relationship tribe. What stagnated was a sex tribe. Directing videos with me was just a way of avoiding the problem. Well not just a way of avoiding the problem, a good way to make a lot of money. The Ukrainian girls got together with the Asian girls and they decided to make their own films. So they didn’t need me or stag anymore. But then we went back to Leicester Square and we saw all those Ukrainian girls in Leicester SquareWhat’s with your filmmaking, we asked them. They’re making their own different type of films. They were making nature films, watching squirrels were not trees. I saw an albino squirrel running up a tree once, in the park by the river Stag kept his stamps in. Is the stag did have his own secret stash of personal stamps, that he took a lot more care of than the others. These ones he kept in the river. Not the sea. The sea was far too big for him to keep track of. So in the river every evening, early afternoon when it was winter. He would go down to the riverbank and gently playsuit stamping the bottom of the river. Right in the bottom of the river. Each stamp was one red stamp the value is more for some reason, so the others. The stamps faded just like the other ones did, and we are now brown, like the tops of the mountains and the sky come, The sky come, fat snow that falls in the clouds. He would see the river tides go in and out, and use this tied to time when he would go into the river and put more stamps on the river bed. The Eagles are brown now. The owls are brown. The snowy owl is brown now, all the animals are brown. They will eventually turn white, when all the colour fades out of them. Then we won’t have to collect stamps anymore, I keep telling stag. The stag is my film director now, and he pays me a good living wage. I’ve had more money working for stag, then I did in the whole three years I spent handing out leaflets to comedy clubs in Leicester Square. I’ve only made about four films, and every time somebody hires one for their hotel room, I get a small quality payment. And that will carry on. So now I have a passive income, thanks to stick in his films. The amateur hour is the most profitable hour in the hotel. They’ve got plants in the foyer, when will the rich people meet to discuss which stamps are going to be worth more in the future than the ones today. She says nobody knows, it’s like buying stocks. Do you wanna make money by stocks don’t buy the company by the end by the index instead. Have you ever known an index to go out of business, it’s only the companies in the index are in trouble when times get bad so why by the companies. Why not just by the index and let the index populate it self and choose the companies for you. You might select profits for companies choose some cells for you by how profitable they are. Not try and pick your own you think you can guess the markets. That’s the way stags saw it, he told me so I spent my money on index trackers, and each one of those a compound it’s only interest, and I would reinvest the dividends. Just kept building and building to till I had more money so I knew what to do with. All these people to go out to work to earn money, what’s the point. I say to my students, you should have two piles of money. One pal you save and the other part you spend. Now all the money you one goes into the party save, and all the money you spend is owned by the Paul you say. So you never spend money that you one. You only spend money your first pile of money on. You never spend for the first pile. This is how the rich live. This is how the rich manage to spend money without ever losing it. You need to have enough money to have two piles. If you wanna start your kids off well, save them for first part of their own money, and that the second pile make itself. Like one money mountain making another money mountain. See this is what Steve told me and burger joint. In that burger place. It taught me all about money, that they never teach you in school. Why people don’t understand about money, when they understand about the periodic table. I just want you to be a bum they want to be an ounce. But anyway so I have my one pile of money, and I one pile of money makes my second part of money. So all these films are making, I never spend a penny of it. Are used to go out and play football, so stay told me that all the brownies The brownies can’t be seen anymore. The brownies and the Cubs are the first ones to not be seen, as they will rain brown anyway. When the whole world turn brown the only thing is that in turn brown, things are already brown. They seem to be able to deal with it better, they can still see the difference between old brown and new brown. But the rest of us, we don’t have the experience of being brown. So we just see everything has been brown, so can’t distinguish anything from anything, other than Starbucks stamps. His red stamp collections sort the lights away for a slight cat’s-eyes in the motorway. We see them just parading past this as we walk down the street. We seem to be walking faster than Ollie we are walking faster than Alexa moving. Or at least the cat’s-eyes are passing us faster than they should be. Maybe the cat’s-eyes are moving on their own, and it gives the optical illusion that we are moving faster than we really are. Or maybe Alex are preparing this further than the effort you’re putting in should be. Maybe gravity is changing along with the colour of everything. It’s a lot easier to move faster now than it used to be. And it’s a lot harder to stop. It’s like the air is getting thinner when you slowdown and thicker when you speed up. The brown hair is starting to fade now, to light brown. It seems it if it carries on in this direction, it will end up being like it will end up being light pink again. So the red stamps are red, and then the weather did change and everything turns like pink. The stamps were used as football pitches. The films are made with tag, you could always see them. You could always see them no matter what the change in colour, so I guess the changing colour only applied to stuff you weren’t that interested in. If you’re interested enough in something it doesn’t matter too much if it’s the same colour as what is behind it, you can still distinguish. The films I made with stag I would test on another audience to see if it was just me that could still see them. But other people could see them too. It’s took me a long time to wait it’s okay very long time to wait. Read make the film, and they would say will this will be out soon. But I don’t see anyone. They just say I’ll be out soon and will send you a cheque. The whole thing can take six months. I need one film, that took so long to come out, that by the time I saw it I had no recollection of ever acting in it. I can’t even remember the girls. Makes you wonder how many other girls I slept with, but I can’t actually remember. If I had a phone when I was younger, I couldn’t photograph the face of everyone the next day, and said I’m just keeping these in a separate file, I won’t make them public. They know I could just see their face i’m just by seeing their face it remind me of all the other memories I have written. Now back to me playing beachball on the beach, with stag and his friends. You see what happened was he started collecting stamps. That the world would be a very different place if you hadn’t collected stamps. So that suppose he collected toy cars instead, and instead of collecting read things, he decided to collect dark green. So then with light green shine through the gloomy ocean. With the sea have affected green into the sky, and we would have white clouds and green sky. Maybe the stars for the claimant Green. Like old computers. You say that The tin paints, would last a lot longer under the sea than this current safe stuff. And then the tin would get into the DNA of the sea creatures. And the jellyfish. And the seagulls flying above, will eat the jellyfish and get that in their bloodstream as well. Then that we would eat the birds and we will get the DNA. You see the DNA comes from whatever it was stag was collecting, at least part of it. So he is collecting toy cars, dark green toy cars. I need to put these in the river just like he did the wet stamps. And the tights would come in, and had to go out into the riverbank and promoting Morton cars, that would last longer in the water than the paper stamps. I’m not sure how we could even recognise the paper stamps the following morning when the tide went out again, or came in again. The water surely would disintegrate the stamps, but I guess not. They make notes legal tender, and postage stamps are too. So I guess it makes sense that they would make these waterproof just like they have the notes. I mean to have all your stamps lost. Could be all somebody’s money. Depends what they keep in their pink purse. They’ve got many times that they used to go to the shops together with stag. Steak used to get his own way with what to eat for dinner, usually baked beansBut baked beans don’t go up in value do they.

Steak used to eat baked beans, but then you take the labels off so he didn’t know what he was eating. Goodbye lots of things good in the supermarket Justin is nothing else, he drink tapwater but nothing else. Then when he got home, he remove all the labels on the tins so wouldn’t know what he was eating for dinner until the audio open the tin. They told stags instead of writing a book he should collect stamps but then writing down all the stamps ended up being a book anyway. Because it wasn’t just enough to collect the stamps. Stag wanted to keep a record of everyone he bought, so is through these records he could identify which ones were putting upside down by the doctors. Bananas the doctors had to see what the stamps were. So I was asked to take over the supervising of the stamp organising. That took me about three days before the fish and chip shop girl decided that we are better off spending lotsBetter off spending our ties for me at the bottom of the sea then watching these guys to run around playing football in the afternoon. They played football on the beach and hit the ball over the net with their hands so it’s kind of like a football game. But then at the end you could smash the ball down like in tennis. I need to video wouldn’t always see it so sometimes should get away with Hamble. But each of the girls on the beach that despite being Ukrainian or Asian, did also come from footballing countries. Right staying awake for the dryer, so it just goes round and round some point so close overnight if you fall asleep. So I’m here listening to the clatter clatter go round and round right stag does. And he has to put 20p in the laundry every 10 minutes. Which is good because if you fall asleep it doesn’t matter, because your house went overheated they just sat in there without the tumble actually tumbling. But I sit here and I try to make the sound is something that keeps you awake, not something that centimetre sleep. It was classic classic asset like a motor. So I can engine on aeroplane. My clothes are in there now. I don’t know I can take them out now is diminishing returns when it comes to time spent trying. Even 20 minutes is enough to stop the closing being mildew in the morning. I don’t fancy putting through the wash again. It’s about 2 1/2 hour cycle in this old machine. But, it’s free, always freeze you can get if you don’t pay the bills. Stag had the bills to the post office, but not the fish and chip shop. The fish and chip shop was imaginary so didn’t have to worry about it, but the girl that works in there was real. It’s kinder like, a imaginary fish and chip shop from the outside but once you walked in once he walked in, it was real. Not imaginary anymore. So I walked in all my semitransparent it was. But then it became the fish and chip shop that are used to waiting when I was too early in the morning. I mean like a café. So it’s like a café but will leave the fish and chip shop in the back. And that’s where the girl worked. So it was still imaginary, it was a imaginary fish and chip shop in a real café. The girl that works in there was real. She also served at the counter, and maybe mighty. It makes you feel special having a woman make your tea for you. So I’d go in there and think she liked me. But it was stags girlfriend. Stag to take her to the café weekends, the place she works in anyway. Because the tag was so different from the other men, he could really treat however he wanted. She put up with him. And then he would score, and he would provide all the money. I don’t know how I managed to make money out of the stamps. They’re everywhere, and no one wants them. Oh yeah that’s right, it’s because everyone is collecting them as a huge supply but an even bigger demandAnd the demand is some doctors who will have money. Set the doctors with by the stance of him, but what I don’t understand, is why they didn’t just buy the stamps of each other. It was like he was the only retailer of the only products in the world, and there is nothing stopping anyone else is selling them. He got a buyer for six months. I wonder films, I forgot about our films they made it out of money in the hotels. They made me a load of money I don’t think you could see my face in some of them. The face of the girls in throughout though. I’ve got some stamps so in my pension. I don’t know why, but when I think about my pension, I think I’ll be with stags girlfriend. Thanks for your days work in a fish and chip shop I guess made me feel quite attached to her. Or maybe it was sleeping with her in the bottom of the ocean. I dunno but even this thing where, we had to hide from the stag, made us all closer. It’s strange how cheating on someone or rather, her cheating on someone made us closer, rather than really just push yourselfIt’s for the beachballs ways to pay with was also turning red. I mean that’s what there is red, white, blue, yellow, and then they went pain, and then in the world change to brown ale went brown. But the beachboys the feted by then, so it’s just another great big lump of plastic swimming in the ocean. The ocean of blue. Now the glue is covered the core even the volcanoes haven’t been spouting out recently we should start drilling at the bottom. I tell stag. He says there’s no point, as he can’t really travel through clue. But I think that true I think the glue will have hardened enough by now. It might be that we just need to give it one whack with a hammer, and it will split all the way down on its own. Like in a cartoon. So I go down there with my hammer anyway. No point waiting for staff to say it’s okay. He won’t, but then we won’t do anything else it’s not alternative so, I might as well give the hammer idea ago. So I smashed the bottom of the ocean with a hammer and it doesn’t make any difference. Apart from this kind of grey as she Kinder does just goes up into my face. I guess at the bottom of the ocean everything is brown. Which is strange that’s closest to the stamps. But anyway I get to the bottom of the ocean I give the Buttermarket a big hammer blow. I’ve passed the grey ash. Nothing happens to the crew well I did feel a bit of rubberiness when I smash the hammer into the ground. So we need to go down with the drilling equipment, and stag won’t help. So where do I get drilling equipment from. I go on our stag, oh yeah I wasn’t supposed to. Well I asked that anywayHe has a load of drilling equipment. It’s imaginary so he doesn’t really. But if you imagine it you walk up to it you can take it down to the bottom of the ocean, just like I walked into the imaginary fish and chip shop and it’s up at your café so what will the drilling equipment be by the time I get to the bottom of the ocean with it. Might be a sack full of hammers. Stag turned up. He didn’t wanna see me playing football with his ex-girlfriend. So I went back to stamp collecting. Read stamps and started appearing on the scene now. And they look pretty good against the ground and the rest of the world, although the brown is fading now. But even so, the roads are kind of dark red so it’s pretty future proof in terms of how good it’s going to look. He’s got so many stamp albums now. Samsel facing the right way in them. Thanks to me. Some of the bottom of the ocean with the drilling equipment, there is still trading equipment.I start setting up and doing all the welding kind of stuff and the screws, and the screwdrivers. I start shooting through the clothes away as it’s melting it to spell seen a prince of the sea and then is in black and a four bed again it’s landing back on the floor bed again. So what I’m doing isn’t really helping much I think although, if I get through the glue it might encourage new volcano throughout. There is plenty of volcanoes erupt into the sea, but not since it all became true. We desperately need volcano eruptions, stop the world is exploding. Stag didn’t want to stay too long because yet to get back to the fish and chip shop early. The girl was waiting for him to pick her up on his bicycle. The bicycle was brown like everything else, but it didn’t seem to stop him being able to see it. The brakes are silver the brakes of silver. The brakes would shine a little bit in the brown, the brown is not a very shiny colour, so the brakes don’t really stand out too much. The girl in the fish and chip shop didn’t want to stay too late. So, Stoke City had to leave the filmset early to get on with his walk. His walk to collect his bicycle. His bicycle was being kept just in front of the fish and chip shop. So really he had to walk all the way to the fish and chip he had to walk all the way to the fish and chip shop, to the point that it’s hardly worth his time getting on the bike at all. He’ll get on his bike outside the fish and chip shop, and then cycle a few feet to where the door was. Then he’d have spent 20 minutes getting out his chain, to look up the bicycle. But the chain is brown so he couldn’t see it, so was the key, so this whole thing took hours. By which time the garden fish and chip shop would probably have fallen asleep. She used to sleep a lot on the job. Should fry the fish, scoop the chips into a paper bag. All of this she could do in her sleep. She stand there just goes out the window, with her eyes open, snoring. She she could snore so loud, the heat molecules coming out of her nose could heat up the food to the point that he didn’t need to spend any electricity money cooking it. The whole room with heat up, and cause the brown and everything to turn slightly pink. This would help the locals reminisce about what it was like to be in the world, before the brown took over. The pink glow used to shine outside the window, and be directed up to the stars. The stars would listen paying for the first time in years, we shall let all the local people know that the fish and chip shop was open. The smell of fish and chips would also been down from the stars, and all the fish that were floating out all the fish that were floating around, that we had catapulted into the atmosphere from the earthquake. Even the fish that made it through the ozone layer, without somehow getting burnt. They would also be tinged with the smell of salt and vinegar. And intern the radiation from the ozone layer will push the smell of fish and chips into the stars. Like a beaming advert that there is food on planet Earth for any alien lifeforms to see. They could see the smell, the aliens. The aliens didn’t have noses, and stag knew this. If his plan was to come to fruition, the aliens had all come to the fish and chip shop first. The aliens will come and visit stags fish and chip shop first. This would somehow create a trickle down economy, started from the stag at the top who is the benevolent socialist, I thought he could use his wealth to make the poorest in society as rich as he is. So only the middle classes would not have too much money. So the middle classes become the underclass. I need to have a safari middle-class people on the streets, and able to even send this doctor children to school. Not that we had any doctor schools anymore. Doctors all inheriting their knowledge from their parents. You don’t need to teach the sounds of doctors have to be doctors. I know it already, I spied the snow had to wait for webDoctors are not born with the knowledge of been doctors, like spiders are born with the knowledge of how to weave a web. They take their time though the doctors, unlike the spiders. Maybe, stag thought, we could send spiders out into space as well as fish. Then anyone visiting planet Earth could have arachnophobia cured by the time I landed on the land, or maybe the water, or even if the water is to evaporate the gluey see beneath the water that was now part of the Earth’s mantle the earths out of crossed, the core of the Earth, now underneath the core, because the glue is The lava can’t explode, which she needs to. So we have too much laugh out in the middle of the Earth. The drilling exercise didn’t really get anywhere because the glue which is sort of reform as soon as you paste it. And anyway stag thought do I really need to go to the bottom of the ocean start drilling. Can’t I get to the Esco quicker by drilling down from on land, where is easier to operate the drill. Stag thought about this, so went down to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve his drilling equipment, and then carried it back on land. But the land is in Australia. So he started drilling and drilling. From the land of Australia, because he thought the heat he thought the heat would help with the drilling. And also there are many people around if you go to the middle of Australia, so start to be alone and operate undisturbed. But then of course on his way into the outback he had to hitch a lift from an outback truck driver, who was a pervert. The outback truck driver tried to steal his equipment and assault him, but stag used all his experience had gathered making films with me in Tottenham Court road. So the truck driver ended up working for stag, and she used the engine of the truck to power the drill. So stag now had a new friend in the middle of Australia a guy who tried to rape him, but they ended up being friends. The stag was the trailer and the stag would operate the drill, as he didn’t want to give the tracker any more ideas. The trucker was just required to put his feet up in the front of the Laurie, and leave the engine running. His feet would rest on the top of the steering wheel and the soles of his shoes are pressing against the windscreen. The windscreen was covered in brown dust, but you can still see things from the glitter that used to sparkle from everything being polluted with the sound of the beach. This is like cat’s-eyes for the world, for the eyes of the people. And the eyes of the animals but the birds could still fly in the sky, and not crash into the tree sacrifices when they try to land. And when they lay their eggs, the water, or Chloe water or that gluey water, is it like afterbirth but it comes out during the birth like stuff comes out beforehand of the body. And then stuff keeps coming out afterwards as well. But this glistening fluid was allowed the bursts with allow the birds to see their eggs, just after giving birth. The egg shells may be brown. But they were a shiny brown as opposed to the Matt Brown of the nest. The pinkness is coming back into the world now. The pinkness would allow the brown to take a holiday. The pink hue which shine back up into the sky, and all the fish that were now with the spiders good rotate around the Earth like a big advert for planet Earth, like a holiday advert for planet Earth, come and see Stags earth he would say to the aliens. Stag was going to be in charge of the world when the aliens arrive. And the fish and chip shop was only the smell of the fish that was now circulating around the solar system. But it didn’t have too much to do with the girl working there. She hadn’t had a holiday in years, not since the holiday she had at school when stock was still there.

Both of them students at the same school. Staff didn’t want to go to work, when he was five years old. Stag didn’t have anything to do with the girls once they had grown up, and done puberty. Puberty girls, he would call them. Girls good for filming in Tottenham Court Road in a few years time. Started filming these girls with me, and I was assumed that they had come from the Ukraine, or us on some travelling expedition from Asia. But they had all been to stags primary school, and all knew him from beforehand. They’re almost like his sisters. So maybe that’s why he stuck to the Asian ones, and I have the Ukrainian ones. Print Tottenham Court road there is a cameraman. And in the cameraman shop, the brown didn’t seem to affect anything. We made those films as effective as if it was from before. The films were a good escape from the single colour of the rest of the Earth. But now everything is becoming pink, we all like the pink. You can kind of see better so pink, then you can throw brown. The girls weren’t too bothered by anything stag and I would say to them during filming. The girl in the fish and chip shop was though, probably because she was on her own. Probably because she had the memories of stag from school days and memories from stag when they were at school, what sort of more vivid of the memories we were carrying in the presence. It’s like you need a bit of distance to stand back and look at your thoughts before you can see them. Nice to close up for the memories. So stag thought he could ask the doctors about this and get away in which we can stand back for my present memories to see them in perspective, this will be better than having intelligence. If you could have hindsight as things are happening then it would be more useful than intelligence. You could just see what you’re doing and make correct decisions as you’re doing them. But then who would work in stacks fish and chip shop, if they had the benefit of hindsight. They will be sticking their money on index trackers at least putting the money on index trackers for the children, so by the time they would retire everyone would be a millionaire. But you don’t have this hindsight when you’re in the life. So it’s probably better to keep it like a race. We just run off your instincts, and go for survival. I think building up everything around you so everything looks rich, will be better than all the index trackers that take care of you and your family. Stags stags family wouldn’t walk too far to get to the fish and chip shop, so I realise that he must live upstairs. But then I remembered again for the fish and chip shop was imaginary when you’re outside of it. But if you’re inside any don’t leave the fish and chip shop to go home, and maybe you can go up the steps of the café or to the restaurant and end up in a three bedroom apartment. The girls used to go to the fish and chip shop, would always come downstairs for stacks upstairs studio. I always thought it was a filming studio, but maybe it was a studio flat where they all lived. So I walked upstairs for the café downstairs, to see if stag had an apartment there. All I could see with his old Asian ladies walkingThey’ve been walking around there waiting for me to turn up and compliment them. So I said that they looked nice and they smiled and about the headset me. So they said so I should go into this room, which I walked into and there was just a massage table and a towel. I was in there waiting for one of the girls, but then stag turned up with his camera. I said this is the studio, because if it is then you’re saving a lot of money having above your own fish and chip shop. But in that case, where do you live. I don’t know where stag list, if it’s not about the fish and chip shop because I think it’s tax case, if he walks out the fish and chip shop everything becomes imaginary. Like the fish and chip shop is imaginary phone when walking out from from anyone walking outside, into the fish and chip shop it would appear Imaginator any of those people. So stacked didn’t know whether to tell me about the filming studio, or to let the tape run while the Asian girls turned up. I was only pleased to be in a film with the Asian girl, having been in the cells with Ukrainian girls exclusively up until this point. So the girl walks in, and it’s one of the ones I didn’t compliment. I asked tag why it was not one of the girls I complimented. I thought they would want to be in the Fillmore. But as it turns out if you don’t compliment one of the Asian girls, they still considered I’ve got work to do to impress you. So I ended up getting one of the other girls. But they don’t have a self awareness to know that from my point of youI would more likely have one of the women I complimented. Because you’re more likely to compliment a woman who you like the look off. But they don’t seem to worry about that, I think they’re all equal. So I was late there waiting for the massage to start and stag started filming. But he didn’t feel anything, because we still transitioning into the pink. The paint was too hazy to pick up anything on film. And I don’t know if the masseuse had signed the release form. So the film ended up being paid, or so we thought. Because when we paid the film back you play perfectly clear. So we now realise we had a means of filming the page but actually recording what wasWe could record what was there, instead of what people were saying. The filming can somehow pick out the outlines of everything, and colour it correctly it could colour it correctly so that people could see that it wasn’t really paying. But now the paint was starting to fade, so we needed to try and sell these films now while people are still saying things exclusively in pink. They could talk in pink. So you couldn’t even understand the words, as the outlines of words went dark like the outlines of objects. The outlines of the words of mean that all the words he was saying, just sounded like dog barks. Indiscriminate. We couldn’t understand what anyone was saying, but still managed to lipread a little bit, and get through life this way. We all became expert lip readers, and the doctor started teaching lipreading more than they were actually helping people with their health problems. But again, as the pain started to lighten we started to decipher the words a little bit more, so could understand more of what everyone was saying. We could understand more for a former saying, so this multiple languages that we all invite we invited the doctors to invent new languages. But they said that there was no point because they from is starting to homogenised everything into a single Esperanto language. So we let nature take its course with the language, and didn’t have to employ any doctors to invent new languages. The pinkness continued to fade and then it was because becoming white the language was becoming white. We could see the objects we couldn’t sell on films anymore, because people getting used to watching reality, rather than having to see reality through the videos. Much like today, people ignore reality to stay with their phones, people ignoring their phones to stare at reality. People could see things in real life they hadn’t been able to say before people are able to see things with their own eyes, in three dimensions. So our videos to stop selling, and we couldn’t teach language, but at least you weren’t having to spend money teaching the doctors how to teach people new languages, that won’t even necessary. So even though we mean stag losing money in one respect, we were saving some in another. But we still had no income. The only savings we are making savings in expenses. So I had to start giving out leaflets for the comedy club again, but I ended up making more money doing this, then I was doing stags films. Because Jack’s films were the only films being made, but I knew how to give up, the leaflets better than anyone else in Leicester Square. So if one came to me everyone was coming to me for the comedy tickets so I decided I would also be the comedian. So I was on stage being a comedian, but I didn’t know how to tell any jokes. So I went back to giving out comedy leaflets and I employed stag as the resident comedian. The stag wasn’t funny either, so we got the doctors in to be the comedians, as they weren’t funny. The customer started to ask their money back. But I didn’t let them have their money back, as I was the person giving out the tickets. They didn’t pay until they arrived at the door, and the person who was taking the money at the door, wasn’t giving any of it to strangle me. So we were making any money, the money has all been stolen from us at the door. So we had to sack the Dorman, and get a new guy in. A guy someone who wasn’t in need of money. Well that was easy, a doctor. We got one of the doctors to work on the door, and he started dividing up the money fairly between stag, myself, and lastly, himself. The guy on the door was very honest. Being a doctor. He always gave a selfish year, and gave himself less because he was only sat on the chair collecting money for the tourist, who came from Leicester Square. Sometimes I would have to walk the toys down from Leicester Square to make sure they got to the venue okay, without being posted by rival comedy club. The comedy club is used to employ people desperate for money. Sandwiches trying to get enough money to have a hostel forFor night. They just wanted a hostel, so they had a place to sleep that was on the streets. One guys to play trumpet for traffic home, that’s always forgive him over £100 a day. But he was a junkie. This other guy who used to sit with his dog, he is to arrive in Leicester Square and pretend to be homeless. He wasn’t homeless at all, he had a house, but realised he could make more money begging in Leicester Square then he could getting a job. He even bloody real homeless people but they fought back, and ended up putting him back on the wrong tube, so he ended up going the opposite direction to where he lived. He couldn’t find his house, or remember where he lived, because it was back in the days when things are still pink and brown. He just wanted around for that point on, the word got around that he was really homeless even though by this point he was. So he had a very tough time until the colours started to appear back in the scenery, and he could see where to go to find a day centre. But stag and I didn’t care about any of this. We had films to make now that the viewing was back. We could make money for the videos, and I could now give up my job giving out leaflets for the comedy club. But it all took more colour than we could wait for appearing from the fading pink of everything. Most views of stacks new films are coming from abroad. So he thought it be better to move the studio to another country. But it didn’t work out, because people actually like the studio more than they liked what the actors were doing. So back he went with his tail between his legs, to a studio in Tottenham Court road. By then, stag and I were arguing all the time. We didn’t get on. He thought I was earning too much money, but I was giving all my money to the other actors after he was paying me anyway. So I didn’t have enough money to live off. Looking back at him better for me to ask him to pay the actors more, so I can still keep my money. The stag wasn’t reasonable like that, he didn’t treat the girls very well. So I ended up giving all my money to pay for them to have nice things. I will take them shopping, whilst Dagwood stay behind and edit all the films. The film took about three days to edit, once you took into account all the advertising we had to shoehorn into them. We had sponsors from the board sorry, we had sponsors from abroad, as that’s where most of our films are played. We used to have the hotel market all to ourselves, but then some rival set up a production company, and start cousin lead it. Stags customer is a thief. He used to take all our films and superimpose other peoples heads onto them, and then claimed that we’d released the films about getting release form signed. He is a liar as well. We can start getting sued in some foreign country, the centre to 10 years in jail. Which we had reduced on appeal, to justify this income The community service is carried out right next door to Tottenham Court road, so we were making journey some from country to Tottenham Court road every morning and then flying back again in the evening. And that was all a waste of time and money, because we only ended up moving back to Tottenham Court road immediately afterwards anyway. So this flying around was just adding to the climate change problem, and costing us a fortune. Staff could always fly first class, and me in economy. I tried first class once, but you’re better off with everyone else I think, percent at least if you’re with everyone else, it feels more like you wanna holiday. The first class is rubbish, they just come round and annoy you every 20 minutes asking you for another cup of tea. I thought they were supposed to make me the cups of tea, but the air hostess is in first class for trying to get me to make their tea for them. I don’t think they understood what their job was. I was paying fortune to be first class, at least the one time I decided to fly first class. Staff lived in first class, he paid rent more than a paid ticket prices. He would go and get the air hostesses to act in the films, and be making films unbeknown to me, in the back room with the air hostesses. Then he would sell these films himself to the other people in the plane. He was making a fortune, and because he was up in the air, he didn’t have to pay any tax because no country can prove what country he was in many films. Yeah hostesses are okay with this, and that was probably why they were getting to me to make their tea for them. As far as making their tea, the other air hostesses were distracting me enough for him to get off filming with the others. It was all a bit of a racket. I told the pilot, but he wasn’t interested, as he was another one of stags cousins. So the stags cousins were inclusion with each other, to stop stag and I filming. At least, stopping out to sell films in foreign territories. The film companies didn’t mind, as they were selling off to the hotels at Heathrow and Gatwick. City Airport was a tough market, especially as during this time everything looked brown. So people weren’t really flying very often, because the pilots couldn’t really see where they were going. So in the end we ended up base back in Tottenham Court Road, and stuck used it all his money that he got from the other models in the air hostesses, to make more films for his own enjoyment. So I ended up out in the cold anyway, trying to flog leaflets to comedy clubs in Leicester Square. Start took about three years to eventually close up the company. I took about half, and he took about half. But there was a small percentage that went abroad, that I never found out who the true owner of was. Turns out it was yet another stags cousins. By this point I know that stag has at least three cousins, and they’ve all somehow been involved in a film business. I decided that it was easier to sell films in Leicester Square, then it was comedy club tickets. So I took a laptop and a table set up a film screening both. The police shut it down, as I didn’t have a license. Then I got a letter from the council saying that to pay fine. But the fine wasn’t payable to anyone, because the people in the office could only see Brown, so didn’t know where to send me to pay the fine. So I ended up paying nothing. But I was still supposed to pay the fine, even though I had no way of paying it. So ended up going to the High Court, and the bailiffs came round my house. I said okay I can settle the debt now, thinking I could steal some money for stags bedroom. But the bailiffs said I can’t pay the fine as I don’t know who to pay it to. So I said what are you going to do I can’t pay the fine. But I said you got to pay the fine because we have a High Court writ. So I said okay who should I pay, and then they told me again that they didn’t know who. So they had to remove goods. They took mostly stag stuff as he couldn’t prove by receipt what was his and what was mine. So I directed him to all the nice stuff, which is everything staggered stolen from first class. All my possessions are stolen from economy class, so won’t worth the bailiffs time taking. Stag stuff went to auction, And I had to bid on it. I was putting up stags possessions, to try and financially disable him, from suing me. So I had to go to skies, but all I had was stags mask. So stag and I were both sat in the auction room looking identical to each other, both bidding on identical items. The auctioneer started the bidding of £5 for example, and stag and I will build up aggressively into millions. Staff couldn’t get any of his stuff back, and the auction went on into the night, because neither of us wanted stop bidding. Eventually staggered spent all his money, so I had to lending some to cover the cost of the auction items that he bought. He won every auction, because I kept on realising that I would have to lend him money if the bidding was to go any higher. So he had no reason not to be high as it was me paying with the money. So I ended up being bankrupt, but yet again I had no way of knowing who to pay, because even though by now the brown attentive pain, people still couldn’t see anything, so didn’t know who to send me to pay the fine. So then the High Court writ Bayliss came round again, and again I had to convince them to take goods to cover the debt. So now the bailiffs took even more goods, which is everything staggered bought in the auction, plus a couple of things I have bought in the auction, plus a load of stuff and before that I didn’t take the first time. Now stand was in more debt. I had more money than him, so I bought his business off him, and ended up holding the rights to all the films with me together. So now stag was working for me. It worked out well for me in the end then, and stuck into that going to jail once a pink v once the pain could fight it enough for people to see the outlines of everything else, and for everything to have its own independent colour. So the independent colours except for faint paint hadn’t been seen before but most of the young doctors children that have been born since the pink so cold and everything. It’s now the doctors are having to invent new words for the kids to learn, because now we had all these new colours that didn’t exist before. At least they didn’t exist on planet Earth, or any of the planets that were in the reach of the Sultan vinegar fish and spiders that are floating around outside our ozone layer. This emitted into space all the pinkness, and eventually the pinkness was there like a big Jupiter the moon haze around earth, I don’t itself is full of colour. So then we had to go and get all the fish back, and all the spiders, to try and distract any people from visiting.

The visitors arrived, but were disabled by their acrophobia. As we could remove the spider some outside the earths atmosphere. Now the beans arrived didn’t have any immunity from arachnophobia, all the primitive phobias that we have inside of us, they get exposed out as we go through our daily lives. At least the daily lives of those who haven’t been absorbed into secular world, where we supposedly protected from them. But what happens if we just pass them down in our DNA to our younger people so. Back to wear, the girls waiting a fish and chip shop for me to take control of stags business. Steak hadn’t told the fish and chip shop owner any of this, she’d worked out for a self. I say fish and chip shop owner, she considered herself to be in charge, even though stag technically owned the fish and chip shop. But once you’re inside it’s a cafe. But there was a sonic boom, caused by some pilot jets above, there are practising some looping manoeuvers in the middle of the night. Staff didn’t know about this, but it destroyed all our radio equipment. The radio equipment we were using to live broadcast onto the Internet without having to pay rent fees to the Internet providers. Stag had all this equipment up above the café, and one electric batteries exploded and caught fire and burn the whole place down. But once you’ve run out of became imaginary anyway, so when he looked back he just saw the café. The real café, that wasn’t a fish and chip shop. Eventually the police came round, look today and thought they should get the fire people. So then the fire engines came round to look today and decided that The café was fine. As it was a fish and chip shop that caught fire not the café. So the fireman and the police were all sat down in the café, but as they walked in it turned back into the fish and chip shop. Everything was in cinders. Everything burnt down. The fire engine people left their houses behind, as when I walked into the café there wasn’t a fire. So there was nothing to put out anyway. So we all let crusty, flakes of coal. This gave us the eye and we needed to stand on each other shoulders, and try and put some more colour into these pink clouds. It’s a waste of time as the paint was fading anyway, faster than the pink in the clouds. So eventually we could see the clouds anyway, it was like a two tone pink sky. We got back down, and the police went back to the fire stations and the fire engine people.You did start going love you so much older. You have to say. I did want to go to school. The kids light school. all the child wanted was to open a fish and chip shop but I thought when the teachers came in. but as the helicopters flying above didn’t seem to care that the fish and chip shop owner hadn’t been at the premises for the last 10 years karma and so ultimately, I had to pick up the pieces and start the business again that stag would let stagnate. I didn’t see any point in trying to start a business on my own, when stag head all the equipment. all the equipment was still in his Tottenham Court Road flat. so I had to go back up there, with the bailiffs or blackmailed from the high court writ days, and ask them to fill the back of the truck up with all stag video equipment. but whilst the bailiffs win their, you Ukrainian an Asian girls, took them into starring and some films together. this to car was, as it was the baby’s first film. everything went to plan, as far as they were concerned but I was left out in the cold, with a van engine running, and Exhaust blowing out all the petrol. now all his petrol ended up deleting the ozone layer, which meant the fish in the spider’s, some of whom was still there, because the vacuuming up we did try and get them all back down to work still left a few out there, a few that some beans from outside of our planet managed to get together with comma and remove this phobia they had a spider’s. He’s on Arachnophobia visitors to our planet were in quite a strong position as they weren’t being blackmailed by Stade to watch his videos. and none of this money that was getting from all the blackmailing was ended up being put into my bank account. so ultimately he didn’t have to go to school anymore, a night stay at home with the scissors in the screwdrivers. most of the people were bailiffs now they realise it’s quite a quick way to get into the film industry. so all these girls were giving out comedy leaflets Leicester Square, and I had to go to the park to recruit my own team of comedy leafleters to start up my own rival comedy club. but my rival comedy club was a bit further from Leicester Square the most comfortable walking distance. So I had to get my employees to walk the customers to the front door, or another company would post them. Probably the rival company I used to work for. now was this one of Stags cousins, I already knew he had three cousins. and his three cousins all entrepreneurs. so I didn’t think that it would make much difference to that if I started up my own Michael Comedy Club Karma and took all the business for myself. it didn’t take much time. the rivalry did become quite intense and they pulled up in a van and put some wraps into our sewers, to come up and eat all our food, that we were giving to the comedy club patrons. at the files as he’s that used to be in the River, but all long gone by now, so the rats didn’t have any vowels this is to push to pass on to The Visitors to my comedy club so ultimately comedy clubs we use as an incubator for new diseases from rats. The Rats didn’t have to go anyway because the streets didn’t have any trains, is back in the days and everything was brown, or even later on and before when everything is pink, No Big Brother to make trains, its nobody could see where they were digging. so all these people that went up into space, think they could look down and see what people on earth were doing could only see one single colour. that was until the colour started to fade, and we can see the edges of everything else and all these new colours appear. within a doctor’s had to train all their children to be able to speak this new language of colour. I didn’t know what to make of it and I didn’t realise that people skins were different colourful stop that created a whole other level of rivalry in itself. so people have one skin colour ended up working for Stags companies, and people have another skin colour into that working for my company. so we ended up with this division of people across Leicester Square, which was totally against the cosmopolitan attitude of London. we didn’t have to say much before it ended up in the news. stag was considered leader of one army, and I was going the other. but ultimately, Stagg Myra friends. so we were even business partner. nagging I would good friends going back to update the fish and chip shop, fighting over the rivalry of this girl. so the girl had to step in and be a kind of Peacemaker between the two of us. the snooze picked up on this, and reported it on a daily news every day. nobody saw this new girl is the Threat, but I did comical she was a con man. She used to take all the money should get from the newspaper companies and side minute into her own bank account. even though it’s supposed to be in her account in the first place. the companies they gave all this money, with a larger number, and so was the amount of money stockpiling into a bank account, and she had read what I said earlier about the index trackers, and made a lot of money has compounding interest. Ordered up with Empire. she ended up with so many fish and chip shop 2, but they weren’t enough fish and chips to put in the full stop people eaten all the fish and chip shops in the world so we having to go outside of the ozone layer to try and get to the more fish down, sum of the ones left over from when we vacuuming up out in outer space a while ago. but as we got there they got polluted by the spiders that were there as well. so people eating deep fried spiders with their chips, inside the bellies of their fish. so all the fish ended up getting sick, and passing on diseases of the rats didn’t have. as the resident have an immunity to this kind of disease, the spiders ended up cross breeding with the rats. so we ended up with the spider rat creatures, that had diseases in them but nobody had any immunity to. so this we needed Doctors back. thankfully the doctor’s but well trained their children in terms of passing on their DNA with the inherited knowledge of how to be a top doctor. They got all the rats into one big room, and decided to plant with holes in full stop but because of the spiders like to the bricks. I didn’t manage to Crush them all. so the spider crawled out from between the brakes and ended up running around on the surface of the Earth or stop it was only when they became wet from the water of the sea, any of them started have any problems. but this is when the rap part of their bodies kicked in. the rats could swim in the water without any problem. not too much longer later, the rats and despises crossbred with each other and we had rati rati spider that but didn’t know what to do with themselves. these spider rat didn’t have too much in common with each other. they were all different colours, as they were born after this problem with everything being brown or everything being pink been sorted out. so these Rights Act training Harris and dua for the doctor’s, so they could have another time of their own, when they could walk around and be educated as doctors. but they’re only interested in pursuing their own diseases. so after that they had to run around pretending that they were ill, just so that there are other rat spidery kind of cross moved beings practice their doctoring on them. but none of them really ill. so they had to make up the symptoms. and all the symptoms all became another type of Oz to CC ended up in that river the rats didn’t end up catching all over again. All the rats got together and decided that they were divided against spiders. so we had race division, and we had species division, and the only Peacemaker was the girl from the fish and chip shop. so she set out a plan to try and get the rats to come on my side, and a spider’s to go on a side the stag. a stag wasn’t having any of it he wanted the spiders and the rats of himself. I only had my employees working in Leicester Square giving out tickets to comedy clubs to rely on. it’s made the girl from a fish and chip shop side with me. so then she had the knowledge, so we ended up winning the war. so stag and all the rats and the Spiders ended up working for me and the owner of the fish and chip shop. remember I call her the owner even though technically it was Bagshot. He use this technicality to get out of the legal Duty had to pay me back all the money he owed me. so stag took part in a demonstration in central London, avoiding Leicester Square, because he was too ashamed to look me in the eye. he saw that he was going to get out of his duty of care to me, by legal technicality, but what he didn’t realise was that we didn’t have any trained lawyers or stop everyone on earth was only trying to be a doctor or stop even the bailiffs that came round didn’t really know anything about debt collecting, which might explain why they had no means of me paying my debt when they arrived. even when they confiscated are good they seem to be more interested I tried to get into the studio that point they didn’t notice did anyway. that’s the thing. doctors have a kind of way suspecting things happen before they have actually happened. So the doctors went on strike. because I didn’t want to be paid this anymore. They wanted to be acted. they wanted to be actors acting in my films. I didn’t want to pay common they wanted to be paid. but the Ukrainian an Asian girls got them to pay to act in the film The comma to know the Ukrainian an Asian girls or richer than all of us, but unlike stagnant me, they didn’t divide themselves into separate armies. They didn’t want to have a fight with each other. so they joined forces with us, so the Ukrainian and Asian girls, the fish and chip shop owner, and me wrong one side. we had successfully negotiate the peace treaty with stag, so stag and the rats and the Spiders all on our side to. so everyone on the world was fighting on the same side. so we thought this would be a good way to join our forces together, to try and clean up all that junk that was thrown outside the ozone layer, that might attract people to planet Earth. we sent out some rockets, with vacuum cleaners coming out the side. rockets circle the earth like satellites, but only had a stretch to about 6 inches from the end of the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. so it took a long time to go all the way around the earth and suck up all the debris that we left floating around their. mean while we were just left waiting on a surface of the Earth, waiting for the satellite to become so heavy full of space Junk, that they would think back down to Earth. we had trampolines all over the earth ready to bounce them back out into space, and hopefully out of our Stratosphere. but then they would take all the junk they had inside them unless we could somehow empty them before they bounced off the trampoline and back out into space. in order to do this we train the same as they training Vietnam dismantle and Minds. the draughts with jump on the trampoline and wait for the satellites to land on the full stop as a satellites rebounded off the trampoline, the rats with grab hold of the vacuum nozzles and suck out all the space Junk themselves. these rats had a lot of suction in their lungs. they sucked out all the space jump and then their stomachs would be full of rats and spiders. but the rats were just as big as the rats that was swallowing them, to the rats in the dark exploding from their own dinner. and then out vs spiders as well. the Spider the heat of being inside the vacuum cleaner, so they evolved into some super species but didn’t have much sensitivity to heat. so most of them with the Africa. after all this happened to, the space programme was abandoned, because we’re realising that all the space jump was, and has, been dumped.It took 6 years to clean up all the mess left behind, and we ended up with more satellites caught in the gravitational pull of Earth buzzing round are planet that we had in the first place. it’s like these efforts to try and install the Leaning Tower of Pisa. at end up doing more damage than good. we had tons of space Junk now, and vacuum cleaners f****** around all outside of the Earth. then ended up stuck in the ozone layer into their own engines and blasting off deep into space. to another planet didn’t have any ozone layer. so we had all the brown and pink coming back, and we could no longer the site for anything to looking at it, because everything was coming the same colour again. so back me and the girl went to live in a fish and chip shop, and stag he was outside being or dormant. the doorman was very busy outside the fish and chip shop, that being stag, because he had to keep out everyone in the world who is coming to the fish and chip shop as it’s only food source. the problem was the food source didn’t have any food.We got some more food from the lady that lived across the road. you never really knew the chip shop existed. as she always thought is a cafe. She didn’t see the Imaginate fish and chip shop as she walked down the road to collect her shopping she just saw cafe. she’s quite healthy kind of person commerce and never went to the cafe to eat or stop once we’d ask her to give us some comedy leaflets karma she said she would rather work in a cafe. going to the cafe she walked, instead of seeing cafe when she walked in the front door she saw fish and chip shop. so all in all the fish and chip shop turned into a cafe. She was working the cafe selling Stags coffee to all our customers. that would run out of coffee, and have fallen out with all the people live in a country that make coffee. it took 6 years to rebuild those working relationships. I want to see what was happening on the other side of his busy is, and he could see that his accountant that it was losing money or stop they left it up to me to sort out all his business forum. but this is back when I was working for the comedy club. so after all this has happened, stag decided he needs to go on holiday or stop so he took the girl from a fish and chip shop, and started their romance up again. but that all fell apart she saw his film equipment in Tottenham Court Road. you should have spent some more money and token her father abroad and Tottenham Court Road. we’re living in England in the first place. so stag came back quite upset this girlfriend didn’t like him anymore. the girlfriend had seen me in the film 2, but as far as I was wearing Stags mask, it didn’t seem to worry too much, she thought it was one of Stags cousins being in the film, but actually it was me. but if she was asleep with me again should probably remember my body from the films, I know that I was one of the people acting in the film. so from that point on I could only sleep there with my clothes on. it didn’t take long for her to realise something suspicious was going on so she took my clothes off in the night when I was asleep and compare them to the bodies of the people that were in the film she was watching. she realised that I was one of the actors in Stags mask, instead of thinking that when I was in the film she concluded that I must be one Estates cousins. so when I woke up she didn’t seem to mind, as she didn’t blame me if she still playing stag. It took awhile to stay to be friends with me again, the stag and I used to play beachball together on the beach, but then when all the sandwiches to get kicked in my face I used to go off in a bad mood. so up to stag he said he would kick the sound in his own face to make up for it. so that made me laugh, and it got back to being friends again. but it didn’t address the issue with his girlfriend. I was still going out with his girlfriend, and he knew it was an affair, even though he knew it was happening and they weren’t married. so when we made all these films together it’s quite nice to me instead to be friends again but then all these people didn’t seem to like us being together they also in the film supposedly intimate with us or stop they were jealous that stag and a better friends than we were with the Ukrainian or Asian girls. so all the time we were doing all this acting, we were really just making up are friendship again, and leaving this girl to sort her own business outfit anything she was the owner of the fish and chip shop the stag had given her to work in. He hasn’t signed the business over to her he just let her work there for a couple of weeks or she wanted to earn some extra cash. so after she had learnt all the extra cash he was going on telling everyone that she was the owner of the fish and chip shop, even though stag have bought a pay for himself with the money ways to make a sling people playing beach volleyball. will start the Hustle by starting to play with each other common but not playing very well. then other people would want to join in copper and thought we weren’t very good. but then they would stop waiting some money on the games, always point we started to beat them. We saved up quite a lot of money doing this, me and stag. but then we gave the money to this fish and chip shop girl thinking she would be investing in a business or stop but Stags cousin got involved and talked her into stealing the money Purcell. but not only that, this cousin of Stag decided that the girl should be allowed to call yourself the owner of a fish and chip shop even though she wasn’t, Dagenham a comma because that could ask me to be his business partner and then left the business to rot with this girl wasn’t taking care of it. so then I started getting annoyed with stag from his managing a business. when she was taking the strains and both sides will stop is probably a good idea for me to finish my relationship with a fish and chip shop now because she was becoming trouble between stag and I will stop. Is it more than a few days to sort out all this problem It was quite a big problem for stag night but then we didn’t like to say much to each other because we are both quite was served in our personalities. the fish and chip shop girl take them more than her fair share of the money. and then all the microphone she bought, really very useful for our films. number of the girls needed microphones but the mended, strange people in hotels that didn’t like to hear the women took. so anyway we were making more money than the girls in terms of royalties. this we got audio as well as visual artist. but they used to argue that some of the noise was picked up and are microphones so they should get share the royalties to. stagnant I can test this, knowing that all the judges and lawyers are actually doctors haven’t understand their case even though the case against this is pretty strong. it took about 5 years to this will go through the courts, eventually stag and I won the case because he was asked you decided on its outcome.


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