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Black Ivory tracing rejects

Tracing sheets used for the A5 Black Ivory oil transfer drawings, aka Black Ivory 1 versions. You can buy prints of them, the full set are HERE.  

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Pig carriers and Kenwood series

Last night studio photos.

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blackivory.org 2

After a 5 month break, blackivory.org  has resumed. 21.07.17

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Three three foot, deep edge, I think hessian canvases. The goat‘s painted over a Harry Adams painting they rejected, but kindly gave me to use, along with the other two … Continue reading

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IKEA Bumerang trouser hangers

Rather than renailing the under-board, to hold the carvings in place, as the parosol is rolled over, or as you penguin walk over the paper, blu-tac works. Failing that, drawing … Continue reading

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Dupont Cafe Paris exhibition

“L’ABC de la peinture” | Dupont Cafe Bibliotheque, Paris | 2017 Some woodcuts made from a small chest of drawers I found on Muswell Hill Road. A concrete parasol base … Continue reading

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Printmaking for L’ABC de la peinture

Printmaking for the L’ABC de la peinture cafe exhibition in Paris. A three artist group show opening in less than two months. Today’s work morphed into magazine production of lyrics … Continue reading

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blackivory.org printmaking

Emma Pugmire, Charles Thomson and myself were in attendance this week. There’s not much uniform about tonights editions, tottering alignment and bleeding the top and bottom off the page leaves … Continue reading

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A1 oil on primed paper

At Chatham it’s possible to work on several cardboard paintings at once, with at least 15 to hand. In this vein, there’s 20 primed A1 sheets wallpapering the home studio, … Continue reading

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Prints from pallet

Carving up more of yesterdays toxin free pallet. Linocuts fallen by the wayside, at least those without light sketch marks. Tomorrow night is blackivory.org print club, where the only productive … Continue reading

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Woodblock printing DVD covers

Pallets marked MB contain methyl bromide, a health hazard. I found one, but marked HT early this morning, round the back of Muswell Hill high street, so considered it safe … Continue reading

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Automatic storyboards

Keeping on with the CD cover sized drawings on A4. Group name: A4 pencil squares. They look like an unintentional, or automatic, storyboard. As if a film’s being written in … Continue reading

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