IKEA Bumerang trouser hangers

Rather than renailing the under-board, to hold the carvings in place, as the parosol is rolled over, or as you penguin walk over the paper, blu-tac works. Failing that, drawing pins. Rolling over with a stone makes the final image look as if it were carved in stone. In terms of trouser hangers that don’t drop A1 paintings, only Marks & Spencer and IKEA Bumerang … Continue reading IKEA Bumerang trouser hangers

Dupont Cafe Paris exhibition

“L’ABC de la peinture” | Dupont Cafe Bibliotheque, Paris | 2017 Some woodcuts made from a small chest of drawers I found on Muswell Hill Road. A concrete parasol base is a rolling printing press, added to spooning and walking over the paper on your heels. You have to dust any concrete crumbs off the paper, and from the side on the parasol every time … Continue reading Dupont Cafe Paris exhibition

Prints from pallet

Carving up more of yesterdays toxin free pallet. Linocuts fallen by the wayside, at least those without light sketch marks. Tomorrow night is blackivory.org print club, where the only productive work I can do is edition printing, as it’s fairly mechanical and, unlike drawing, can cope with discussion, distraction and the not constant, but irregular interruption. Drawing, or anything more creative than print-factory work has … Continue reading Prints from pallet

Woodblock printing DVD covers

Pallets marked MB contain methyl bromide, a health hazard. I found one, but marked HT early this morning, round the back of Muswell Hill high street, so considered it safe to drag into the back garden, cut up into 10cm square squares, and start carving into DVD cover block prints. Whatever wood it is, I guess a soft pine, is ideal. Used an A4 pencil … Continue reading Woodblock printing DVD covers

Automatic storyboards

Keeping on with the CD cover sized drawings on A4. Group name: A4 pencil squares. They look like an unintentional, or automatic, storyboard. As if a film’s being written in backward workflow: cover design dictates the storyboard, which dictates the script. The individual square pictures too, appear fairly automatically. Light abstract lines, to cloud forms, almost self-drawn pictures. Folding in to pocket size, I’ve prepared … Continue reading Automatic storyboards