Shin Detonator 2. Part 1

They didn’t always look like cadets. You couldn’t if you’re gonna survive in the school playground. Cadets are the enemy of school children. Stem cell hosers know this. The teachers know this. Even braithwaites assistance in the kitchen know this. But if the stem cell hosers are looking for a substitute teacher, and all they have available are Cadets, then cadets it is. The school … Continue reading Shin Detonator 2. Part 1

Gridismjr 2 Sailors Sea Waves

CLICK IMAGES TO VISIT THE ONLINE PRINT STORE   Red waves and sailing crusaders out at sea. Hand-printed work from this series will be at out next exhibition at Mutton Fist Press, Archway, North London. Either the end of this month, or early November. We will be exhibiting original prints by both members of the Black Ivory Printmaking Club (from Muswell Hill), Emma Pugmire and … Continue reading Gridismjr 2 Sailors Sea Waves

IKEA Bumerang trouser hangers

Rather than renailing the under-board, to hold the carvings in place, as the parosol is rolled over, or as you penguin walk over the paper, blu-tac works. Failing that, drawing pins. Rolling over with a stone makes the final image look as if it were carved in stone. In terms of trouser hangers that don’t drop A1 paintings, only Marks & Spencer and IKEA Bumerang … Continue reading IKEA Bumerang trouser hangers