My First Instagram Live

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Edgeworth Band need a quieter set list. Old songs we never play, only because they’re dependent on chords that get lost above a certain volume. I’ve neglectfully allowed the power chord to become an invasive species that’s driven the subtler songs into hibernation and our diversity into extinction. Power chords demand thin strings reinforce fat ones, or get drum steamrolled. Ironic how harmonious this is with it being early spring, this re-birth of discordance. A Ron Throop Instagram Live started it all. It was so apparent how Edgeworth Band Youtube videos aren’t the experience I imagine we’re capturing.

I put out a new new song recently. My first Instagram Live was for the old new songs because I can’t remember how to play them, and my intention is for the Instagram Live’s to be candid Peeping Tom experiences. Our YouTube videos are performances where we edit, have beginnings, middles and ends. Instagram Live is an invitation to sit in the room with me until you get bored.

How right The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists are to declare all editing censorship.





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