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2 out of 3 rule



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Photo of 2 out of 3 rule.

2 out of 3 rule, live in Hampstead, London.

Also see Elbow Sisters, Edgeworth and old demos.

2 out of 3 rule was my first band. We started in September 2001, when Claire Diamond responded to my advert in NME for a female vocalist. Robin Elliott joined as our bass player. I met Matt Woodward at a gig Claire and I played in Leeds, at the New Rosco. Matt played drums on all our studio recordings. We recorded at Cottage Road Studios in Moortown, Leeds around 2007-2008ish. Matt Peel was the engineer, and played a lot of the bass, and some guitar.
All songs written by me, except “If I sit and wait here“, which I co-wrote with Robin. Claire and I wrote the lyrics to ‘Dusty‘ together.
All the songs below were recorded at Cottage Road Studios, in Leeds, except three home recordings: Always paid milkman, All muscles and gums and Eulogies.
Initally these songs were put out as a single album, called ‘Really Elementary’. But I later changed some of the songs, split the album in two, so now there’s two albums: Band in the UK, and Bearded Bird Man. The covers have oil transfer drawings I did years later.
The 2 out of 3 rule YouTube playlist, including some acoustic gigs, is embeded below.

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