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Spinner maid

I met some bail on my own again.
Everyone you talk about is happening everywhere.
Only looks to you when you have loads to say.
If then no-one hears you, doesn’t matter anyway.
Intent isn’t on a pier to hide.
Makes you owner when you won’t familarise.
It’s only natural.
From old to young.
You’re open when you’re only saying it to everyone.

Near to sell it. Didn’t want to show.
And then found your offer cos it’s standing at the hall.
I’m for taking part in name to write.
Too bad aching in her field.
It says he’s home to light.

Paid to bow when you come along.
Grounded everything I need to land it on.
I’m muted.
Walk her down from knee to toe.
Spinner maid.
It’s only laid there when the bark is worn.







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