Gig – The Islington London – 15th August 2019


Last night, Emma and I played the Islington again. for the 2nd time. our third gig. Damon filmed it. missed the first song ‘ordinary leave‘ due to technical issues. we started 35 mins later than advertised. the engineer said he liked our acoustic songs, so was given both my cd albums. yes, a copy of ‘at Ranscombe studios‘ and of ‘august‘. i hit the wrong foot pedal on vicious type, overdubbed the loop, so no solo. as damons in town, hes coming to BLack Ivory printmaking club tonight and film some of our new clothes line, so far having one product. emma and i waiting outside before the gig:

Edgeworth and Emma Pugmire waiting outside The Islington London – 15th August 2019

and emma guarding our stuff while i go to sainsburys for cocnut water, still spring water and red round lindt chocolates

Emma Pugmire outside The Islington London – 15th August 2019

waiting for soundcheck:

waiting for soundcheck – the islington london 15th august 2019


inthe miror:

Thursday 15th August 2019

The Islington London
1 Tolpuddle Street,
N1 0XT

On stage 6:45pm for 30 mins
£6 on the door
Over 18’s only.

Facebook event

Edgeworth music page





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