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waded there down – new song

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more organised now. files for each song, can start going through my phone for starts of new ones. just no space to print or paint.
New song, first in a while. waded there down. 3/4 time. recorded 9 versions on 4 track, the last going on soundcloud. Monday, jim asked if I wanted to use a click track. i said no, but now trying it, changed my mind. waste of time redoing demos in a studio. i’d like the studio songs to sound like studio songs, demos as demos. first song with a violin.
From version 6 onwards, the acoustic is the electric stringed one.
only version 8 and 9 -chorus have a lead guitar.
Only on last version does the chorus have new vox melody.

electric guitar is Ibanez – 23.2 MATCH30.
details for the tape:

version 1: 000-045
Track 1- 120 bpm

version 2: 45-107
Track 1 – guitar and metronome
track 2: vox 02 pop
track 3: lead

version 3: 107-164
track 3: solo electric and vox unplugged

version 4: 164-206, 130 bpm 3/4 time
track 1: violin
track 2: guitar
track 3: vox 02 pop
track 4: lead

version 5: 206-237
track 1: vox and guitar
track 2: violin

version 6: 237-272
track 1: vox and acoustic with electric strings
track 2: violin
track 3: lead

version 7: 272-303
track 1: vox and acoustic

version 8: 303-333
track 1: vox and acoustic
track 2: violin
track 3: lead guitar solos
track 4 lead guitar chorus

version 9: 333-364
track 1: acoustic | vol 8.5
track 2 violin | vol 10
track 3: lead| 8.5 till after chorus, then 10
track 4: vox

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This entry was posted on 6 Jun 2019 by in Muswell Hill home studio.


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