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Mining in fake jungle

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Mining in fake jungle
The owners of the science company built a golf course running down over the horizon, down past the mouth of the company cave. We’re stood on one of those hover boats to the main fairways right, in the middle of the river beside it. It seems the course only has one hole. At least that’s all we can see. The landscape’s pretty low. It feels though, like it’s a full 18 hole course, meaning, if the first hole is average size, the land clearing they must have done will be immense. We’ll get a better view soon, when we set off. The cave we’re headed to is about 300 yards down river. About level where the pin is. You would have thought they wouldn’t put the secret cave right opposite where most of the golfers hang around. It didn’t occur to me at the time. I’m retelling this in the present tense. There’s Malibuy palm trees along the fairways edge. Each stood in a straight line, equally spaced in the few foot of bordering rough. It’s linear for a golf course. A deliberate affront to the jungle they carved it out of. Orangutan clans with their spirits broken. Or rival native plantlife. The fairway floats in the rivers centre, leaving a good fifty yards of unspoiled Amazonian nature to the right, and probably, distancewise, the same to its left. The brown in the water reflects pink in the sky, where today there aren’t many clouds, and you can see the same widths of pink up there, either side of the strip of blue, where the golf course doesn’t reflect. The nature our side’s, again, we’re to the fairways right, is all submerged underwater. Not natural, intentional underwater life. Most of it’s flooded and dying. Or starting out a new, long evolution into a water ivy that grows up banks and strangles golfers grown rooted to the ground, and palm trees. What’s not in the water’s already dead, apart from us and the reeds shooting up from below. The smell over the water’s a steam, so unusually visible and industrial. The water is turpentine. At nose height, we can catch the breeze but can still feel the industrialness creeping in the bottoms of our nostrils. At least, I can, so I assume it’s the same for the others. They don’t say much. There my local chaperone’s who don’t speak English. I don’t speak whatever their language is. This rivers more like a reservoir feeding a chimney. If you think of the chimney as my nose. We’re in South American tribe land. The rivers bank starts back in Berkshire, where picturesque Eton playing fields are, but are dwarfed by the industrial landscape behind. At this distance, we’re too visible from the trees at the waters edge. It’s too risky to slow down and survey the landscape more than we can whilst moving. I lived in Berkshire my whole youth, but always assumed the back of it would be fenced off. Even from here I can see the old BMX track we used to go to, that’s probably gone now. From there, looking in this direction only looks like more playing fields. But we’re in South America. Plenty of space, here in the river. Riding down to the natural mine. Me and an English girl are chaperoned by a couple of locals. One’s steering the boat. We were going at some pace then, ten yards from the caves entrance, engine off, we career at speed but pretty calmly up the ten meters of gravel at its mouth. We didn’t pass any golfers and it’s a relatively nice day, at least by Berkshire standards. Maybe not Amazonian. Hinting that the golf course is still under construction, and further hinting that the exposed cave entrance will be commercially overgrown before the opening of the cave and golf course. I did a small play on words there, with the two meanings of ‘opening’. The palm trees from the fairway are stretched out over our heads. They must have a reach of about fifty meters. Each piece of gravel is a minature booby trap justling me from side to side a little less than my rucksacks getting. I’d say my rucksacks being thrown around, where I’m just being justled. There’s an Amazonian animal, like a racoon in my rucksack that doesn’t like this sudden lack of movement. The colouring on the gravel, once you’ve walked in, looks very much deliberate and human done, so I ask one of the boys guiding us “Has this gravel been put down by the mining company?” I can’t remember if he answers me or just looks on past his torch. He doesn’t acknowledge anything I just said.
“If your torch is for my benefit, don’t bother.”
He goes on ahead, dragging me along. Not by force, but I’m not staying behind in the dark. I get the idea I’m supposed to be silent, so trott up behind and rest my chin on his shoulder. We’re out of site of any ambushers, unless any have climbed up the rocks we can’t see. My chaperone darts his torch around a bit. We’re both squat down on our toes. The boys don’t speak much. The gravel’s big chinks and the colouration are straight line borders, where you’d have plain gravel in the middle, then bright red rectangle borders, or orange. Must be colour coded for some factory purpose. I supposed it could have been natural, but looking back, it should have been obvious it wasn’t. Looking back, I don’t remember the gravel making any noise. I was a tourist, swinging my head around at all this new stuff. A lot of my usual senses were in the background and not operating properly. Stage lighting’s coming from somewhere. Then the speeding starts up again. The hover boat scooped us up from behind. A couple of miles down are labs. South-East Asian workers in your typical sterile white coats. Blueish lighting and only hard flat white surfaces. The worker at the fronts in, like an open planned reception room, with just one piece of machinery. A factory arm microscope. It has a self-operating mechanical drill that cuts out perfectly rectangular slabs of rock from the cave wall. The only non-flat surface of the room. It looks like a growing crystal, other than the colour’s dull grey, like normal rock. Below where it’s drilling is a pristine sink, tap and draining board indicating that this lab also doubles-up as the workers kitchen. The arm then swings round to this rotating sanding tool. The worker and I supervise the machine. He ignores me demonstrating how my neck swivels my head around on a single point in much the same way. You have to focus on the sanding. The piece of rock’s sanded down on a rotating stone to becomes a razor blade. At my insistence we start up the microscope again, but where the drilled rock was, I sit strapped down with my ear perfectly lined up to where the recently removed slab of rock had been sitting for for millions of years before. The drilling takes out my upper jaw on the right hand side, my ear canal, and the lower half of my eyes and brain. Now to see what the sanding reveals. It makes another razor blade. You can see through behing reception to the fork lifts, big blue plastic containers that look like they contain oil, and more South-East Asian workers in lab coats. But where from the BMX track, I couldn’t see the South America in the near distance, I can see through the reception room, and then back to our garden in the house I lived in when I was a bit older. I would have been in my mid-twenties, living in Wood Green, but the garden I always assumed was fenced off there, backed on to the flyover roundabout as the M4 cuts throug Windsor. The big roundabout where there’s lots of grass. Our old garden backs on to it, without any dividing structure. There’s some tall bushes partially hiding where they join, but no real division. Rabbits, cats and other animals stroll between the two without noticing there stepping over into anything. Looking through the reception room in the cave, I see back to, what might have been a party, or actors filming in our house. It was evening and me and a couple of others are standing at the back of the garden, and now I notice the cars, rabbits, bushes, the flyover and the roundabout. It’s definitely the one that leads to Slough. I look down the garden, and can see a few people in the brightly lit kitchen. I’m the only Westerner. A couple more standing just outside the kitchen on the concrete of the garden, before it turns to grass.

I can only see the water in front as we sped down the river, on what must have been a hover boat. To the left was an American-built golf course, leaving enough natural river either side to be an addition to the rainforest environment.
just to go through the setup we’ve got the ve-20 plugged into the G5. Then the G5 goes into a computer. Microphone is just the sure sm57. No effects been used and it’s been tested on audacity for going into Google Docs. I’ve just been reading the story of the mining community that live at the end of the amazonian river. When the drill was boring into the side of my head but couldn’t see much. Probably because it was excavating from deep inside my ear canal, and therefore took out the lower section of my eyes stop there wasn’t a great deal of concern from anyone working in the laboratory. In fact none of them took off their gas masks to check if I was ok. So I went back to the boat with my chaperone who were a lot more talk to you on the way back and they’ve been on the way there. It seems that the ambushers weren’t interested anymore so it will seem relatively safe and laid-back. On the way back however we ended up in this auditorium. Where in the middle was this African looking ceremony which I think was a wedding and it was clear that I had some role to play in that wedding. It wasn’t something I wanted to do and it wasn’t something I really knew about, other than it was obvious that I was expecting to do something and it was essential for me to do it, otherwise the ceremony couldn’t go ahead . there were lots of my family there and they were sat in the roads above me. Now because it was an auditorium as you would imagine from Greek or Roman stories, or maybe even more like a bullfighting Arena. Because of that I could see very clearly the people in the Roosevelt new and they would reduced in size so that I could have a full conversation with somebody 10 people away from me, and they could hear perfectly what I was saying. In fact everyone in the Auditorium could hear everything I was saying. It was clear to me, but no one was very happy with my lack of understanding that what it was I was supposed to do. Even looking down to the centre of the Auditorium it was param that nothing is really going head. There was lots of bustling around and people talking but you could tell no real progress is being made with the ceremony. I looked over and I saw an exit I saw the mechanical arm that would be drilling into the side of my head moments earlier. My shack rosewood all deserted me so I had to climb down stepping on everyone’s head and one out the exit and hope that the hover boat but it’s taken if there is still there, and the driver of the boat you willing to take me away. It was my duty to take care of anyone sick of the auditorium I was halfway down the river when I realised this. The hoverboard couldn’t turn around . I jumped overboard and grabbed onto the reeds my feet was still in the hover boat so I used my leverage to swing the boat round 180°. You couldn’t see anything other than water and reads the boat has reduced in size. The boat was now the same size as the audience members in the Auditorium. I had both feet still on the boat and I could use my body weight to drive the boat back to the entrance of the Auditorium. Once my body was over 90% angles, and I was still holding the reeds in the same position, I’ve lost my body weight leverage with which to propel the boat forward. At that point, I was relying on the tides of the water to carry the boat forward which thankfully did arrive just in time. In much the same way as the waves hit the boat when I was carrying the animals out to sea where they would get prepared to the peak of the snowy prefect mountain head. I walked back into the auditorium, but this time instead of taking my seat up in the Rafters, I walked out into the middle of the arena where everyone can see me. I was the centre of everyone’s attention the Auditorium was silent. Everyone was looking at me, expecting me to do something to allow to Sarah me to go ahead. I looked very reassured about my reason for being there, but in reality I was scanning the audience looking for a sick member. I didn’t see anyone . so we have these two events. We have the drilling in the side of the mountain. And we have the events in the auditorium. But this point is easy to forget that half my face have been removed by the factory on. but what about the goings on behind the reception of The Laboratory. What was going on back then? I couldn’t see but the time what they were doing. Maybe they knew what I was supposed to be doing in the Auditorium. This is embarrassing for me. Not only did I have to walk out of the Auditorium, when everyone is looking at me in silence, but I had to go and ask the driver if the hover boat to take me back to where I have pulled him back from. I did this, but this time decided to take everyone in the Auditorium with me. If I wasn’t going to get any answers back in the mine, then at least I wanted the members of the audience and the participants in the ceremony to see that I had at least tried my best, to sort their problems out. For having gone once before, and not encountered any significant danger from ambushes, I might have been complacent in thinking that this was a good idea. First time you went there the ambushers haven’t touched us. But if I go along with thousands of other people who don’t even know where we going, he ambushes could take advantage of that and start shooting people. There could be mass shootings riots, fires, this would all be my fault if I didn’t take any precautions for the members on the boat. Even the driver of the boat, who is a wise local, would be put in significant danger by my thought this actions. But there was a solution, if I could get the ambushers to come with me, then they wouldn’t be able to ambush us. So I said to the Auditorium you’re still looking at me. I said to them wait. I told them all to wait here. Again, I looked very reassured and full of myself, and this went over well. Everyone in the Auditorium was reassured that I knew what I was doing, and I was going to sort things out. So I head off with confidence back to the exit of the Auditorium, and cold over my local assistant to drive a hoverboard back to the mine. The driver set off straight away, so I had to call him back. I had to tell him to not make the mistake I had almost made, and approached the mine with complacency. I last mission had been successful, but only because we were looking out vigilantly for ambitious. I said to the man driving the boat, to make sure that you pay as much attention to ambitious as we did last time round. I then asked him where everyone else was. The first time we went there were lots of people there, but this time it was just me and him. At that point it became clear that this is a cost cutting exercise, and I had to make it clear that I wouldn’t stand for it. But for I had the opportunity, as friends appeared from the reeds and fills me with a very nice warm feeling as we all got on the boat together. It felt like a homecoming for it felt like a reunion with old friends we got back on the boat. The driver headed back down the amazonian river. I had to distinguish between the feelings of warmth and friendship and comfort and familiarity I was feeling from the company I was in, and the cold harsh dangers of the situation regarding ambitious. Or at least, potential and bushes. We travel down the river, seemingly faster than last time. We cleared up the gravel, as we had done before, and at this point I was so comfortable I had forgotten or I really can go on there. But as we marched, this time more confidently, down through the mines tunnels it came back to me. I remembered standing in the middle of the Auditorium alone with everyone looking at me, and that failure to find anyone ill, and I realised that I was going back to meet the people behind reception. Those people behind reception when I was having half of my face drilled out. I needed to see them to ask them something. But that’s where my memory faded me. My memory fails me rather. I knew I was going back to meet them, but I didn’t remember what I was going to meet them about. Oh that’s right. I was going with my friends to the Las, but I had forgotten that I was really going to meet the ambitious, so I could be friends them. Here I was in another difficult, and potentially embarrassing situation, as by this point we could already gone past the ambushers and will Well down the tunnel in the dark with torches and I had to explain that I’ve made a mistake and overshot our target. I explained to my shopping that we had to turn back and go back to the mouth of the cave and somehow find a way of peacefully meeting with the ambitious. This I did , and to my disappointment they were not as understanding as the attendees in the auditorium. These were hardened amazonian locals, we used to living very efficiently. They had simple lives and almost had no concept of wastage. People in their communities would die if they didn’t have very focused linear emotionless thoughts. So my forgetfulness and ditching it didn’t go down well at all. I’m very sorry. But I’ve forgotten to stop off and negotiate with the Ashes. However they did at least appreciate that I was eventually making the right decision, and after they had appreciated this they did think it was good that I come up with that idea, because it was a very good one and they didn’t have that idea themselves. So I suppose, they realised the despite my stupidity, I could at least serve some useful purpose, which they couldn’t. They knew enough from the amazonian lifestyles but you can extricate what’s valuable from something without getting too preoccupied with the useless part that you’re going to throw anyway. You don’t need to pay anything to throw something away, and it doesn’t take very long. So it’s worth putting up with a bit of nonsense for somebody, if there’s something valuable in there that will take you a lifetime to find in anyone else. And the stuff we know it is this is as individual as we are. I don’t think I said that properly. I was trying to say that what we can pass on to people is as original as we are. Something like that. But whatever it means it means that the amazonians did get over their anger and frustration, and it did resolve itself in a way that I think was educational to everyone on this little caper. So we met with the amazonians. This was another embarrassing situation, because as soon as we met with the amazonians, I had forgotten what I was there to discuss with them. So like I did before, I cast My Mind back to being in the Auditorium and mentally retraced my steps. I don’t know what’s my duty to look after him. He’s nothing to me. The amazonians holding out their hand and it has a grey patch that covers most of the par and crawls I suppose like blue blood, the four fingers. I slap the hand, in some sort of friendship . the auditoryit’s now here, it’s cool to suck like the hover boat did earlier. I’m wearing trainers, like I did when I was a teenager. Somehow they say Romance . somehow I get a girlfriend out of all this. It’s mostly down to remembering what it was like a college, to how I can somehow fix this ceremony . I don’t get angry about why I’m obliged to do any of this, I suppose it’s because they’re my family. They have quite a high expectation of someone who only has half of face, in my opinion. But the amazonians some reason seems to be sympathetic towards all this, I don’t know why. I thought they would be animals. I thought they were just carpets up. My face must look like some sort of giant tribal marking. Like some carving, some skin carving, gone wrong. Some lunatic on too many mushrooms hacks away at myand, I suppose it now makes sense why I needed that Vietnamese ear cleaning in the case. It’s down to going with my gut Instinct with the time, and later on my gut tells the brain what it was supposed to be doing. And the Brain will hopefully be able to say to the guy that it did what it was told, not that it’s thought it knew better. My brain never seems to know better. And the gut never seems to know what the brains doing. Probably on purpose, to stop it getting polluted by ideas of its own. So it worked out well getting my face chopped up. So the amazonians maybe take me as one of their own, even. Who knows? But they seem to like me, they may even have been watching and taking notes from the members of the auditoriums audience. I suppose the sniper Instinct of the amazonian Hunter could well have led to some of them being in the audience, when they’re all so impressed with my silent performance in the middle of the stage. At least I brought the crowds to silence. Bringing things to silence will make you a good Hunter and again I suppose this might have played in my favour when it came to the meeting we’re all currently sat in the middle of. They give me some food which doesn’t seem to have any poison in it. It’s wrapped up in some sort of leaf . so to move the story on, we’re all walking back down the mine . the amazonian to looking at the coloured gravel and then looking to me, and in some sort of Brotherly psychological understanding of each other I just repeat their own face back to them,anymore of this PR stuff I don’t know . but we get to the end of the tunnel and we arrived at reception. I’m hoping they won’t notice the mechanical arm is the thing that cough my face up, as I think part of the reason we got on so well with because they probably assumed it was something that happened to me in my childhood. If they knew this was a voluntary adult decision, and even were something I made up very recently. That’s the point, I was still fresh? Either way, the amazones didn’t notice. But if the amazonians were to learn that I got my face cut up in this mine, only after I found out about this threat, it could give my story some serious problems. My whole reputation with them is based on some sort of credibility.this would make me look like a joke. The receptionist is the same exception is 2 as they’re the first time, which isn’t good news. I don’t want this reception is Blackburn to the amazonians about our last visit so I can make some I gestures towards a receptionist. My non-verbal communication is getting pretty good by now, and the receptionist understands to keep quiet about the fact that we’ve ever met before, at least whilst these new people are around. Where is the audience for the Auditorium? There right here with us so it’s the audience for the Auditorium the amazonians, the locals and myself. In fact, everyone from the story so far is currently stood here with me. The Auditorium is standing empty the jungle is standing empty the rivers are empty of everything but fish. Fish enjoying the Freedom. I’ve entered too much out into this car. The reception is hands me is teapot. Now I have to go round and offer everyone with me a cup of tea. This takes several hours, but is an essential part of the welcoming routine. I sense the all this is being looked on from a disc the Laboratory work as behind-the-scenes. These are the people of essentially come here to see. I don’t know anything about them, other than their uniform. Somehow I’m dependent on these laboratory workers having the answers to my problems. My problems are obligation to the members of the Auditorium, the ceremony, and now the Amazon. the amazonians must be starting to ask themselves, why they’ve been brought down into the depths of this cave. There’s nothing here for them. There’s no sustenance here there’s no food here, there’s no animals here. I can see them clear as day, I mean. It’s not too much to ask, to ask where the light source is coming from. I looked at the locals, and now I’m back where I was. Looking at his still face peering beyond the light of his own torch. If this guy needs a torch to see, when he doesn’t. He can see better than the torch he sees beyond the torch. I could look tell by his face. I can tell by his expression that he’s looking beyond and above the beam of light he’s looking into the dark. As if he doesn’t want the doctor know what he’s looking at. Or at least, but the amazonians don’t want the dark to know which part of the dark they’re looking at. Or maybe it’s me they’re trying to hide from. Maybe they don’t want meI really looking at, and this whole free chaperoning of me to the depth of the case is something there only doing to learn more about this strange foreigner that’s just turned up with lots of money, strange close, and some physical disability that means he can’t look after himself in the outside world. Not that they have any concept, in a Western sense, of what an inside world would be. You can whistle if you like. No amazonian is going to tell me, the tourists, when you can’t whistle. The receptionist has become something of a friend. He gets me cups of teaand handsome round to the amazonians. I ask the receptionist to demonstrate the mechanical arm. I’m hoping that the receptionist took my hint that the mechanical are cannot be shown to be the thing that did to my face, what it did actually do to my face. The receptionist, aware of my intent or not, presses the button on the mechanical arm and everyone, the amazonians and the Auditorium audience, look on in amazement as the mechanical arm drills another slab of gravel from the side of the cage walls, and then a rotating piece of Stone Roses up through the floor of the table, and turns the slab of rock into a razor blade. Another one for the pile. Another razor blade for The Laboratory work as behind-the-scenes to collect and do whatever they do with. Now it seems like you’ve reached a point beyond we did on our first visit. Now we actually get to walk behind the scenes, now I’ve brought a large enough audience with me, to have a look to see what goes on behind the scenes at this factory, and maybe even get an answer as to why the gravel is so strangely coloured. Such straight and deliberate, obviously handmade linear patterns in the gravel coloration. Why would a laboratory worker bother to do this, especially considering that under normal circumstances, the tunnel is Pitch Black. We asked them quite upfront. What do you do here? Why are there so many laboratory workers, and why do they appear to be in some sort of radiation suit. The razor blades don’t stay as razor blades. Whatever the razor blades turn into is something that fills up these blue barrels. They look like oil containers, but blue plastic. They’re not regular inside they will Bubbles they look like they’ve been designed for some important purpose. So, I asked the laboratory work as behind-the-scenes what the blue barrels of all four. He tells me just that the barrels are full of the liquidised razor blades. I don’t see why? Why does the slab of rock need to be in the state of a solid razorblade between being in the cave wall, and in the blue plastic oil drum. And what’s a radioactive about it? That laboratory workers don’t offer any explanation as to why they are in radiation suits, and we all seem to be fine walking around as we are. But then I see some of them walking down some steps. There’s no cover to the steps but it’s clear that there’s something going on with green light below the floor level. I noticed that the other side of the room where the steps come upwards. In much the same way as you have a Down escalator and an escalator. But these aren’t escalators, but they are still designated to being either up or down. You walked down into the radioactive area where you are nearest the mouth of the cave. You walk up when you are furthest away from the mouth of the cave. And the workers at the top of the steps at the exit steps, I taking off there asuits and running their fingers through their hair as if they’ve just got out of the shower. So I assume that at floor level, where we are there is no radioactive danger, despite the fact that there is clearly nothing between us upstairs and the radioactive light downstairs. For some reason the radioactive light doesn’t penetrate up into the upper floor. So we all seem to be relatively safe. The amazonians sense the danger though. They don’t understand about radioactivity, but but they know that this green light is something that is not natural and it’s not helpful to their system. Likewise the Auditorium audience know from their education that radioactivity is bad, but the light is bad, but they don’t see what I see, in that the radioactive chemicals are somehow being kept exclusively on the downstairs floor of the factory. As many of them are starting to flee or shout out to them, like I should have done when I was in the centre of the Auditorium, I shout out to them to stop. Remembering the authority I have, from my lack of speech in the middle of the Auditorium Hall a while ago, they all stop in their tracks and turn to me for instruction. I can tell, and they are happy to translate to me, but they will pretty much do whatever I say. They believe and trust me. I tell them that the workers in the laboratory suits take their suits off once they’ve walked up the stairs, so there can’t be any danger to us. If there was any radioactive niece in this part of the factory, the workers wouldn’t be taking their suits off. Get your cousins and your nieces, and join the radioactive nieces. Distant family members can come and join in the radioactivity party. A radioactivity party! This is what the laboratory workers have been waiting to hear. They just wanted a party. So at this news I have to ask them, was it really necessary for me to carve half my face up just for them to have a party? Yes it was. It was necessary for you to bring the amazonians. The Laboratory workers knew that the amazonians would never trust me unless they had some indication that I had some tribal markings inflicted on me in my youth. Now, it’s too late for me to go back to my youth and get some tribal markings. But if they use the right mechanical instruments, they could put some tribal markings on my face in my Adulthood, and make it look like they were done in my youth. I wondered why the injuries I suffered to my face never look like fresh flesh wounds. They looked like old markings from a long time ago. That’s what the mechanical arm was created to do. Evening receptionist wasn’t aware of this. The reception is thought their job was to carve out rock and turn those pieces of rock into raises. That wasn’t their purpose at all. Their purpose was to be doing that so I would feel comfortable have in my face carved out by one, having recently seen the Vietnamese ear wax cleaners cleaning people’s is by the side of the street. Get out your lead pipe trousers. The lead pipe trousers at ideal for a party like this. The nieces and cousins who are already at the Auditorium have a purpose now. They all thank me for bringing them to the party. I guess the amazonian river boat was a mere taxi to them. I thought they were in the Auditorium to carry out the cell the celebration. Each cell in their body was celebrating. The celebrations were starting now. The Auditorium was just a holding room, and when they were looking at me I thought they were looking at me to conduct the ceremony. They weren’t. They were just looking at me to organise the Taxes. Well I did that. Using the same methods I did to turn the boat around, I fit everyone in the Auditorium on to the amazonian riverboat. That was me for filling my purpose, when I thought I was only on the journey to finding out what my purpose was. So here I am having carried out my duty, and having done a good job of it too. The receptionist seems happy, despite learning that they were deceived. The amazonian seemed happy being partygoers. The nieces and cousins have come, which make good mating partners for a lot of the amazonians and also for a lot of people in the audience from the Auditorium. So now my their nieces and cousins could all get together and dance they can get drunk they can or gee they can start businesses together they can do whatever they want. The party started, and it’s a radioactive one. These poor scientists in the bottom of this cave having never had a party before having not seen anyone else but each other, what happens when one of them gets ill? If a scientist gets ill in the cave where do they go? They can’t go out into the jungle with their new weston-jones. They must stay in the laboratory an infected other. That sounds like some kind of orgy in itself I don’t have to stay here very long before I catch some sort of illness before I join us radioactive party, I have to go to the doctor to see I’m not cleaning of anything else. I’ve been cleaning the inside of my body. I’ve been walking around the edges of micelles, inviting the white ones in to clean the up for this radioactive party. All the Elders have gathered round and a sitting in a horseshoe shape around the youngsters on the Dancefloor. They pick out a peashooter from the arm of their robes and fire it into the Dancefloor the peashooter hits their next sexual partner. Then one of the assistance goes over and carries a sexual partner to the pea shooting elder. That’s how things work in the laboratory, and I’m not judging it. The amazonians now have a good job and they seemed to enjoy getting paid, not that they have any use for the money, but I guess it’s the sense of purpose that people were looking at me to give them when I was in the middle of the Auditorium giving my speech. It took me 1 1/2 hours to conduct that silence speech, but no point did anyone seem to lose any I was going to tell them what they needed to do. It didn’t take too long to take them down on the bow down to the mouth of the cave, and skim up this bouncing gravel. But then we have the story of the rucksack. Why was the rucksack on my back moving around more than my back? My back itself was closer to the vibrations of the gravel the my rucksack was, but my rucksack was moving around more. Maybe the radioactive scientists had an answer for this. Did you ever open your rucksack? Ask one of the radioactive scientists, as they were busy on the Dancefloor recruiting their next sexual partner. No I answered. I never opened the rucksack. It didn’t take me long to find the rucksack, and I opened it, and out walked out a razor blade. Now this razorblade hadn’t been liquidised yet. But it was already in the back room of The Laboratory. The scientist seem worried that a razor blade that hadn’t been liquidize would be in the back of the laboratory, as if this was some kind of new German section that they had no immunity to so a lot of the scientist got together and stamped on the Razer Blade with their bare feet. The scientist weren’t familiar with solid razor blades, and their feet bled all over the floor. The dance floor was getting slippery with the blood of the radioactive scientists, and all the Young nieces and uncles and cousins and brothers and sisters what slipping around on the dance floor. The main problem of this was that the piece being shooted from the peashooter weren’t hitting any of the dancers. They were landing in blood. So the amazonians would walk over to the dance floor, and instead of collecting a sexual partner for the Elder, they would scoop up two handfuls of blood and walk back to the elder and offer the Elder the blood as a partner. The Elders would then, trusting the wisdom of these foreign amazonians, take the handfuls of blood as their sexual partner. The Elders mimic with the blood in their radioactive lab flooring, the panels grow up selfish. They steal their own cousins and uncles and nieces, and the radioactive flooring gives its relatives, now generous in mood, the dance floor that was slipping around in their own blood and missing the peas from the pea shooters of their floor panel elders. No I’ll go could copy many reflections. They spiders many as they could but on the path lay many of the cousins and the nieces. No fake cows in here as They Danced on the Dancefloor they just got hungry and Hungary up. When do we get to have breakfast? One of the amazonian tribes people asked. I don’t know who forgot to bring the food. Is an Auditorium full of people and they’re all hungry for fish and cabbage. Doesn’t take long to cook some up when each had it made inside the top of their hats. It doesn’t take anything to swim down there. This party is full of amazonians, but not as full as it was as Auditorium spectators they calling you all in for dinner. I thought you said you were hungry? No that was the Auditorium. Nothing here is hungry, just radioactivity killed all the particles in people’s stomachs. Now that’s not way to go fishing. You could turn up and say whatever you wanted it really doesn’t matter if they’re sleeping on their fingernails are not going to be doing much dancing, or anything else. Nothing applies it isn’t selfish. They have small science, they have big science. Nothing indeed is worth waiting for so much, that we would skip breakfast and come all the way down here on my hands and knees just to see you. But between here and the school is nothing but more and more of these Lakes. We can’t swim across the Lakes on my hands and knees, even if we did want to go to school. No teachers at school wanted us to come through the water, they wanted us to stay underwater with the fishes. There’s no radioactivity left in this discussion. There’s no radioactivity left on the Dancefloor even, or even in the swimwear. I just had to close the door. There’s not much more going on, so I guess we can go out later and see if we can have something to eat. You can sometimes catch a movie, but you can never catch a film. If you’re fishing when you can catch something to eat. But in the Auditorium there nothing but horses. Nothing but horses too big to grab. The radioactivity is now going right up the back to their shins. It got into the ligaments in their needs. No cousins or nieces are left on the Dancefloor, and all the Elders have gotten so bored of all this bad music that they’ve all retired to bed, most of them alone. How can so many of the Elders have gone to bed alone when they had so many peashooters to a mat, I mean a mat at the people on the dance floor. The part has too good at dodging peas when they accidentally slipping all over the blood. The floor panels had nothing to do with it either, the floor panels have been jealous of the floor panels above. I mean come on floor panel which floor would you rather be on? Would you rather be on the floor where there’s radioactivity everywhere, or would you rather be above where you could watch the receptionist? You never told me there was more than one receptionist I asked. I mean I asked why you would have to? There’s one to operate the mechanical arm, and then there’s one to make the mechanical arm. You’ve got to try everything you can with these people to get the most out of them when they’re at work. It doesn’t take much to put an advert out in the newspaper but if you’re going to advertise for these kinds of people then you’re gonna have to let some of them go to work on their own. There’s no carpooling in the amazonian jungle, when the peashooters they use on laced with peas, with a laced with poison darts. Although saying that having a windscreen or something else in the way which sure planting some of those poison darts. Some of the poison darts Maven ricocheted and hit one of the amazonians back in their own skin, or face. But what do the animals in the jungle make of all this? They never even considered, even when starting forest fires. What do all the small insects make of it? It soaked less than 20 minutes to gather round all the insects in the amazonian jungle, and it took less than that to help them get some food. But the thing is when you’re making food for amazonian insects, in whatever jungle you like there’s nothing left for them to listen to. There’s no music in the jungle that isn’t only the music of nature. There’s no guitarists in the jungle. There’s no westerners in the jungle. How can you have music if you don’t have any westerners to make it. There’s nothing left in this Radioactive floor. There’s nothing left on the Dancefloor. The oldest have all gone to bed. So why don’t we make our way back to the Auditorium? Why don’t we take everyone and go there for lunch. There’s nothing left. There’s nothing in this factory that hasn’t been contaminated not with tivity but with the germs that have come from the westerners. But who are these westerners it was an African ceremony in the auditorium. The amazonians not westerners. You’re the only westerner here it was put to me full your guide to all locals and where are we are we in the west? No we’re in South America. There’s nothing left here, not because of a lack of wet , but because of a lack of radiation outside of the case. But how would the receptionist want to handle this? There’s only one way out of this cave and actually the mouth you walked in. However for the radioactivity to escape, without passing a receptionist. I don’t think that can be done unless we dig another tunnel out of here. And to do that with had to dig around the world to the other way, so it will take quite some time. At this point sand western music did our and it turns the conversation down to that that could be understood by the Elders, so the Elders woke up and started getting on with the rest of the work that The Selfish people on the Dancefloor left them to do, by slipping over in their own blood all afternoon instead of dancing to the proper music. Hang on I thought you said there wasn’t any music at this party. If there was no music at this party how come there’s anyone dancing? Ok so there was music but it wasn’t western music, so we didn’t count it. Who was playing the music? I had to ask because I wanted to know if there’s anyone I could start a band with. Nobody would want to start a band with, that’s all you need to know. That’s the kind of belligerent response I’ve been getting my whole life when I’ve been asking people to start a band with me and all they tell me is that there’s nobody Sue bandwidth. Not that there aren’t necessarily any musicians in the area. But just that there aren’t any that would want to work with me, or who I would want to work with. Anyone not willing to take responsibility for these questions, will have to go and wait outside and start writing essays like the rest of the school children. School children? I thought you said we were in the jungle, or at least in a cave that’s in the jungle. Where do you think this whole thing was set? Has anybody left Windsor in the last 20 years? There isn’t a cave in Windsor. villagers won’t come to suck any of these floorboards. They have their own way of working around here. They have their own approach to help to get things done and it doesn’t take much time to do it full farmers are all fans of both kinds of sites around here. They have much on their minds, not that they would be split between the two. But they got kids who don’t know how to cheat. They’ve got wild clutching at their wallets. They have cow’s missing out on all the testings. No supermarket will buy anything from a farm with cows refuse to be tested. They could test them for Survey lights in the olden days, the cows never knew any better. But nowadays it’s all done through blood. You could be shoot the blood out of them I suggested. There’s nothing else to blow through. There’s nothing that I wouldn’t see coming, but it couldn’t quite easily dodge out of the way off. Even in their sleep account can hop over 2 foot to the left, if they feel the wind blowing through a poison dart approaching. There been dodging train carriages for long enough to know better than to be out guns by P shooting farmer. The kids might see them doing this from a distance, from the dormitory. But they’re sick of having to watch it. They don’t like being told out into the field at the end of the day. They dislike even more being towed out into the field at the beginning of the day before sunrise. I mean why should a human get out of bed before the sun. How can we have less privileges than an inanimate object. The sun comes up at about 6 in the morning, and it’s 6 in the morning most of these kids are already thinking about lunch. They’ve had enough of it. I’ve had enough of being the Farmers bumble is. Nothing’s waiting for these bloody villages. It isn’t going to come across you know. All the sleeping all day in the jungle. They’ve got to transfer from western life to that of the South Americans, and that involves letting go of the idea that you can sleep all day and only go out to work in the field when it fancies you. The train carriages spin through the fields all day and night, they don’t spend through the jungle. The kids are running out in the fields and playing in the fields, and I couldn’t care less about any train carriage coming in their way. When you’re out of The Jungle you don’t have this Liberty. You don’t have this choice to ignore the nature happening around you. The kids in the school or ungrateful and the kids in the amazonian try I know the value of staying awake even when you’re asleep. They know the value of having a poison dart to hand even if there is a cow in the way. Oh, jump out of the way, but at least it was standing still beforehand it would have blocked the view of whatever prayer may have been standing behind it. Once you blow the poison dart it could land in some kind of meat, and it doesn’t even have to be the meat you intended to hit. I couldn’t even be a human flesh I thought. Why wouldn’t you eat human flesh if you are hungry? Round here nothing is radioactive. The radioactivity stays in the Dancefloor, so wouldn’t make it out the mouth of the cave went into the jungles where the amazonia . I didn’t give you a tutorial for this reason. You roam around me think I waste cash. You get up and climb through my knees. You don’t have your own way through my body. You don’t have your own tunnels, you’d veins as if they’re your own Blackwall Tunnel. They don’t even have to speed you don’t even have to get out of the way the white blood cells. The big science won’t take over it with in my veins. There’s nothing in the way of you. There’s nothing in the amazonian jungle that would compare to the white blood cells that you so easily dodge when you’re waking up in the morning, surrounded by the wall blood of my insides. In this territory we call ourselves the people of nomansland now a lot of people didn’t like that definition. A lot of people thought that in Europe you could call something that, but I called it that here, because I am in Europe really. If this whole thing is set in Windsor, then we don’t need to keep referring to ourselves as people that live in the jungle. If we are still living in Windsor, then what is this river we’ve been careering down all afternoon. Who are these locals, and where do they really come from. There’s no room to keep the sledges outside. The radioactivity would leave a hover boat standing strong. But a sledge wouldn’t survive the radioactivity, should it find it’s way out of the mouth of the tunnel. I thought we agreed to get out of the mouth of the tunnel you have to first get past both receptionist. You never explain to me why there were two reception is quoted in your statement, when I’ve been at reception not twice and I clearly observed that there was only one receptionist, working one mechanical r. Are you telling me that the mechanical are is also a receptionist? If so, then I had half my face gouged out by receptionist. I don’t remember agreeing to that. I thought it was a mechanical are designed for the creation of razor blades, and in that sense it reminds me of the Vietnamese are cleaning that I’ve served on the way over here before this story began. If I had half of my face whilst out under false pretences then I think I’ll do some sort of compensation, from whoever it was Who Fell to him for me that the mechanical arm it was working at time was in fact a receptionist, no more qualify I’d the receptionist operating it. But I guess that might be my own assumption, to say that the second receptionist was any less qualified than the first. It’s an assumption I made based on not considering that a non-human could be accepted into any academic programme where they would qualify to work as a receptionist, at the end of their studies. I have to admit I’m not from round here, so I wouldn’t really know one way or the other if that was true. But if it is the case that a mechanical arm can qualify as a receptionist in whatever country we are currently in, assuming that we are not in the UK, where Windsor is. Then I’ll accept that it might be the case, not certain, but might be the case that I wrongly claim to have had plastic surgery done on my face by an under qualified robotic arm. If it’s the case that the robotic car at qualifications beyond that of a simple receptionist, then I’ll concede that it’s perhaps true that the surgery was in no way unlawful or unethical. Having said that just because you’re more qualified than is necessary to be a receptionist, doesn’t mean you’re qualified enough to carry out major surgery. It has to be noted that the mechanical arm did more than just clean my ears it did take out half my face, which I think you could call a sign of being under qualified as a surgeon. But then I suppose in response to that you could say that I didn’t give the machine any instruction, and how was the machine supposed to know the my attention for it was for it to only clean my ears. After all all I had done was witness it down just slab of rock out of the side of the mountains, and then applied to a grinder in order to fashion it into the shape of a razor blade. Now any mechanical are having done that too few thousand x beforehand, would have no reason to assume that if I was to replace the rock with my ear canal that what I actually wanted to happen with the cleaning of my ears, and nothing more substantial so I suppose in that scenario, I would have been the one who is negligent to myself. You could even argue that I was negligent of robotic arm, and therefore the robotic arm with have a legal case against me for the pain and distress it suffered in applying an unnecessary operation to somebody who put themselves in the way of their job, they’re only job description, of carrying out the relatively harmless task of getting out of Rock from the side of a mountain and making razor blades out of it. Quite a peaceful job, I was all the times of this mechanical on does have some form of artificial intelligence, but assuming that, then I’ll assume also that this kind of job for a robotic arm would be quite all there may be monotonous, quite a relaxing way to spend your working day. Now, sensitive kind of artificial intelligence, may also decide that they don’t want to perform any kind of surgery on a human being, because it’s totally out of their job description and it’s something they wouldn’t be comfortable doing. It could even be that such a mechanical I’d find this whole operation completely stressful, and even to the point where they would feel unable to work. How can an artificial intelligence on, turn itself off? Or did the scientist who created the artificial intelligence autocom put some kinds of failsafe off switch, they prevented the AI unit from turning itself off? In which case I could be sued for a lot of money, not just for the stress of operating unwillingly on a human being. This artificial I could sue me for damages for all the extra work it was forced to carry out after it did the operation, under the stress and distress that I caused it when I made it operate on me. I don’t know how I would defend myself against such a legal case, that will be so watertight as to be delivered by me as the defendant, prosecuting myself with my own theory that would start out as how I was a victim, but end up for train the perpetrator, at least in my story, of the heart to me. It would end up painting a picture that made me look like the Aggressor looking like more of a victim. That would be a complete waste of court time, even to the point of not needing a judge to give any kind of verdict on the case. I would have summarised my own case by summarising that I didn’t have one. Now can a mechanical arm be responsible for that, no I don’t think he can. The mechanical arcade then go on to sue me for bringing a ridiculous lawsuit against him. Now I have another host of lawsuits to contend with. I have the lawsuits relating to the operation in which half my face was removed but now I also have the cases relating to me wasting the artificial intelligence units time, by making them attend court for a completely ridiculous court case. Then he could also sue me for loss of earnings, because the time it took for him to attend all these court cases that I put it through, would have been patented on his income due to not be able to spend as much time at work. I don’t know if artificial intelligence qualify for minimum wage, but assuming a minimum wage of around £7 per hour then I think I would be into quite a lot of debt if this case was to run over into a few years, especially if the stress of it made the Artificial Intelligence mechanical arm unable to work even when the court case wasn’t being heard. You then have the option of journey time. How can a mechanical on travel to and from Cork, without any assistance? They clearly can’t. So they will need to have an assistant, and who would be responsible for their costs? I guess that would also be me, if I was to bring about this spurious lawsuit against the mechanical r. So I would not have only one person to compensate but I’d have to compensate for the assistant at all so wasted their time driving to and from the courtroom. And what about the petrol costs, and they wear and tear on the car. They could suit me for that as well. There isn’t really any reason for me to take this to court, I’m starting to think, so shall we just accept the radiation can go past the reception as long as it goes past with the receptionist permission? It didn’t cost anything to listen to my case did it? The radioactive half-life of my interest has gone passed more than double. So I think that leaves that my interest has now expired, and is it less than that of the radioactive waste. I’ll be calling the radioactive Greenlight waste? Is it insulting to do so? The kids are dancing on the floor perfectly happy with them radioactive green light around. I’m wondering if those peas really were green, or was it just a green light reflecting on them? Did it matter to the kids if they’re being penetrated by Greenpeace? I doubt it did very much. There’s nothing left to ask the Elders, if the Elders rule the sleep. Maybe we should put some of this artificial intelligence to the real test, and let it spend the day sitting out in the sun next to the fences. May be listening to the birds with job it’s memory. Maybe listening to some Western pop music would help rejuvenate their youthful complexion. The artwork they spend all day staring at doing nothing but make me feel older. Nothing but making them take too much time to consider too much. They’ve got to say one way or the other if artificial intelligence is going to be in give it also structure. The Auditorium didn’t have any, unless you going to count That cow Like construction. An Auditorium constructed like a cow? I drank how I thought. A cow have been given too much work to do. A cow who’s nights have too much spare time, cause I can’t sleep, because they’ve been worked so hard. Work so hard you can’t sleep. Given so much alcohol you can’t even drink it anymore. Nothing to stay out of the grass nothing to stare at but the kids St peashooters that you. jump out the way isn’t perfect car, it’s just because I can’t be bothered anymore. Do you blame account for not being a workhorse? They didn’t have any of these cows down in the Laboratories they didn’t have anything like it. My only excuse to get out of this party, as I didn’t need to speak to the lab assistants anymore. How can I convince my audience in the Auditorium that I wasn’t used to having such kind of people hanging around me, and making a nuisance of themselves. The kids in the Auditorium all they knew how to do was to speak. The adults for the ones doing all the shouting. They’re shouting at me whilst I was standing silent at them. Earlier I thought it’s because they’re all of my ring me, but I think they’re all frustrated. They didn’t even stop to say hello when I put them onto the boat. It took quite a lot of work to put turn that boat round it took quite a lot of work to spin it round when I didn’t have the trajectory once my legs have gone past the reeds I was hanging onto. You can’t hang on to reeds and push a boat if you have nothing to push against. You can’t push against reads there too flimsy. They don’t have a backbone, not like a cow. How much easier it was in the olden days when all I had to push against was a cow. They say cows sleep standing up on you can go up to them when you’re drunk and push them over. When I try to push a cow over, the only thing I fell over with myself. It was if the cow was a tree and his legs had massive roots that went down to the surface she couldn’t see. The wind would blow a cow so it would bend over the years and it would been to such an impossible looking angle. It looks so impossible because you couldn’t see the roots underneath. You couldn’t see the that bending over tree was actually a c shape cut in half by the soil. The soil doesn’t route. The soil doesn’t stretch. Roots root. Roots travel. They’re travelling to the shape of the sea bass travellers the shape of the size they don’t have Laboratories hiding under them like all the other kids do. The kids in the other school next door to us have barbed wire between us and them. I thought we were scared of them as being the posh kids, but no apparently the other kids been called up osh kids are lunatics. They won’t go anywhere near us. The barbed wire has razor blades that point towards the outside, not towards the inside. You don’t think they don’t trust themselves not to climb up enjoy the life of the posh kids. You don’t see them wanted to climb out like this is some festival. There’s no music in the posh schools. There’s nothing to be afraid of if you don’t have to listen to the Western guitars. Where the peashooters now? Where are they? They guitars aren’t hiding in the amazonian jungle? Are they? It didn’t take long for the governess to turn up and see who’s got the habit that I can imitate. The governess of the land has nothing more to do, so now she’s trying to imitate the actions of the villages. She governs the villages, doesn’t she tell them what to do? Well she would but all she can do is look at their she’s like governments imitating her constituents. All she knows how to do is to repeat back what she thinks everyone else is going to want to hear. And I say repeat, because she listens in the pubs to what people are saying. She’s a real politician. She knows what to do is to just record a conversation the pub, and press play When She’s in the parliament. She knows that no one’s going to ask a question, that won’t make any difference to the general election. The pea shooters all out now. The Western conversation has turned into that of the artificial intelligence Brigade. The Artificial Intelligence was she put into the mechanical arm. That was my scenario. That was just a theory. The artificial intelligence doesn’t exist in this laboratory, because like most of the time tonight think back, I’m thinking back to a time in my youth. There wasn’t any artificial intelligence in my youth. These mechanical arms are just like those old now vintage retro police cars, but I remember well driving around the streets like they were just made yesterday. In those cases they probably were. The police of an enzyme look like Barbies. They didn’t even want to say where’s my husband? Where’s my Ken. What are they looking for what are they looking for others and drugs to get high with. What are they looking for if they’re not a policeman and they’re not a Barbie. sister doll what do they do in if they’re not just a toy a child plays with, and then throws a side in their play Pen. The Barbie dolls were walking around like policeman in my youth. They never had an arm to bend. They never had a knee joint. They are flat footed but they weren’t even police. They weren’t even riding around in their cars on a Saturday afternoon around College. How come I remember college is a Saturday afternoon thing. College was only Monday to Friday. It just seems like the kind of place that I would have been at weekends. Changing from communication studies to psychology to business studies and then leaving all those subjects behind to study pottery photography and some GCSE exams I got him. I’m fishing around for some artificial intelligence, but all I gather is more and more fish. More and more of these useless fish flapping around at my feet. I don’t know if I should gently take them back into the water, having been on my hook I’m not sure if there’s any point now. You might as well eat them. There isn’t much more to do when you’re kicking around radioactive fish, other than to help them along. I’m probably all full of plastic beads by now anyway. Light green plastic beads floating around in my bloodstream be selfish person living inside our veins, was white blood cells. How can a person mistake with green plastic bead for a white blood cell? Is anyone colour blind between green and white? There’s only the obvious answer, and that is that the red blood makes the white somehow reflect green if there’s yellow light passing through it. So you think you’re eating a white blood cell, but it turns out to be a plastic B that came from a light green plastic bag. Wrapped around face of a dolphin, and now swimming through my veins like a junkie in the vast ocean of the amazonian jungle. Are there any peashooters been fired inside my body? Of the pea shooters all been sent to outside the body so they can go and be with the Elders? All the kids on the dance floor didn’t seem to mind being shot stop it was if they were like in a Thai restaurant, just advertising themselves to the Western pundit. They don’t have any interest in being inside my bloodstream, any more than I do. They’ve got their own agenda and it’s got nothing to do with the Farmers or it’s got nothing to do with the ovarian life. The bleeding horses heads know what’s going on. They’re emitting pollen at the summer show, and all the villages just thought they’re watching the guitars play. The curtains wrap around the back of the scenario. The printer printing sponges. The cascading light that beams down from the cows interior only makes it as far as the bulldog clips sitting on the tips of the grass. Left there by artists just sewing cigarette they couldn’t care less about what the kids might trade in when they’re walking around dodge in the cow pats early in the morning before the sun is Risen. The sun comes up at 6 like it couldn’t care less. How later you this morning I shouted at the sky. Not late at all, you were early. Nature never told you to get up when it’s too dark. If it’s dark that’s nature telling you to go to sleep. Your eyelid to supposed to rise with the sun. Your eyelids are supposed to set with the sun. If you mimicked nature a bit more, you wouldn’t have green plastic beads mistaking themselves white blood cells in your bloodstream. Now I’m giving the Beat and the gender of there are these plastic little beads new artificial intelligence that that mechanical arm isn’t? The scientist in the laboratory might know. This might be a more complex questions and the receptionist can handle, so I think I’ll give it straight to one of the people in the radiation suits. Although there could be deep sea divers fall I can tell there’s nothing in their look that makes them look like they qualified to do anything. And even if they were qualified maybe all this radioactivity flying around has played havoc with this census. If I asked them to tick a box to say that they’ve been here, would they leave it alone or would they feel obliged to identify themselves. You supposed to sign yourself into the health and safety booklet everyday at least so maybe there’d be sympathetic to my request on that basis, but these people that like Phil informed, I think they like academic education more than they like filling in forms they got nothing left to do but feeling more forms, you want a pencil to fill in a form. You want to go on holiday, you fill in a form. You want to go to the toilet. You taken artificial intelligence mechanical arm with you and point it at the toilet paper. You hope it doesn’t gouge out half you and testing, like it did half my face. Saying this, I remember not given any instruction at all to the Artificial Intelligence. I didn’t give any instruction at all to this mechanical arm to do anything to my ear. But it goes get out as if it was rocking the side of a mountain. My ear canals only clean because that was what a happened to put in its way. If I’d have held up my arm, it would have gout my arm just as happily as it did my face. I don’t know why it took so much of my face away though. It’s at North Face away than it did work out the mountain. I think the reception is must have been guilty of that. Receptionist must have quietly set the mechanical arm to gouge out more rock than normal. Or maybe it was a softness of my skin that made it goes out more. In a case where the machine would have been told to go by sensitivity, rather than dimensions. Or even resistance or softness, may have made the mechanical arm feel that it had more to gouge out than it really did. It might have thought this was coagulated water left over from some free his stomach rainfall. It took less than 15 seconds to complete the operation on my face, and looking back on far from happy with the results. Although I have to appreciate the two probably lead to me not being killed by the amazonians, so in a way that incompetent receptionist saved my life. But it doesn’t have to end there. It doesn’t have the I have to be a servant was the amazonians, just because they happen to think I’m one of them. Or some bad Western imitation of what they are. But then I take them to my country, and see what they think of all these people walking around without any carvings carved out of the centre of their heads, around their ear canals. They probably wouldn’t be very impressive what qualifications if I showed them to them. They were probably think I was making too much out of it. I mean I can only play guitar so much, and then they’re going to start being impressed by my pee shooting skills. I can a my peashooters that young girls on the dance floor, in the UK, but it’s not going to make any of them slip over and radioactive blood. I can’t put on the Dancefloor what isn’t there apart from Peas, before I go with it peashooter. But I could take some amazonian music with Me. Maybe that would incorporate some of the blood into the equation. So greenlit amazonian nature. Maybe some of that radioactivity found its way up through the soil into the roots of the trees and into the blood of the amazonians firing their piece. Each peashooter has eventually finds its way all the way around the world. And it doesn’t even stop. It doesn’t even take heed of any warnings not to go anywhere near the cows. When’s the PC to learn it’s wasting time chasing cows, when there’s so many more other soft flesh things to get stuck into the don’t have the quick reactions of a cow is used to dodging chain carriages all its life. Are we ready to go into scenario 2 yet? I opened up this circular roll the Pizza Company so nice looking up the directions from the train station I was at which needed to be on the Uckfield line but, at the Windsor and Eton Central Station. I opened up the cylinder and saw a white spongy packing material. I’ve only called it up and lifted up the lid and it was some paint brushes. Somehow I need a will for acrylic paint, but I don’t think this was specified anywhere. I was quite disappointed to see them, because I was looking for the train route to the station I couldn’t remember the name of. There must have been quite a look of disappointment on my face, and I have a couple of friends with me who were trying to help. But didn’t really explain where station was. This is Rachel. This was right, or I should have been paid to me, because there is a label attached to the top of the cylinder, brown paper label tied on with a piece of string, and it said to Paul in capital letters. Quite small capital letters in the top left hand corner, but underneath it says from Rachel in much larger letters. She double written over the word from Rachel in gold glittery pain, and pink highlighter. It is clearly from a girl, who is clearly an admirer. She gave it to me to seek with Valentine, and I can only imagine would have been looking in the distance when I opened up presents. I feel really guilty now because I’ve looked so disappointed when I opened it up, and she must have been looking at me. I didn’t know it was a present. I thought it’d somehow coming out of my phone when I was looking at the directions to the train station, so I only look disappointed because they weren’t directions I was looking for. As it happens, I really do like the idea of paint brushes as a present. I can use them, it’s a good idea, it’s a nice present for somebody to give me. It was a very thoughtful gift from Rachel, considering we haven’t worked together in the years. I didn’t even know she knew I was a painter. The more I think about this, the more guilty I feel, and the stronger the image of her looking at my face being disappointed and all that, you must have been quite hurtful. It doesn’t make it easier that I don’t have any way of contacting Rachel now. There’s no contact details on the present. I guess you must be really shy. This too late was I made for my past. Wonder girl used to know in Windsor, who haven’t seen in decades, so it really wouldn’t be hard. Although the train station I mean both seem to be Windsor and Eton Central Station. But I am 99% convinced that it’s the other way that used to work on this administrator with me in Ealing. I usually have something of a memory of me and her being together this train station, maybe even today, or possibly yesterday. My mum was all shot to pieces now. I can’t believe I can’t remember the name of the train station I should be travelling to to teach his young child to speak English. I’ve been going there for over a year, every week or sometimes every other week I go to this train station. I’ve got the new St Margaret stuck in my head, but I know that’s not the right answer, baby, can’t think of the name of the station I just get some more of its dominant in my thoughts. There are some showers nearby, actually in the station Park train station which people free to use. They men’s only showers, I’m not sure if there’s a separate one for women, or they only provide showers for me. Matthew Wilkie it’s pretty dangerous atmosphere. There’s many walking around tails around their waists, but it looks like the kind of place you like to get beaten up. I was in another room, which is more of a public communal waiting room. I was in there looking at the trainer, trying to find the train line with my stock is on. It’s so hard to get all your deleted looking at this man, it’s full of adverts. It’s very be in the border and appear to have any edges. Your finger just trousers on one train line which is on a geographical looking map, what mythical Looking Like the Wind. Political looking that would be much easier to read, but for some reason they covered in Green Hill zone blue rivers. I can’t see really where the train lines are. There is some black and white linear looking clue drawing superimposed onto the top of them out, but I don’t know where the stations are, I can’t even meme Ember the names of the big stations around the smaller one I’m looking for. It really is I’m looking for a train station you don’t know the name of your name after geographical map that’s impossible to penetrate.. Around to help, but they don’t really do very much. I can’t give them any some information, but there are at least trying to help. I went to the lady a window, there isn’t too cute, and I asked her if she could somehow help get my ticket to teach this young child. She can’t really do. She’s sympathetic to me even though she’s busy doing something else while I’m trying to talk to her. There’s a friend of hers the other side of the window. They both big fat black ladies. Again very friendly and they seem to think I’m cute in a way. I feel better about my failing memory, and I can’t do enough with these two ladies to tell the truth. About the time about 10 years ago now, although it doesn’t seem that long, where I could remember my own. I was lying dead and I couldn’t remember my own name. At least that’s what I thought when I standing at the window. Now, looking back, I realised it wasn’t my own name I can’t remember that day, but it was my age. I have no idea how old I was. I was lying in bed thinking and 23, and 30 and I still 90 I couldn’t remember I didn’t have a clue how old I was. taxable birthdays. Do I remember turning 30? I would have been about 30 about this time, I think I was all that I’ve probably about 23 years old. Which was way younger than I really was. It must have been quite disappointing to realise at some point that I was at least 5 or 6 years older than I thought. As I stood at the window talking to the lady behind the glass, and heart talking to the woman standing next to me. No she was sat down, that’s why, she was sat down with her arm on the counter so she was at 90° able to me so she would turn her head in her shoulder, to talk to her friend working behind the glass. I then tried to think about things around the name, to try and get in a small bits out of my head. What was the building I thought the boy, that’s right it’s his Chinese takeaway restaurant. Of course, is in Oxted. I pointed my finger towards the woman behind the glass, and I said yes it’s Oxted. Oxted is the station I need to get to. She was obviously happy that I remembered the place I was trying to get to. No worry about as Rachel girl was a nothing but a distant memory. I didn’t want to trouble the nice lady behind the window, to make her print me out of my own ticket, when is perfectly functioning ticket machines I could do it myself on. So not wanting to trouble her, I wanna to the communal waiting area will I need a ticket machine was. As I did this I heard the train approaching Windsor and Eton central. It’s now clear to me that I am at Windsor and Eton Central Station. I usually travel to Oxted via London Bridge, so I’m not sure how I’m going to get there from Windsor and Eton central station, or how much was going to cost me. But I can only assume is going to take me very long time. Especially if I missed this train, because Windsor and Eton central is the last station on the line, and trains don’t leave their very frequently. And even when they do they only take me one stop as far as Slough before I have to change again. I wouldn’t have this problem if I’ve only been sensible enough to ask a lady working behind a window to prove me ticket. It is her job at the real. But, I have this Aspergers he kind of thing where I continue doing what I am doing, even though and I will be more time efficient so it’s not what I’m doing now and go back and do something else. This kinda need to see one action through to completion before I start another often causes problems. It is office problems for me when trying to save money. I won’t put any money into stocks and shares until I finished filling up my premium Bonds account £50,000. That’s going to cost me a lot of money, because the rate of return on premium Bonds is averaging out of 1.5%, and if I was going to put some money into investment ISA that was linked to the stock market, well in 2009 older probably made over 30% interest, 2016-17 out of made over 15% interest. But this thing finish doing one thing before starting another medium still putting money into this premium Bonds account even though I know it’s not a sensible thing to do, and I’m delivery trying to be sensible with my money. A long way to go before I reach the £50,000 target, so I have to force myself to go against my inclination to finish filling up my premium Bonds account first, and just start putting regular money into an investment ISA if I can get one from my bank I was only herself to the idea that I am letting my premium Bonds account just sit, instead of growing it like the lovely sort of a growing tree in the background was, I have to abandon that. At least try and justify to myself by thinking that any winnings I make an investment ISA, I can transfer to my premium Bonds account, and therefore it’s even better for my premium Bonds account for me to stop putting money into it now, and letting the investment ISA be a feeder into the premium bonds. If probably the only realistic weight of each the top end target £50,000, and then I can start moving on with the next phase of my investment strategy. But nevertheless I continue onto the ticket machine. It’s kind of inevitable that I’m going to miss this train, but it will not even be my train so I don’t worry about it too much. I walk into the way waiting room but for some reason I don’t notice the ticket machine there. Maybe I was mistaken in thinking that there was a ticket machine there. But instead I wander into the shower room, but like I said earlier is a pretty thing that supposed to be, especially if you’re getting on with your wallet to put into a ticket machine. But it seems clearly there and again they smoke you. I’ve seen it looks like a very old fashioned thing, no computer or touch screen attached if it’s alright, Scenic into a parking meter. Where was places called hahaha that’s why you see variations with her refitting looking coin slot beauty sticky coins into some orange paint, the movie from the 70s. I put some money in what really even know what I’m sweating. I’m sticking with you guys. How’s the silver ones, and shoulder and see two people probably about my age. For some reason they age in these scenarios is always somewhere in your 20s, even though significantly older than that now. We are friends, too. Chatting to each other without about level with me. Pause over to him and said sorry there’s no girls allowed in this room. I realise he’s joking. So I’m going to stop person walking, and say you’re not here for your woman. By his chair and he’s clearly a man. I hope I haven’t offended him, or probably end up getting punished. The guy goes up to his friends and they make a big joke of it, and I realise that im the one that looks like the idea again. I stared at the ticket machine I can’t be given up on the idea of being able to get the correct ticket out of this thing. I keep telling you the run around at the station I need to get his Oxted cos I will but if I forget again it will be so difficult to read a number. I made a big deal if the facts on transfer take it off then I can only guess that the train is left by now. The sensible thing to do with the go back to the woman at the window. Just ask her to a ticket to update, but for some reason I can’t. I’m going to continue on this trailer behaviour where I’m walking away from her and I’m going to get a ticket myself, through my own means. I burn it I feel like looking at me from a distance. Still sad still heartbroken at the fact I didn’t hear her presents. Before I remembered Oxted, it’s worth pointing out that I did remember at least it was on the upper field line. So when I was asking people to help, there was a point where I was at least able to say is on the road to Uckfield. I even looked at the train map to Uckfield, looking at the names of the stations, but they all seem to be names of stations that were on the line. But what about Sanderstead that’s on the line and I saw Sanderstead but for some reason I also sore Lewisham. Lewisham isn’t on the upfield line. I just gave up hope on this map, I just couldn’t work out, or see the station I was looking for. I knew the Oxted was a minor station, even though it really isn’t. But I knew it wasn’t the kind of station at the stand out on the map, although as I say this I realise that im wrong. Oxted is one of the major stations that they tell you to change up when you’re on your way there, even if your Final Destination isn’t Oxted. Who is fine art print list of stations, the practice, I’m sure they come out of my phone thinking about it. I want to print the list of trains on the line on this cylinder is cylinder list until the very end to the brushes.. Walked away from the two friends serious at trying to help, that I realised that there is a label attached. At the time. What causes to myself, I recorded it, and I said, that I thought it was a free advertising gift that you get when you download something. So, I think that’s what I thought. That would explain why some credit Russia’s just appeared out of nowhere. There must be some sort of physical card you get if you go onto the train website. Also it would make sense to me, the younger son of physical, I will phone you later with the attached. This image of Rachel’s cable some Hill some green hill with a tree in a graveyard around just looking at all disappointed. I don’t know I don’t see the label. The singer scenario lasso.

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