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They didn’t always look like cadets. You couldn’t if you’re gonna survive in the school playground. Cadets are the enemy of school children. Stem cell hosers know this. The teachers know it. Even Braithwaites assistants in the kitchen. But if a stem cell hoser were to look out for a substitute teacher on a Wednesday before brunch…Well. They’d have available Cadets, and unavailable cadets swimming all morning. Then cadets it is. School kids’ll put up with it. But not in the benign soil. These school children have goat tap in their knees. The soil is for the shin detonator. The benign soil, some of which got dragged up when the threads were pulled up by Braithwaite and her assistants, is now partially in the shoes of the school children, who have been playing in the playground. It doesn’t take much illustrating. No pictures need be drawn. The benign soil is in the shoes of the children. Now these children are the enemies of the Cadets. Where have the Cadets been? Have the Cadets been rampaging the soil like the children? No, they haven’t. So the Cadets are without benign soil in their shoes. Nothing the shoes can do about it. But I’m soil lives only in the shoes of the school children who have been playing on the field. What’s more they have to have been playing in the field that particular afternoon. That afternoon. Braithwaite called the red cotton thread up from underneath the soil, and deposited much benign seal on top of the grass. Some was carried by the pollinating of the Summer Breeze, onto the tarmac of the playground. Benign soil laying there on the surface of the concrete playground. Being trodden on by rampaging children. But not cadets! No, cadets do not have any benign soil speak of.

All this informs to play that they put on in Fisher. The other book. It’s a much shorter book, Fisher, than this one. But in that play they are all drenched from what falls from the stage. What made it past the prompt has soaked shirt. The poor prompter sat underneath the stage with a Trapdoor full stop and his head sticking out of that trap door. Trying to conduct a plane from when your shirt has been soaked. Not just soaked but pollinated. He wasn’t supposed to be involved. He wasn’t supposed to be part of the story. But this poor prompter is now saturated in all that fell from the horses head spiked up on stage in front of the village for all the village to laugh at. The villages diggy look pretty much anything. But with all this pollen in the air, or this naughty pollen that has nothing to do with bees. With all that in the air, the villages are going to keep quiet for one moment.

The school children have been infected with a condition of the legs called goat tap. Goat tap was given by a mountain to one of the children. In fact, that’s not strictly true. The Goat tap was manifested into a child and then sent to the school by the mountain. No one really thought they were going to stop you did they see beach said the shin detonator. No but then what’s it to you replied the boss prefect. It’s just so you been sending everyone down to the Sea Beach since last Wednesday and we haven’t had any spare teeth since last month. Shouldn’t detonator don’t usually talking this Manor to superior offices. Well I don’t know what you’re talking about said the course prefect. It’s got nothing to do with the kids up above the soil. It’s also got nothing to do with their teachers. The teachers are all led by Braithwaite, she’s the head chef. Now the head chef takes out all her anger on the red Thread. She pulls it up out of the ground. Beep beep like a lorry says the kid. Beep like no lorry said another kid. You don’t know if anyone cares about Underling like you did in shin detonator. They’re all running around and have to go tab infected in their shins. They don’t look any worse off for it though do they said Braithwaite. No the horse prefix been hanging around with Underling too long. It’s a little help to any stem cell hosers. The shin detonator are being introduced to many new characters. Just out of the acidic sap bucket they will climb. The fires are underneath but the water isn’t getting any hotter. The horse prefect has basically let them off scot-free. He used to keep sending them upstairs but once the shin detonate to leave the soil, who knows what happens to them. The horse prefect has it on good authority that no punishments are really issued above the soil. So, the red communication thread has been pulled up out of the depths of the soil and now all the secrets of the skin detonator exposed. The secrets of the horse prefect exposed. Even down to what he likes to eat and drink. Braithwaite can’t choose between all this. She’s only a head chef for the kids, she’s not supposed to be helping him detonator prepare the dinner for the horse prefect. You keep coming into the kitchen horse prefect, said Braithwaite she might as well speak to somebody else, as a horse prefix isn’t going to hear her. The astrotwins normally communicate between the head chef and anyone else who happens to be human. But the astrotwins have gone on holiday. So with the app pro twins on holiday, there will be no communication between Braithwaite the head chef for the school, and the horse prefect. The Two Worlds the world’s of above the soil, and the world of underneath the soil, or, in the soil, will not be communicating with each other today. That’s just how it’s going to have to be. Now what about the limpet? The Olympics were everywhere but now they’ve all gone home. Nothing to do with the afro twins. They’ve been too busy running away from cats. Cats in the snow. Braithwaite doesn’t tell anyone about the cat. She knows the astrotwins my over here. The whole things fart two traumatizing for them.

Craft design and technology stem cell hosers all stand to attention. All Stand to attention as the horse prefix is coming up from underneath the soil. The craft design and technology teachers know their livelihoods the generosity of the horse prefect. But he from the craft design and technology teachers can see red ribbon all strewn around the soil isn’t really red ribbon. It’s the shin detonator communication thread, pulled up from underneath the soil by Braithwaite in another one of her rampant rages. That girl can’t contain her anger. She’s an angry little thing she’s been hanging out with a Sea Beach too long. The temperature is boiling now in the water, but all the shin detonator of runoff, where for? The shin detonator don’t like to explain their whereabouts to anyone other than the horse prefect. The horse prefet is hiding underneath the staircase, what staircase? It’s not too resentful to ask these questions is it? Stem cell hosers don’t ordinarily get involved in all these questions being bantered around. It’s banter the word? Nothing is on the bonfire anymore. Nothing, I said nothing, is on the bonfire anymore. No SIM detonator have hung around to listen to this outrage. You see what you’re doing Underling? Underling can’t hear you horse prefect! You’re not ready to be talking to people, until the afro twins have returned back from their holiday. They’ve been stretching injured parties all aboard the boat on the lake. You forgot about the boat on the lake! Where is that man where is that man?? It’s not too late for him. He was down on the soil he was down in the boat. Was he down everywhere? He was down at the bottom of the river bed. I remember that old man at the bottom of the river bed. He could keep himself in Archer set. Archer? Archer are called shin detonator now. Don’t you remember Edgeworth? Don’t you remember changing Archer to shin detonator?

It’s the Horse Prefect, and his complicated relationship with another horse prefect and the shin detonator. Most of the time the shin detonator are sending their own people to the teeth of the Sea Beach, whilst also having to worry about themselves because if as usually happens , by the end of the month there’s not enough heat to cater for each other prisoners then they have a serious problem. And that is , that they may have to let some prisoners free early and hope that the horse prefect doesn’t notice. If the horse prefect notices that some prisoners have been let out early, then the prison guards we’ll be in trouble.

It doesn’t take much crime to be going on under the side of the school, for the horse prefect to start sending prisoners willy-nilly to prison. But before they get to prison each prisoner has to spend some time something on the teeth of the sea b****. There’s only one seat for each day. So what are the shin detonator supposed to do, when there aren’t any teats left for that month? They don’t have any choice but to either break into next month quota, or let some prisoners who have been sucking on the teeth from previous days of that month to go free. Sometimes a horse prefect will be walking around the warrens and see The Prisoner he knows he sent to jail within the last month walking around free. What then usually happens, is the horse prefect will summon his more privileged guards, and identify which prison guard would have let this particular prisoner away from the sea b****** teeth early. So the shin detonator need to work in Great collusion with each other, and in Great secrecy. If any information finds its way to the horse prefect they could not only be sent to prison, but even be executed.

Now the person in charge of executions is easily bribed. There’s not a lot between bribery and honesty in the world of Shin detonator. Most of the time you can bribe an official of any rank. The shin detonator who have been letting prisoners out early have been doing so successfully for at least the last 6 months. But they all know it’s only a matter of time, before the horse prefect is wandering around or Warren and sees one of his prisoners who’s been let out early. once in detonator said to another we have no more tears left to September so the other shin detonator said well let’s break into October, because there’s far too many prisoners walking around the warrens. We can’t risk the horse prefect bumping into a prisoner that the portrait will know has only been in jail for less than a month.

Then you need to switch to the next part of the story where the red threads are being pulled up from under the soil. But before we get there, we need to introduce the afro twins. The afro twins are joined heads. Fast. They don’t talk much unless they are irritated. Unfortunately they’re constantly irritated because they don’t feel at home underneath the soil living with the shin detonator. So the afro twins have made friends with the horse prefect. The horse prefect doesn’t get irritated by the afro twins talking because no one talks horse prefix language which is English underneath the soil. Everyone apart from the horse prefect in the afro twins speaks shin detonator. Which is a language as well as a species.

So in their boredom the afro twins and the horse prefect have put together plans for a theatre performance. This Theatre performance is supposed to take place in front of a town, this town is referred to in my other novel Fisher. It’s a village where the town are being told about particles in the air that have been pollinating their minds. Who is running away from who? They don’t know who they’re running away from. The shin detonator that is. Somebody has been trying to smoke shin detonator out of the soil. The horse prefect is the main culprit of doing this, but he has to be working in collusion with somebody else. The afro twins will inevitably know who this person is, if it isn’t there. Because the horse prefect can only communicate with the outside world through the afro twins. Despite the fact the horse prefix can speak perfect English, only the afro twins can shout loud enough for them to be heard above the soil by some of the school children running around the bath. Now this brings us to the school children and why there might be a bath in the playground.

Lentils don’t cool down as quickly as the shin detonators porridge. What’s more, the horse prefect isn’t even in the building! He’s run off with the other horse prefect. Poor old braithwaites heartbroken. She was up in the tree with Underling. Ok, her recovery can start now. Underlings come back from the guitar shop. Where are the stem cell hosers? Ask sanderling. He’s been too busy looking after the teachers at the foot of the trees. Those teachers needed his help when brathwaite came and stole their ankles. She was running around Ray bed. She’s got too much going on in her head. As it’s shin detonator steps over the Warren thread, the red Warren thread. Do you remember? It isn’t too much to ask. I shouldn’t detonator Step Over the red cotton thread. That’s right. I forgot to mention it’s cotton. The cotton thread can still transmit sound. Underneath in the soil the laws of the pollen have penetrated down but a mutated into other laws of the small science, and the big science.

Who are the drunkards? Who asked this question? It was the chief invigilator. The boy, not the chief invigilator was a drunkard. A drunkard boy. They don’t do their exams in the summer because the drunk boys, always get drunk in the summer. The pollen is also to blame. It had written itself into the story. The pollen was alcoholic. The children were all alcoholics. It was missed through Underling surveillance. It was Underling who was supposed to monitor the children’s drinking. Who’s a prefect? Who’s the monitor? These are all Awards to the best children. But most of these children now have goats up in their legs. Goats have chewing the inside of their bones. Making them due to her around like they’re dancing on top of a hot car. It’s too much to watch for poor brathwaite she hasn’t been able to climb cars since she was a child. the playground is an unhappy place for Braithwaite. Even the children are happier than her. The afro twin bust blare out all afternoon. the shin detonator don’t know what to say who’s going to rid you of the afro twins? Nobody likes the astrotwins. They’re too noisy. They’re better off down in the soil with the horse prefect. At least the horse prefect enjoys listening to their rambling all afternoon. They sometimes wonder if that’s the real reason why the shin detonator officers sometimes betrayed the horse prefect, and end up running down to the part where they’re supposed to like the Kindle every hour. It doesn’t take a lot to put a capital K on Kindle. But in this instance we talking about the stuff that starts fire not anything to do with software. The pot has been boiling, but as we pointed out earlier, the shin detonator have left and escaped not through one of the warrens, but by stepping over one of the warrens. In the soil the warrens were large enough to be like a huge tunnel. Like the Blackwall Tunnel. Tunnels shin detonator could stroll along. But now they’ve been pulled up above the soil, they are small red cotton thread. You can step over them. You can probably more likely, trip over them. It’s too much pulling up of cotton thread by Braithwaite and her helpers. Some of the injured teachers, the Braithwaite left when she robbed them of their ankles, have also been caught up in the tangling of the red cotton thread. The trees roots have even been caught up in this tangling. It’s making some of the trees less steady. Now some of the teachers are up in the trees. These teachers escape braithwaites axe comma but they might end up getting even more injured if there are poetry, and the tree falls down. But having said that, you also wouldn’t want to be on the grounds with no ankles, with a falling tree around, because you might end up being underneath the tree that’s fallen down. So there, you would have to injuries. You would have your ankle injury, plus you would also have the interest used to stain from being hit by a falling tree. The tree itself would get injured. But don’t forget, the hovering people hovering near the trees. Might they be able to reach out a hand, and steady the falling tree? It depends how strong they are. But brathwaite didn’t do any of this on purpose. She didn’t know she was unsettling the soil when she was robbing the teachers of their ankles. The ankle robbing was purely business. She needed them in her bartering in the kitchen, when she needed to get Underling to go out to the trees and learn to hover next to them, so he could convince the teachers to tell him the secret about Braithwaite influencing the content of the exam. Because you have to remember, again remembering is very important here, the Underling was the boy who left the playground, and sat in the field on his own. When he was out in the field on his own, he was pulling up grass like there was no tomorrow. Now these grass blades led to the Cadets coming into the story. But Braithwaite is a child, and we said earlier that children don’t like the cadets. So it seems strange to brathwaite the Underling would beckon the Cadets into the story, when he himself is a child of the school. So Underling wasn’t like most of the other children in the school. It’s now believed that Underling had no beef with the Cadets. He may even have been a cadet at some point. Because some cadets are also school children. It came round full circle.

The beckoning teachers had performed yet another character Assassination on Underling. The three of them will hear their own Laboratories. Now these Laboratories had been segmented into three separate laboratories. Some of these Laboratories were located underneath the shoreline where the waves crashing. Now the boats Stood Still, even though they were very near the rough seas of the shoreline. Cricket seems to have a calming influence even on water. The people on the boat were drinking away happily, even the old man who would end up rolling down to the bottom of the sea and being in the cocoon that sparked off another red thread. The other red thread that attached itself to the bottom of the boat he was drinking in. Now the old man didn’t like the Sea Beach very much. He saw the tunnel that they were digging from underneath the River see line that was tunneling in through the shin detonators jail cells. This would only further destabilize the trees, and possibly cause them to fall and hit yet even more teachers. Some of them on the head. Branches were already being thrown down onto the grass, buy some of the teachers from above. Some of the teachers have turned on their own. Maybe this is how some of the school children also turned on the Cadets. The teachers in the trees had forgotten that they had ever even been teachers. The children had even forgotten that they were once cadets crawling around in the soil. Crawling around between red cotton thread, weaved into place by Braithwaite and her rampant pulling up of the red soil thread. This red soil thread was the communication network of the shin detonator. The communication network that had them all talking to each other in secret, in espionage secret, when something popular was on the television. Well, we call it television. They didn’t exactly have television underneath the soil, but it was some other form of mass entertainment that was designed to nullify the brains of the shin detonator into accepting the ways the horse prefect had set in the law. No, he didn’t have sex in the law. I said, set the law. You understand the difference between sex and set. All this talking about sex is just moving the subject further away from that of Shin detonator. Shouldn’t detonator were talking through the communication network, and planning how to escape the soil. Not that they minded being in the soil. They didn’t. Fact, they quite liked it. But what they didn’t like, was the rule of the horse prefect. The role of the horse prefect, and the constant badgering of the astrotwins. As soon as the red cotton thread became personified, and the astrotwins ended up walking around in the veins of the newly created organism, the happier the shin detonator would become. The shin detonator were much happier without the astrotwins around because the afro twins did nothing but not them and grass them up to the horse prefect, whenever anyone did anything wrong. And what’s more, even some of the accusations against the shin detonator or false. Now were they for some purpose, or were they just mistakenly accused of things by afro twins who didn’t understand what they were talking about. How can you expect shin detonator, sorry, not showing detonator, afro twins. I meant to say afro twins. How can you expect afro twins to understand the community of Shin detonator, when they spend their whole life living above the soil, and they’ve only recently been introduced to the world underneath the school. The world underneath the school is the soil world. If you want to understand anything about the soil world, and you only speak English, you’ll have to speak to the trees. Because the trees have roots underneath the soil. Also the trees have a trunk branches and leaves above the soil. So the trees understands life above the soil and also below the soil. But trees don’t talk very easily in English. To understand the English trees talk, you first have to learn how to talk to them. The best way to learn how to talk to a tree, is through music. Trees respond to music. They grow better with music. They enjoy music. Once they start enjoying the music, and you play them the correct type of music. Not classical, or instrumental. But music with English lyrics. Clear, sensible, eloquent, lyrics. The trees will start listening to you. Then, give them a couple of years, they will start to understand you. Then they start talking to you. They start talking to you with their mouths. Their leaves are their mouths. They make noises with leaves. Most people don’t hear the words tree speak through the rustling of their leaves. They don’t expect to hear words coming from a tree, so most people don’t even switched that part of their brain on. Not that they can even control that part of their brain. That part of their brain operates automatically. But the automatic operations of the brain don’t expect trees to start talking to them, so all people here is an abstract rustling of noise. But if you are talking to trees, the subconscious part of your brain that recognises what you were doing, will also condition itself to expect a response. So if you look at a tree and you have a lot of experience talking to trees, your brain will allow you to interpret the rustling sound. Which isn’t too difficult because the rustling sounds will be in the same language as the music you’ve been playing to them. And most people don’t listen to music that is over foreign language to they speak. And what’s more, most decent music is sung in English. Subsequently most trees speak English. Which is a little of fair on people that don’t speak English because even if they are open to the idea that trees might be talking to them, they probably wouldn’t even understand it anyway unless they have been training there trees using music where the lyrics I saw in their native language. Having said that a lot of music is that song in the native language of the country in which the music is sold and primarily listened to so it isn’t that much of a problem.

The trees we were talking about earlier have been speaking in English since the beginning of the story. The leaves have been translated in the Minds of two of the injured teachers, who are currently crawling around on the grass looking for their ankles. Now, these teachers have found lots of phone calls, but I having trouble identifying their own. After all, who can identify their own ankles. We never see her ankles. At least not under normal circumstances. The ankles the teachers have been grabbing might be there, but then again might be someone else’s. Who even knows if matching pairs of ankles are identical. Can you even from a bucket of ankles, pick out too but not only belong to yourself, but at least belong to the same person. Do ankles come in unique pairs? Braithwaite knows but the teachers don’t know. The teachers who have the most time on their hands, I usually the teachers that spend most time talking to trees. They have a advantage over the other teachers. The trees are telling the teachers where the jail cells are located underneath them. If the teachers want help finding it ankles, they would do better recruiting some of the shin detonator from the jail cells below. But in order to do that you first need to know where the jail cells are, and then. I lost my train of thought. The teachers need to not only locate the jail cells containing shin detonator, but they also need to work out how to break into the jail cells. More importantly break out of the jail cells, and take the shin detonator with them. But even once you’ve done that how do you identify the helpful shin detonator, from the unhelpful shin detonator. They all look the same. At least that’s what people who aren’t shin detonator think. The shoe detonator are inclined to help teachers identify the correct ankle bones. They are also able to inform teachers that you can identify two ankles as being from the same person even if you can’t specify who that person is. So first you have to collect all the ankles and put them in one pot. Then you’ll have to rummage through that part and start pulling out ankles as you would select in pieces of a jigsaw. You then have to pair up each ankle with its brother or sister, depending on whether it is from a male or a female teacher. These ankles can then be most likely attributed to the right person, by looking at gender size and weight. I separated size from weight there, as they are two different issues. I mean wait as in the type of weight that is about how heavy you are, not weight as in how long you would wait in a doctor’s waiting room for example so some of the spelling of weight might be inconsistent.

The most ankles any one person has, is too. Some people stop when I say 2. It could be spelt in various ways, I’m referring to the number 2. Most people have two ankles. And the most ankles any one person will have is also too. None of the teachers have less than two ankles. So when the shin detonator discovered that they had an odd number of ankles in the pot, they realised that they did not have the complete set. So before they started allocating ankles to anyone, being communists, they decided to wait until they had all the ankles of everybody before distributing them. Not a lot of people like this. Some of the teachers complain to the shin detonator, but the shin detonator didn’t help them because they thought it was unfair on the teachers that didn’t have both ankles available, for other teachers be to be given both their ankles while they’re still waiting. So the teachers formed a union. The Union allowed to teachers, under 1 law, to say to the shin detonator that they wanted all teachers who could have their ankles given to them, given to them. The teachers they didn’t have ankles to be given, would just have to deal with it. It’s worth noting at this point that none of the teachers new at this time whether there ankles were in the pot or not. So all the teachers were accepting the fact that they may not be able to have their ankle straight away, and some of their friends and rivals would also have both their ankles return to their, while they were still waiting for their. This may have been concerning for the shin detonator but once they had realised that the teachers were ok with it, the shin detonator were on board as well.

This takes us on to the people on board the boat in the River. The river was getting choppy but the boat was staying still. But at least the river was getting choppy, unlike before. It’s not just the wave crashing in the shoreline. The rest of the water is becoming lively as well. It’s even getting a bit stormy. Some boats of flying through the air, but not the boat with the Cricketers on full stop the party the Cricketers have gone to remains undisturbed, while these boats are flying through the air. Not quite high enough to reach the clouds but low enough to hit shin detonator in the face as they fly through the sky. The hovering people above the Sinn detonator were looking over their shoulder and saw some of these things flying through the sky. What are they? They are both of course. Boats running off course, of course isn’t it obvious?. The boats are of course, of course. It’s not poetry. It is just that the boats have been running through the air for so long that some of them have made their way to the playground. So now the teachers lying on the ground have a third thing to be worried about. Firstly they’re worried about their ankles be missing. Secondly they are worried about being hit by fallen tree. Now they’re also worried about Korean with a flying boat, that has been thrown through the air by the storm now infecting the otherwise still waters of the river, coming from the raucous water movement at The Shore of the beach where the waves are landing. The ways the landing near the feet of the children, so does the goat app virus jump from the legs of the children into the choppy Waters of the sea? We don’t know. We know that the goat app can become airborne. If it can become airborne then it is susceptible to pollen. Pollen travels through the air.


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