Shin Detonator – the book


Shin Detonator – Paperback
284 pages, by Edgeworth

Edgeworth has achieved success as a visual artist for his densely layered, textured and enigmatic imagery which is highly suggestive, yet leaves the viewer to piece together the ultimate meaning. He now turns the same process to a written work, where, again, meaning is provocative yet recurrently elusive — tempting and challenging the reader to reassemble the text for themselves and to define their own outcome. One might see precedence in a fusion of Finnegans Wake, Kafka and Alice in Wonderland. The text interweaves the mundane and the dream, the real and the surreal, the idiosyncratic and the archetypal. This book is only for those who are prepared to invest time and intellect, as well as drawing on their own literary and life resources to assemble, and even contribute, the pieces of Edgeworth’s literary jigsaw. Despite — or even because of — the seeming impenetrability, this book is already a classic in its own rare genre.Charles Thomson

Also, see Shin Detonator magazine and Shin Detonator script.

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