YouTube links for my Etsy artworks

To buy these oil paintings, see my Etsy store.

Above Some of my oil paintings from my Etsy store.
Above: Etsy ad digital downloads oil on paper
Above: Oil paintings time lapse

TABLE 1: White poster marker pen on black, double primed plywood, with wall hanging holes. More info in my Etsy store.

Titlesize (cm)Depth (mm)Youtube 1Youtube 2Youtube 3
anal sex in the garden76×605.5video 1
ass licker76×625.5video 1video 2
ball licker30×285.5video 1video 2video 3
blowjob30×305.5video 1
cum in hair30×305.5video 1
cum on soles62×463.6video 1
cumshot to the back of the head76×605.5video 1
dog attack76×615.5video 1video 2
double blowjob60×453.6video 1
erect flasher61×465.5video 1video 2
erection in a garden62×463.6video 1
footjob30×285.5video 1
horse races cumshot62×465.5video 1
human pissing dog76×605.5video 1
man masturbating (large)62×453.6video 1
man masturbating (small)30×285.5video 1
old man facial30×305.5video 1
open ass lick61×465.5video 1
sex hands76×615.5video 1
soldier blowjob77×623.6video 1video 2
sunshine blowjob79×603.6video 1


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