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Black Ivory Printmaking Club

Black Ivory 1.

Here is a video of Charles Thomson, Emma Pugmire and I at Black Ivory Printmaking Club, filmed in November 2017:


Emma Pugmire

Also see Emma’s drumming.

Emma Pugmire at Black Ivory Printmaking Club.

Emma Pugmire and I have been working together since back in the days of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists. She is my drummer and co-Black Ivory Printmaking Clubber.

I filmed her exhibition ‘Paved Over’ on 7th October 2015:

and her artists talk on 27th February 2015, in Crouch End:

and about her Shanghai painting in December 2012, with Charles Thomson and Shelley:

but best of all, is this film I did of her in 2011:

Emma Pugmire in Black Ivory Printmaking Club.

emma pugmire and drums.