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  • Pack R Block Prints

    Pack R Block Prints

    Edgeworth Pack R includes the following 8 original A4 handmade block prints, in addition to the 10 I was born in a mine set. Each is signed in pencil. The text on the Goat Tap one is computer printed using a, now lost, font I designed using the elephant image from the Black Ivory Printmaking &…

  • Pack R IWBIAM Block Prints

    Pack R IWBIAM Block Prints

    Edgeworth Pack R includes the following 10 I was born in a mine block prints, signed in pencil on the back. I was born in a mine is a song by Edgeworth Band. These prints are on A4 office paper, so relatively thin and not acid free. Edgeworth Pack’s are freely available to qualifying supporters…

  • Bitcoin vs Gold

    Bitcoin vs Gold

    Part 2 and batch 2 of my illustrations of Ron Throop‘s book, Monsieur Tourette Awakens in Mid-Tic: a retaliatory fiction. The video above also includes some carbon paper traces I’ve been doing the last couple of days. I’ll put those in a future post specifically about carbon paper traces. Painting’s more pressing than carbon right…