New album 'August' on Bandcamp


We played The Islington London on 15th August 2019:

at Ranscombe Studios‘ Album – Buy CD or download


August‘ Album – Buy CD or download


Edgeworth is from London, UK. He has released two studio albums: at Ranscombe Studios (recorded June 19th 2019), and August (recorded August 2nd 2019). Both albums were recorded, mixed and mastered at Ranscombe Studios in Rochester, Kent. He makes paintings, drawings and block prints at his home studio in Muswell Hill. On Mondays, he paints with Billy Childish, at Chatham Dockyards. Billy and Edgeworth comprise Childish Edgeworth. ‘I write songs by pretty randomly gripping the guitar in certain places, and singing abstract sounds that later morph into words. My visual art is much the same: abstract marks becoming figurative, with very little conscious thought, and nothing pre-planned or intended.’ Edgeworth has recently played at The Hope & Anchor, and The Islington venues in North London. ‘Our friend Larionov’ at Pushkin House exhibited some Childish Edgeworth paintings. Edgeworth writes short stories.


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