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More time lapse painting videos

15th November 2019: Acoustic practice with Emma.
14th November 2019: Edgeworth Masks Episode 1 out now.
10th November 2019: Gridismjr and Bands Art dug out the archives.
8th November 2019: Band practice with Emma tonight.
1st November 2019: Recently, I’ve been making masks and band practice with Emma.
23rd October 2019: Made some GIMP drawing videos.
18th October 2019: Emma and I rehearsing for an unplugged.
11th October 2019: band practice blog
8th October 2019: Recorded my 3rd studio album, Rochester
13th September 2019: tonights band practice.
30th August 2019: tonights band practice.
15th August 2019: Gig at The Islington London.
9th August 2019: tonights band practice.
2nd Auguat 2019: New album – August.
26th July 2019: tonights band practice.
19th July 2019: tonights practice is on soundcloud and youtube.
21st June 2019: New album ‘at Ranscombe Studios’.
7th June 2019: She Grunts linocuts on yellow available till 7th July.
4th June 2019: She Grunts booklet available.

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Info on each ‘at Ranscombe studios’ song

Info on each ‘August’ song

Info on each ‘Rochester’ song

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