10th June 2020: New album of demos: Black Ivory I.
16th April 2020: Created The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists facebook group.
20th April 2020: Made a short film in our garden.
5th April 2020: writing 5th album vids.
4th April 2020: Finished the After Heckels Horse wall (A3 oil paintings).
1st April 2020: Published Top of the Pap video (Edgeworth Masks Episode 8)
31st March 2020: Did some black ink drawings after Heckels Horse.
27th March 2020: Uploaded Edgeworth Masks Episode 7.
24th March 2020: Recorded Edgeworth Masks Episode 6.
22nd March 2020: Created the Edgey Teddies Reddit Community and Edgey Teddy Facebook Page.
18th March 2020: Introducing Edgey Teddies.
16th March 2020: Working on some board games.
3rd March 2020: Listen to my new podcast.
3rd March 2020: Ron Throop’s podcast has an Edgeworth episode.
22nd February 2020: Download the pdf catalogue of my cardboard paintings – updated 22nd Feb 2020.
12th February 2020: Released my 4th studio album, Star Hill.
8th February 2020: Blog post for Full band practice YouTube playlists
31st January 2020: Finished recording demos for my fourth album (external link – soundcloud playlist).
12th January 2020: Published aesphonly.
9th January 2020: todays band practice.
1st January 2020: Tonight’s exhibition has been cancelled exhibition.
30th December 2019: Created Heckels Horse Reddit group (external link).
29th December 2019: The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists announce a show they’re doing in 2020.
26th December 2019: Uploaded some old demos.
24th December 2019: My old name, Edgeworth Johnstone.
20th December 2019: band practice with Emma tonight.
20th December 2019: Stag linocuts, series of 7.
18th December 2019: Started The Muswell Hill Geisha Club.
15th Decemner 2019: Done a page for my old band, Elbow Sisters.
13th December 2019: acoustic band practice
1st December 2019: Published my new book, Stag.
29th November 2019: tonights band practice
23rd November 2019: Episode 3 of Edgeworth Masks.
22nd November 2019: Tonight’s band practice.
15th November 2019: Acoustic practice with Emma.
14th November 2019: Edgeworth Masks Episode 1 out now.
10th November 2019: Gridismjr and Bands Art dug out the archives.
8th November 2019: Band practice with Emma tonight.
1st November 2019: Recently, I’ve been making masks and band practice with Emma.
23rd October 2019: Made some GIMP drawing videos.
18th October 2019: Emma and I rehearsing for an unplugged.
11th October 2019: band practice blog
8th October 2019: Recorded my 3rd studio album, Rochester
13th September 2019: tonights band practice.
30th August 2019: tonights band practice.
15th August 2019: Gig at The Islington London.
9th August 2019: tonights band practice.
2nd Auguat 2019: New album – August.
26th July 2019: tonights band practice.
19th July 2019: tonights practice is on soundcloud and youtube.
21st June 2019: New album ‘at Ranscombe Studios’.
7th June 2019: She Grunts linocuts on yellow.
4th June 2019: She Grunts booklet.

Edgeworth studio albums (More music):

‘at Ranscombe Studios’ Album – Buy Download

‘August’ Album – Buy Download

‘Rochester’ Album – Buy Download

‘Star Hill’ Album – Buy Download

More music

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