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My latest virtual exhibitions:

16th April 2020: Created The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists facebook group.
20th April 2020: Made a short film in our garden.
5th April 2020: writing 5th album vids.
4th April 2020: Finished the After Heckels Horse wall (A3 oil paintings).
1st April 2020: Published Top of the Pap video (Edgeworth Masks Episode 8)
31st March 2020: Did some black ink drawings after Heckels Horse.
27th March 2020: Uploaded Edgeworth Masks Episode 7.
24th March 2020: Recorded Edgeworth Masks Episode 6.
22nd March 2020: Created the Edgey Teddies Reddit Community and Edgey Teddy Facebook Page.
18th March 2020: Introducing Edgey Teddies.
16th March 2020: Working on some board games.
3rd March 2020: Listen to my new podcast.
3rd March 2020: Ron Throop’s podcast has an Edgeworth episode.
22nd February 2020: Download the pdf catalogue of my cardboard paintings – updated 22nd Feb 2020.
12th February 2020: Released my 4th studio album, Star Hill.
8th February 2020: Blog post for Full band practice YouTube playlists
31st January 2020: Finished recording demos for my fourth album (external link – soundcloud playlist).
23rd January 2020: Published The Big 69er Manifesto.
17th January 2020: Staged the The Other Muswell Hill Stuckist Stuckist Turner Prize demo.
12th January 2020: Announced the invention of aesphonly.
9th January 2020: todays band practice.
1st January 2020: STUCKISM IS WRONG – YouTube video published for This exhibition has been cancelled exhibition.
31st December 2019: Opened an Etsy store.
30th December 2019: Created Heckels Horse Reddit group (external link).
29th December 2019: The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists announce a show they’re doing in 2020.
26th December 2019: Uploaded some old demos.
24th December 2019: My old name, Edgeworth Johnstone.
20th December 2019: band practice with Emma tonight.
20th December 2019: Stag linocuts, series of 7.
18th December 2019: Started The Muswell Hill Geisha Club.
15th Decemner 2019: Done a page for my old band, Elbow Sisters.
13th December 2019: acoustic band practice
2nd December 2019: The art collaboration partnership between Billy Childish and myself has changed its name from Childish Edgeworth, to Heckels Horse. Heckels Horse now has its own website, and its own category on this blog.
1st December 2019: Published my new book, Stag.
29th November 2019: tonights band practice
23rd November 2019: Episode 3 of Edgeworth Masks.
22nd November 2019: Tonight’s band practice.
15th November 2019: Acoustic practice with Emma.
14th November 2019: Edgeworth Masks Episode 1 out now.
10th November 2019: Gridismjr and Bands Art dug out the archives.
8th November 2019: Band practice with Emma tonight.
1st November 2019: Recently, I’ve been making masks and band practice with Emma.
23rd October 2019: Made some GIMP drawing videos.
18th October 2019: Emma and I rehearsing for an unplugged.
11th October 2019: band practice blog
8th October 2019: Recorded my 3rd studio album, Rochester
13th September 2019: tonights band practice.
30th August 2019: tonights band practice.
15th August 2019: Gig at The Islington London.
9th August 2019: tonights band practice.
2nd Auguat 2019: New album – August.
26th July 2019: tonights band practice.
19th July 2019: tonights practice is on soundcloud and youtube.
21st June 2019: New album ‘at Ranscombe Studios’.
7th June 2019: She Grunts linocuts on yellow.
4th June 2019: She Grunts booklet.

Also see my blog

Info on each ‘at Ranscombe studios’ song

Info on each ‘August’ song

Info on each ‘Rochester’ song

Edgeworth studio albums (More music):

‘at Ranscombe Studios’ Album – Buy Download

‘August’ Album – Buy Download

‘Rochester’ Album – Buy Download

‘Star Hill’ Album – Buy Download

More music

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