Edgeworth (b. Brussels 1977) lives and works in Muswell Hill, London. He is a member of Black Ivory Artzine and various bands. Since 2013, he and Billy Childish have collaborated on over a hundred oil paintings. In 2018, he published the book, Shin Detonator.

2017 – L’ABC de la peinture, Dupont Cafe, Paris (with Alejandro M. Parisi and Martín Daiber).
2014 – Our Friend Larionov, Pushkin House, London (with Billy Childish and Harry Adams).
2010 – Exhibition #2, Tate Modern, London (Group show, from The Museum of Everything collection).

Works by Edgeworth are also available on Madge Gill and Billy Childish (scroll down) websites.

Book: Shin Detonator, 2018: Availalbe on Amazon.
Manifesto: Co-wrote The Founding, Manifesto and Rules of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists with Charles Thomson.  The group held several low-key exhibitions from 2008, before disbanding in 2010.


Edgeworth catalogue raisonne:

This website lists every artwork ever made by Edgeworth (except for collaborations with Billy Childish, of which, only a few are included). They are divided into sub-categories, under the parent category: Art. They can be searched on this website by title. Any alleged works not found on this website will be formative, rejects, throwaways or fakes.
Musicians can distinguish work, from times they were just sat at home strumming a guitar, trying out songs they later abandon, humming to themselves, tapping a table with a pen or learning to play ‘Chopsticks’. Artists can do the same.