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Next exhibition: 23rd Nov 2018, Mutton Fist Press, Archway, London:

Black Ivory at Mutton Fist Press, Archway London. Art exhibition poster 2018.

Black Ivory at Mutton Fist Press, Archway London. Art exhibition poster 2018.

I make art, music, books and magazines. Started Black Ivory printmaking club with Emma Pugmire in 2015ish. Issue 1 of Black Ivory is on ebay, and a free ebook. My albums are on Amazon: CD1 | CD2 | CD3 | CD4
2013-present: been painting most Mondays with Billy Childish at his painting studio in Chatham Dockyards. So far collaborating on over a hundred 6 foot oil paintings. Some exhibited in Pushkin House, and in the All-Russian Decorative Art museum in Moscow.

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Above photos by Ai Naki

Above photos:
a) Collaboration paintings by Billy Childish, Harry Adams and Edgeworth in Pushkin House, London.
b) Poster for ‘L’ABC de la peinture’ exhibition in Dupont Cafe, Paris.

2018 – Black Ivory, Mutton Fist Press, Archway, London (with Black Ivory Printmaking Club).
2017 – L’ABC de la peinture, Dupont Cafe, Paris (with Alejandro M. Parisi and Martín Daiber).
2014 – Our Friend Larionov, Pushkin House, London (with Billy Childish and Harry Adams).
2010 – Exhibition #2, Tate Modern, London (Group show, from The Museum of Everything collection).

Also see: Madge Gill and Billy Childish (scroll down) websites.

Book: Shin Detonator, 2018.
Manifesto: Co-wrote The Founding, Manifesto and Rules of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists with Charles Thomson. The other Muswell Hill Stuckists held several small exhibitions from 2008, before disbanding in 2010. We were an independent group, not part of Stuckism.

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