Edgeworth (b. Brussels 1977) makes art, music and books.
In 2015, he started a printmaking club in London called Black Ivory with Emma Pugmire.
Since 2013, Edgeworth has been painting once a week with Billy Childish at Billy’s painting studio in Chatham Dockyards. To date they have collaborated on over a hundred 6 foot oil paintings. A small number of these were exhibited in Pushkin House, and in the All-Russian Decorative Art museum in Moscow.
Five albums of Edgeworth’s solo recordings, released simultaneously in 2018, are available here.
Above photos by Ai Naki

Above photos:
a) Collaboration paintings by Billy Childish, Harry Adams and Edgeworth in Pushkin House, London.
b) Poster for ‘L’ABC de la peinture’ exhibition in Dupont Cafe, Paris.

2017 – L’ABC de la peinture, Dupont Cafe, Paris (with Alejandro M. Parisi and Martín Daiber).
2014 – Our Friend Larionov, Pushkin House, London (with Billy Childish and Harry Adams).
2010 – Exhibition #2, Tate Modern, London (Group show, from The Museum of Everything collection).

Works by Edgeworth are also available on Madge Gill and Billy Childish (scroll down) websites.

Book: Shin Detonator, 2018.
Manifesto: Co-wrote The Founding, Manifesto and Rules of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists with Charles Thomson. The group held several low-key exhibitions from 2008, before disbanding in 2010.


Edgeworth catalogue raisonne:

This website lists every artwork ever made by Edgeworth (except for collaborations with Billy Childish, of which, only a few are included). They are divided into sub-categories, under the parent category: Art. Any alleged works not found on this website will be formative, rejects, throwaways or fakes.
Musicians can distinguish work, from times they were just sat at home strumming a guitar, trying out songs they later abandon, humming to themselves, tapping a table with a pen or learning to play ‘Chopsticks’. Artists can do the same.

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