Elbow Sisters Songs

Music by Edgeworth, lyrics by Shelley or Edgeworth depending on the language. Except the covers: Nirvana – Help Me I’m Hungry, Very Ape and Sappy, and The Stooges – Down on the street and 1969.

As His Wife Repeats His Name

Bei Shang

Bian Hua

Biao Da

Bu Ming Bai

Bu Xian Hui Tou

Bu Yao Ting

Cai Hong

Fan Fu

Gan Mao

Hui Wei

Hui Yi

I Shovel Coal

Instrumental 1

Instrumental 2

Instrumental 3

Instrumental 4

Instrumental 5

Ju Li

Kissing On

Li Kai Shi Xian

Li You

Like I Need it Now

Long Breath



Mei Fa Xian

Mei You Yin Da

Meng Xiang

Men in Charge

Mi Lin

Mo Luo

Mo Sheng Ren

Only Seven Days


Remembering Men

Say You Like

Shi Jian


Tian Tang

Tui Kai


Wo De Gu Shi

Wu Li An Le

Yi Mo Wei Xiao

Yi Wang

You Can’t Choose Your Friends




Down on the street

Help Me I’m Hungry


Very Ape

Elbow Sisters song notes

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