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  • Nirvana Guitar Tutorial Videos

    Nirvana Guitar Tutorial Videos

    Below are some Nirvana guitar tutorial videos I’ve put on YouTube. They are closeup demos of the fingers, showing how to play the songs. They have the chords typed on the screen. My band plays a lot of Nirvana covers. As did my previous band, Elbow Sisters. To see all my current bands Nirvana covers…

  • Building Heckel’s Horse pages

    Building Heckel’s Horse pages

    Spent this afternoon building Reddit and Pinterest pages for Heckel’s Horse, and making the above YouTube video. Also see the Heckel’s Horse Facebook page and Instagram. Heckel’s Horse is the name given to a painting partnership between myself and Billy Childish. We’ve been making these paintings since 2013, although only a couple post-covid. I think…