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  • See you in a while

    BACK TO HUB ============================ See you in a while. After, in an hour. After, in a while. See you in a while. See you all inside.

  • Naked hand

    BACK TO HUB ============================ I wanna write a song in the manner of the wrong guitar. Rabid in the sand with a naked hand. Hand.

  • Somewhere

    BACK TO HUB ============================ Somewhere I had a wife. I remember when I was on her mind. Some ignoring wife.

  • Mikhail Larionov

    BACK TO HUB ============================ I’m the passenger. And I ride and I ride in the city tonight. And I ride with a ripped backside. I’m fucking sick of this hurt. She’ll never break my heart, like the Russian rebel Mikhail Larionov.

  • Face off

    BACK TO HUB ============================ At the same time the door was opening, the face of the flat fish was staring back. He said he was taking off. He said nothing would shake him off.

  • Animals

    BACK TO HUB ============================ Animals walk around without their clothes. Animals, no opposing thumbs or toes. Animals, they get laid when they’re still kids. Animals can’t get past our dustbin lids. Animals lick themselves and we all laugh. Animals never need to have a bath. Animals never work a day in their life. Animals never…

  • Broken dogs

    BACK TO HUB ============================ It reminds me of your broken dogs.

  • It’s evening now

    BACK TO HUB ============================ Up this song with a raining sand. It’s evening now.

  • Wu Li An Le (Midi)

    BACK TO HUB ============================ Wu Li An Le Midi Sheet Music PDF

  • Wind blows ravaging time (Midi)

    BACK TO HUB ============================ Wind blows ravaging time Midi Sheet Music PDF

  • Long breath (Midi)

    BACK TO HUB ============================ Long breath Midi Sheet Music PDF

  • Hui Wei (Midi)

    BACK TO HUB ============================ Hui Wei Midi Sheet Music PDF