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of Muswell Hill, London


As Ron Throop says: ‘Let’s share our thoughts.’:

Thanks Tony, for filming the Hope & Anchor gig:

More gigs


Top of the Pap:

More masks

Birch woods, oil on paper by Edgeworth.

More oil on paper

Edgeworth studio albums (More music):

‘at Ranscombe Studios’ Album – Buy Download

‘August’ Album – Buy Download

‘Rochester’ Album – Buy Download

‘Star Hill’ Album – Buy Download

More music

Edgeworth is the creator of Edgey Teddies. He is from London, UK.
He also makes cosplay masks, music, paintings, clothes, drawings, and block prints.
He writes short stories.
He has released four solo studio albums: at Ranscombe Studios, August, Rochester, and Star Hill.
Old bands: Elbow Sisters, 2 out of 3 rule.

Since 2013, Edgeworth has painted exclusively in oil, usually on double primed cardboard. On Mondays, he makes collaborative paintings with Billy Childish, under the name Heckels Horse.

‘I write songs by pretty randomly gripping the guitar in certain places, and singing abstract sounds that later morph into words. My visual art is much the same: abstract marks becoming figurative, with very little conscious thought, and nothing pre-planned or intended.’
Edgeworth has recently played at The Hope & Anchor, and The Islington venues in North London, with Emma Pugmire on drums. Emma and Edgeworth also constitute the Black Ivory Printmaking Club and The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists.
Edgeworth has a podcast called Edgeworth podcast and keeps a video diary.

About Heckels Horse:
Since winter 2013, Billy Childish and Edgeworth have been making collaborative paintings together, at Billy’s studio in Chatham Dockyards. The partnership’s been called Heckels Horse. So far, writing in December 2019, Heckels Horse has made over 100 oil paintings. The vast majority are either 6ft x 5ft, or 6ft x 4ft, on deep edge linen canvas. Heckels Horse has itself collaborated with Harry Adams on a painting, after Larionov, called The Turk. Heckels Horse has been in three group shows: one in Pushkin House, another at Sun Pier House, and another in Russia. No solo shows.
Confusingly, in 2014, an art group was formed that included Billy Childish and Edgeworth, amongst others, that was also called Heckels Horse. This Heckels Horse has nothing to do with the Heckels Horse that is the partnership between Billy and Edgeworth.

Heckel's Horse at work. Billy Childish and Edgeworth painting at Chatham dockyards.

Heckel’s Horse at work. Billy Childish and Edgeworth painting at Chatham dockyards.

The YouTube playlist below has all my video diaries:

Also see my YouTube channel.

Edgey Teddies Facebook Page

What are those Edgey Teddies up to today?

More Edgey Teddies

12th Feb 2020: Released my 4th Studio album, Star Hill:

More music



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Photo of Edgeworth Johnstone playing music.

Edgeworth playing guitar infront of a self-portrait.

Old peoples home

Old peoples home

My studio, March 2018:

edgeworths studio. march 2018

Click the image below to download the EDGEWORTH ON CARDBOARD catalogue – updated Feb 2020.

More cardboard

STUCKISM IS WRONG – The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists 2020 Exhibition

More on this exhibition

An albino squirrel I filmed at Chatham Dockyards:

Kissing on



More music


More masks

More music

Some of my paintings on paper:

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