Me A Doll 1

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Me A Doll 1 by Edgeworth Johnstone.

Above is the first Me A Doll, Me a Doll 1. More than inspired by Neo Heart‘s Fembots. I recently decided that all my art’s untitled, but my future self needs the Me A Doll’s numbered chronologically. Me A Doll 1 (an identifier, not a title) is the manifestation of my first night sitting on Black Ivory Printmaking & Audio Club floor, proplerly going through the 78 cards of The Fembot Oracle. For reasons unknown, Accuracy, Stillness and Discernment split from the pack. Tonight was an introductory immersion plunge into a new psychological ecosystem. The nebulaic ideas for the future of Black Ivory Printmaking & Audio Club I wrote about last night are subsequently less so. My Beltane hangover prediction was a false alarm. All my art’s an excuse to climb inside that of my favourite artists and territorially piss my scent everywhere. Tonight more blatantly than usual.

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The January Me a Doll collection

March 2024:
My next exhibition:
Exhibition Title: Heckel’s Horse Jr.
Venue: Highgate Gallery at Highgate Literary & Scientific Institution
11 South Grove
London N6 6BS
Private View:
8th March 2024, 6 – 8.30pm

Exhibition runs until
21st March 2024






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