The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists motto

Another allegedly authentic anti-anti-art, anti-abstract, affectation addicted, anonymity abhorring, adequately acclaim admiring, ambition ashamed, astute, analytical argument appreciating, ability absent, aptitude amiss, adolescent attitude afflicted, artificial amazement accommodating, assessment avoiding, arbitrarily appointed, angsty, amateur artist association. Arms affectionately asunder, absorbing affection. Also aspiring after acutely apt artworld acceptance, awards, accolades, attention and approval aloft. Actor accusations are altogether affirmed, as abhorant arrogant arseholes are always abominably abusive amongst associates (alienation aside), although always appear approximately accurate. An ardent authoritarian argument arbitrates aloud. Almost audible! Address abundant accomplices! An active, adventurous alternative analogy asking anyone around apologetic answerless audits around any available acting audience arena. Away already! Awake aimless audacity! Artifices ahead! Angrily applaud abandoned acquaintances! Aggressive allies attack answerable absentees! Acknowledge aloof atrocity! Accept approbation! Assign artworld attribution! Assume abnormal accustomed accountability! Attract activist authored accomplishments! Amended addled accounts! Automatic autobiographies! Attain admittance! Allot adversaries additional allocations! Absolve answerability! Accelerate application! Agenda asphyxiation accomplished! Abort acrimonious altercation! Antagonism alleviating ass! Avalanches abound!!! Annihilate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Appetite appeased. Abhorrent, albeit appropriate attire. Anyway.

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