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Edgeworth Johnstone



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Also see The Founding, Manifesto and Rules of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists
and: Other Stuckism related videos

Edgeworth Johnstone is the name I used to go by. Was the name I used when involved with Stuckism. My full name is Paul Edgeworth Johnstone. Back in the days of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists. Here’s an old interview I did with Charles Thomson of the Stuckists, one of the videos below, about a painting I’ve since painted over. Stuckism is a group he formed with Billy Childish in 1999. Billy left in 2001, I think. I used to see Billy play his monthly gigs at Tufnell Park, and I guess from there, looked him up and found Stuckism. I formed The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists in about 2006, although was its only member for a couple of years. I started painting in 2005. Between 2008 and 2012, I put work in Stuckist shows, organised some, took part in their Turner Prize demos etc. Then, just lost interest in it. The best show we did was Stuck in Wood Green, true to the Stuckist manifestos calling for shows to be in peoples homely homes, not sterile white wall galleries. At this show, Shelley and I met Emma Pugmire, who is now my drummer and co-Black Ivory Printmaking Club member. Billy Childish and I have been painting together since 2013. Through Stuckism I met Joe Machine and Bill Lewis with whom I ended up in other groups with: The Institute of Collective Remodernism (below is a video we made during a trip we took to fellow Institute of Collective Remodernist, Mary von Stockhausen in Lewenhagen.) I think John Bourne was in it. Joe and I were in a group called the Shadow Group. Bill Lewis might have been in that one too. Both groups did a show in Lauderdale House, in Highgate on the same night. There were some other people involved, I think all from around Medway. So the point of all this, there’s bits a pieces online about Edgeworth Johnstone that somehow should link together, and to me. Someone in Paris had trouble finding me, after reading The Founding, Manifesto and Rules of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists, as the links on the Stuckism website were to sites I’ve since deleted. So here’s something that isn’t yet.
Here’s a postcard I did on photoshop, using an image of Charles’s painting of Nicholas Serota. I was quite pleased with myself for thinking up such a clever joke. I sent a copy to Sir Nicholas Serota, inviting him to see The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists artwork, at Nolias gallery, as it’s just a short walk from Tate Modern. His assistant emailed to say unfortunately he couldn’t make it. She said he found the postcard amusing, and used an exclamation mark, so he must have at least laughed out loud. The connection with something I think Serota said to Charles about thinking something he did being “cheap” was accidental though – see the Battle of Trafalgar on the Stuckism website:

A Stuckism postcard by Edgeworth Johnstone.

The Stuckists Christmas sale postcard – by Edgeworth Johnstone (after Charles Thomson)

Earlier in 2009, we printed and published The Founding, Manifesto and Rules of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists. Here’s a copy of the ones we printed at the time. I still have a load at home. We didn’t do limited editions, so I don’t know how many we made. It would have been less than 50. Signed Shelley Li and Edgeworth Johnstone. Original red lino print stamp at the top.

A picture of a Stuckist manifesto.

The Founding, Manifesto and Rules of The Other Muswell Hill Stuckists. Signed Shelley Li and Edgeworth Johnstone.

Here are the Stuckism and ICR related videos mentioned above:

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